Charlie and Holly Mathews

Charlie, left, and Holly Mathews, right, perform on Kirkwood Boulevard at the Quad-City Times Bix 7 road race.


Gary Aitchison is proud grandfather.

The Davenport native watched his 10-year-old grandson, Will, cool and calmly drums along to the music as runners glide past on Kirkwood Boulevard.

"He's such a talented musician," Gary said.

While Will lives in Iowa City, this isn't new for him. This is already his third time performing at the Bix.

Although people are there to watch the runners, it's the runners who turn their heads to Will, offering encouragement and praise.

"It's always he really fun and a lot of people support me," Will said.

Bix draws Mathews clan back for more

Charlie and Holly Mathews are relatively new musical act, having been playing for only a few years.

Last year, the musical duo took their country and folk inspired act to the Bix for the first time.

This year, they couldn't resist coming back for an encore and regaled Kirkwood with a number of Johnny Cash-inspired tunes

"There's a lot of attention around the Bix, and it's just a lot of fun," Holly said.

Seasoned musician returns to Bix for 10th year

While the Bix had a number of less-experienced musical acts on Kirkwood, Robert Dahms wasn't one of them.

Dahms has been a musician for 53 years, and this year marked the 10th time the talented guitar player has performed on Kirkwood at the Bix.

For all his experience, Dahms said not much stood out anymore other than the weather, pointing out the perfect conditions for the runners and musicians to perform.

"The cold, the rain and the fog always stand out, but this year has been pretty nice," Dahms said.