The Illinois Department of Transportation reports that lanes of the Interstate 280 Bridge, also known as the Baker Bridge, will be closed for inspection this week.

One westbound lane will be closed today and Tuesday and one eastbound lane will be closed Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Originally, the lanes were scheduled to be closed from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day.

The inspections come as the bridge is being used as the primary signed detour for U.S. 67 and Centennial Bridge traffic. That bridge remains closed until Sept. 6.

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I have set up an AIS radio system (Automatic Identification System for tracking large ships and barges) and am piping the data to the Marine Traffic website. Another guy has a receiver down in Andulusia and between the two of us we (And all of you) can track barge traffic from Just below Montpelier to the Moline/East Moline border so you can see if barges are at or near Lock & Dam 15. (Works similar to Google Maps)

You can also see the lock's 'queue' by going to the Corps website and selecting Mississippi River and then lock & dam 15

I'll be leaving this system running 24/7 until the end of October


BTW at 7 am there is one barge on pool 16 heading for lock 15 and nothing in the queues coming up at locks 16 and 17 and nothing coming down at lock 14 and 13 so other than this one barge that likely won't be ready until 9 am or later it should be clear all morning and likely into the afternoon.


Right guys. A mayor or administrator in a city where the bridge is located, decides when they inspect an INTERSTATE bridge. After all, the announcement came from the city right? Nope, it came from the IL DOT. You really need to think about these things before you start blaming people for issues they have no control over. The feds set standards and expectations for maintaining the bridges, and the state and federal interstate DOT groups decide on scheduling things like inspections. Just because a local bridge is closed and we need the diversion, doesn't mean they can put off a necessary inspection - especially if there were a problem that meant the 280 bridge could be unable to sustain the additional traffic and we wouldn't know until it collapsed and people died.

ALL of the local bridges should've been replaced by now, but instead we want to claim the government needs to stop spending money on 'pork' programs like funding infrastructure improvements, when that is a huge part of its function. So start supporting infrastructure improvement bills to your state and federal congress members, and support congress members who recognize how important those improvements are, instead of complaining it's the ambiguous "government's" fault. I would prefer the "government" continues to inspect a 40+ year old bridge regularly, so we don't have another I-35 disaster (which was also 40 years old when it collapsed), that cost 13 lives, and many more injuries.


Clever: If the IL DOT expected additional traffic on I-280 due to the Centennial bridge closure why wasn't this I-280 bridge inspection done in July BEFORE the Centennial closed? Also, you state "ALL" of the local bridges should/ve been replaced by now. What is wrong with the I-280 bridge? It looks to be in pretty good shape with many good years ahead of it.

The I-35 bridge in Minn was actually under rehabilitation when it collapsed. Some engineers say the added weight of all the construction equipment and materials may have contributed to the failure.

What about the "bridge to nowhere" in downtown Davenport and the water gun park downtown? Maybe "government" should have spend that money on storm sewer repairs or street rehabilitation.


The mayor is too busy worrying about a new stadium is his neighborhood being built, not time to think about a bridge being restricted...


Really smart decision from an "administrator" in Dixon, IL. Shows they have no clue.


Government for you!!!

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