The City of Davenport reports that South Concord Street has been closed to traffic between River Drive and Wapello Avenue because of flooding.

Access to businesses located along Wapello and River Drive West of Wapello are expected to remain accessible through the weekend.

High water signs are in place the entire length of South Concord Street between Utah Avenue and River Drive. As waters rise, other areas to the west along South Concord may be closed between Wapello and Utah.

Drivers are advised to be cautious when driving in these areas for the next week.

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Residents along South Concord and Enchanted Island may pick up sand bags at the parking lot of the Enchanted Inn.

Residents in areas affected by river stages at 13 feet to 15 feet may also contact Public Works at 326-7923 to make a request for sand bags.

Solid waste services to residents in areas closed to local traffic along Wapello and South Concord will not be impacted by the current river stage.