Flooding is expected to occur locally on the Mississippi River over the next week as recent storms north of the Quad-Cities dropped heavy rains over a wide area of northeast Iowa, Minnesota and western Wisconsin, the National Weather Service, Davenport, said Thursday.

The Mississippi River at Lock and Dam 15, Rock Island, is expected to reach its 15-foot flood stage late Monday afternoon, said meteorologist Tom Philip of the National Weather Service, Davenport.

It is expected to reach 17 feet late Wednesday or early Thursday. The weather service is unable to forecast whether the river will go higher than 17 feet, Philip said.

Jennifer Nahra, spokeswoman for the city of Davenport, said the city's flood plan has been activated. 

According to a news release issued Thursday, Nahra said crews will putting up road closure and high water signs along South Concord Street today in preparation for when water levels exceed 13 feet. High water and street closure signs will be set when river levels begin to cover portions of South Concord, most likely Sunday.

Crews will be staging sandbags for individuals along South Concord who may be affected by flooding at river levels that are 13-17 feet, Nahra said.  The sandbags will be available for pickup at the Wastewater Treatment Plant at noon today. 

The plant can be accessed by taking Wapello Avenue to Railroad Avenue. The gate to the Wastewater Treatment Plant is just past the Compost Facility entrance on Railroad Avenue.  The drive leads to the administration building, where the sandbags will be staged. Check-in at the office is required.

As river levels rise, city workers will close appropriate gates and set pumps to prevent higher river levels from backing into the storm water system in low lying areas along Blackhawk Creek, and to keep waters from covering portions of River Drive, she said.

Flood protection at Modern Woodmen Park will be done either today or Monday.

The Buesse boat docks were removed earlier in the month and will not be returned until next season, Nahra said. The boat docks at Credit Island will be removed on Sunday and will not be returned until next season. If river level predictions remain at or above 16.5 feet, the boat docks at Marquette will be removed, likely on Monday. The Marquette boat docks will be returned once levels allow for their return.

Portions of the bike path between Credit Island and Marquette will become covered with water and inaccessible over the weekend, Nahra said. 

Activities and events scheduled for LeClaire Park this weekend should not be impacted at the current river level forecasts, she added. 

In Clinton, the Regional Water Reclamation Facility announced Thursday that floodgates will be installed today at 9th Avenue North and will remain until further notice. 

Many parts of northern Iowa, Minnesota and western Wisconsin received between 6-8 inches of rain, he said.

The rain mostly moved through the states Wednesday night and early Thursday, although another round was in the forecast for northern Iowa on Thursday night. While much of the water began to recede or drain Thursday, its effects could be found throughout the area.

In Minnesota, the northern suburbs in the Twin Cities area saw up to 10 inches of rain. Seventy miles south, Waseca saw nearly 14 inches of rain over two days.

According to the North Central River Forecast Center in Chanhassen, Minnesota, major flooding is occurring on several rivers that feed into the Mississippi River. Among them is the Cedar River, which is at major flood stage in Charles City, Waterloo, and Cedar Rapids and Austin, Minnesota, among other places along the river.

There also is major flooding on the Kickapoo and Black rivers in Wisconsin and the Turkey River in northeast Iowa. There is moderate flooding along smaller tributaries to the north of the Quad-Cities.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report.)