Student of the Week Pleasant View Elem

Back row, from left: Annie Goodin, Gracie Goodin, Sammy Kruse, Alex Kruse; front row, from left: Ella Reed, Will Goodin, Maddie Reed

Annie Goodin, 10; Gracie Goodin, 11; Will Goodin, 5; Sammy Kruse, 11; Alex Kruse, 11; Ella Reed, 5; Maddie Reed, 9

School: Pleasant View Elementary

Parents/guardians: Lisa and Robert Goodin, Karen and Anthony Kruse, Rebecca and Nathan Reed

Why were students nominated? "This group of students decided to become active in finding a way to help those impacted by hurricane Harvey. They got together and held a bake sale to raise money for Hurricane Harvey. Some had family members within the area," said Principal Steven Cotton.

What inspired you to help and why? "We learned about the hurricane and wanted to do something to help. We like to bake so we decided to make items and sell them. Our goal was to see if we could make $60."

What is your favorite thing about school? "We all love different parts of school here at Pleasant View. It was fun to get together with different ages of kids and do this together."

What are you most proud of? "We were proud of coming together and doing different jobs. Some baked. Others sold items while others advertised by making signs and dancing around. It was nice to see nice, kind people coming up to support us and it is fun to see the good in people. Some people came up and bought one cookie and gave us $20. We made over $400 to send to help the hurricane victims."


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