Sports fans in the Quad-Cities can get their ESPN fix on the FM dial, beginning Monday.

Townsquare Media announced Friday that KQCS (93.5 FM) will flip its format to ESPN Radio. For the past 10 years, the frequency has been the home of "Star 93.5," with an adult-contemporary format.

The company also owns KJOC (1170 AM), which itself changed from an oldies format to ESPN on May 1.

General manager Bruce Law said both stations will carry ESPN until the fall, when the AM station will make an as-yet-undetermined format change.

When the "True Oldies Channel" service on 1170 went away, Law said, it forced the company to make a switch to ESPN sooner than expected.

"We were planning on the ESPN idea and thinking it was making sense, but we weren't 100 percent sure," Law said. "After doing some market research, it really confirmed what we thought anyway."

"We got some good response rather quickly," he added.

Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic's "Mike and Mike" morning show, simulcast on ESPN's cable channel, airs from 5-9 a.m., followed by hosts Colin Cowherd, Scott Van Pelt, Ryen Russillo, Dan Le Batard, "Sedano & Stink"and Freddie Coleman.

Chicago Cub games, which had been on the AM signal, will move to the FM next year, Law said. Chicago Bears games, which had been on sister station KBOB (FM 104.9), will also move to 93.5 FM next season.

The ESPN FM station will also broadcast high school football and basketball games, thanks to a partnership with and its founder-announcer, Dallon Christensen.

"He'd been doing Internet-only games, and was unable to get into some of the playoff games without having a radio partner," Law said. "He approached us about having 1170 as a partner, and we took it a step further."

The FM station will broadcast at least one game a weekend, Law said, and its website will link with for Internet telecasts of other games.

Iowa State University games will move to the FM signal as well.

Law said there are discussions about a locally based sports talk show.

"That is in the works," he said. "I think the fall will be a likely time for that to happen, if it's going to happen."

In the most recent Nielsen radio ratings, "Star 93.5" was ninth out of 11 stations in the Quad-City market and the lowest-rated FM station.

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The format on the new 1170 should not be another:

* Talk station. Fans already have a station to listen to Rush Limbaugh, et al. -- WOC (1420 AM).
* Ethnic station (already have on 1270 AM/105.7 FM translator, and KALA (88.5 and 106.1 FM)).
* A format that's already been saturated in the Quad-Cities.

I would like to see this station used to broadcast local sports events or sports of area interest. Meaning, a possible second high school game on the weekends (in partnership with, perhaps) and/or Augustana College games (no outlet for their games currently), and for those fans of Chicago White Sox baseball (sigh), their regular games. 1170 did use to broadcast Chicago Bulls basketball at one point, and this would be a good frequency for those games if they're not on 93.5 FM. Point being, there is no reason why this frequency can't, at least on a part-time basis, continue to be used for some sports.


Well at least it won't be local pre recorded pod cast radio passed off as original live programming. Will we be able to get the same weather every five min? Or wait traffic reports every 6 min? Local radio is a sad business. How about more commercials for Iheart radio? Put them out of business faster.

john q taxpayer

I haven't listened to AM/FM since I got Sirius/XM 9 years ago.


At least it's not another Christian radio station...there are way too many of those on the radio dial.


People still listen to radio?!? For what benefit? Horrible audio quality, boring, predictable music programming, excessive advertising, dj's talking who have little to no creative talent.

I can't understand why more radio stations don't switch to HD radio format and play more creatively programmed music other than country or classic rock. How about programming that reflects local interests, cultures, and musical talent?

If you ever listened to it, you'll understand. Otherwise, load up your usb drive or mp3 device of choice. I haven't listened to radio in years. I turn it on occasionally just out of morbid curiosity to see how low commercial radio continues to sink.


No offense, but what do you mean by programming "that reflects local interests, cultures and musical talent?" Who needs to be played on the radio for all to hear? What are those musical genres? Would this format be viable on a commercial FM radio station (i.e., anything between 92.1 and 107.9 FM)?


Well, that sucks. We have enough sports radio in this market. I will simply use my USB port and play my MP3's. I don't want round the clock sports talk.


Well this makes only 2 sports stations. If you don't like it don't listen.


That ESPN lineup is brutal


Yahoo!!! My am doesn't work in my car this is a godsend!!

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