One of the fun-filled parties along the Quad-City Times Bix 7 route was at the home of Dennis Robeson and Nancy Gesy, who live on McClellan Boulevard.

This party was at their home, but other folks found a variety of places along the seven mile course to party. They set up tables along the street, or hung out at the home of a friend who lives along the route.

This year, Robeson had been out of town until recently, so he was happy to see his friends still arrived early on a picture-perfect morning.

"Bring something to share and a chair," is the phrase the couple uses. The guests brought chairs to sit along the boulevard, where they cheered on the runners.

At times, they did "the wave" to encourage the runners.

Robeson's life-long friend, Bill Allen of Eldridge, provided music and was the event's disc jockey. Speakers were set up on a scaffolding, and it boomed out along the area.

For the Bix 7, Allen started early with tunes by The Beatles and Stevie Ray Vaughan. When the runners began to stream by at about 8:15 a.m., he switched to rock, such as AC/DC and ZZ Top. "I do like doing this," he said.

Guests Ron Maher, and his niece, Karen Heinzel, both of Moline, appreciated the tunes. "It gets the people going up the hill," Heinzel said of the sharp inclines on the boulevard.

The Robesons served more than 60 cups of coffee to 50-some guests who filled their driveway, house and front yard. 

Down McClellan to its intersection with Hillcrest Avenue, Kim Corcoran and Diana Raferty set up a table along the street.

Corcoran now lives in North Liberty, Iowa, but she used to reside in the neighborhood and her friends started getting together 26 years ago for the Bix 7.

The table held an assortment of foods and beverages. "Our friends all know we are here, and they look for us," Raferty said.

Leilani Smith, her family and friends, found a perch on a deck high above McClellan Boulevard. "This is a prime spot," she said, gesturing to a spacious deck and porch area.

For 17 years, Smith, neighbors and friends gather on or near the site, which is in their neighborhood. This year included a slight emergency: The person supplying the bagels discovered the ovens were out of service, temporarily, at Bruegger's Bagels.

Replacements were found in the bakery at Schnucks grocery store.