There used to be five Turner Hall structures in Scott County, but two of them were damaged by fires in 1960 and 1961, respectively. A third one, in Eldridge, was the site of a fire Thursday.

The halls were social centers for the Turner Society, a German-American organization that promoted physical fitness.

Here’s a look at the county’s Turner Halls, and their fates or present status, according to records kept at the Davenport Public Library:

- Turner Hall, Buffalo. Constructed in 1869, it burned in 1961 and no longer exists.

- East Turner Hall, Davenport. Located at 2113 E. 11th St., this building is now the Village Theatre. It was built in 1891.

- Center Turner Hall. This structure was located at 3rd and Scott streets. In 1888, it was such a large building that it was billed as the second-largest of the Turner Halls in the U.S. It was damaged by fire in 1960 and was razed by 1975 for senior housing.

- Northwest Turner Hall, 1602 Washington Ave., Davenport. This structure was built in 1892. It was purchased by the Mohassan Grotto in 1994 and is used for bingo games.

- Eldridge — or Tombergs — Turner Hall, 102 W. LeClaire St., Eldridge. Built about 1885, this structure burned Thursday. For 53 years of its existence, it was used for receptions, banquets, dances, special events and a host of related activities while under the ownership of Leo and Marie Tombergs. The Tombergs sold the property in 1996 to the DelVichio family, the owners of Del’s Pub & Eatery.