Based on predicted weather conditions for Sunday, the city of Davenport Public Works Department has declared a snow emergency that will be in effect from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Parking on posted snow routes is prohibited when a snow emergency has been declared, so vehicles parked on those routes during that time period may be subject to ticketing and towing.

In a news release issued Saturday afternoon, the city encourages all residents to park off-street wherever possible. Those who must park on the street and are not on a snow route should park on the even-number address side of the street on even-numbered days — which will be the case on Sunday — and the odd side on odd-numbered days.

Off-street and even/odd side-of-the-street parking will assist snowplows in moving through narrower streets, according to the snow emergency statement from public works director Mike Clarke.

According to the National Weather Service, the chance of snow on Sunday is 80 percent with an accumulation during the day of about an inch. The high temperature should be near 24 degrees, with wind chill values as low as zero and winds from the east at 5-10 mph. 

Snow is likely Sunday night before midnight, with a chance of flurries before ending and an accumulation of less than half an inch. The low should be about 13 degrees with a southeast wind of 5-10 mph becoming westerly after midnight. The chance of precipitation is 60 percent Sunday night. 

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This is nothing more than just another way for the city to generate revenue by ticketing and towing cars on the emergency routes..


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pta mom



One inch a snow emergency? When we get 10 inches will the state be declared a disaster area?


If you go to the city website, twitter or facebook page of the city. The emergency was cancelled yesterday about 3 hours after it was declared. Come on Times stay on top of the storys, your the only major news source that haven't changed your story yet.


It is the Times, I'm not surprised.


One inch emergency? Are you kidding me? Snow emergency, park somewhere else? Huge embarrassment Mr. Mayor and alderman, huge. No reason for it.

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