Cookie Monster Doll Cocaine

This undated photo provided by the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, shows the Cookie Monster doll discovered by a deputy with two packages of cocaine hidden inside. The Monroe County Sheriff's Office said in a news release Wednesday, July 12, 2017, that 39-year-old Camus McNair was arrested after a Florida Keys traffic stop involving a car with heavily tinted windows and an obscured license plate. (Deputy Matthew Cory/Monroe County Sheriff's Office via AP)

Matthew Cory

Me want cocaine? Drugs found inside Cookie Monster doll

A stash of cocaine hidden inside a Cookie Monster doll has landed a Marathon, Florida, man in jail on a drug charge. The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said Wednesday that 39-year-old Camus McNair was arrested after a traffic stop in the Florida Keys. A deputy smelled marijuana after pulling over the car, then searched a backpack in the car and found the Cookie Monster doll.

Man trapped in ATM slips notes to customers

A Texas man who became trapped inside an ATM slipped notes to customers via the receipt slot pleading for them to help him escape, police said Thursday. The contractor became stuck Wednesday when he was changing a lock to a Bank of America room that leads to the back of the ATM, police said. He couldn’t let himself out because he didn’t have a keycard on him and was unable to notify bank employees for help.

California teen wins lottery twice in a week

The California Lottery says 19-year-old Rosa Dominguez won $555,555 on a $5 scratch-off ticket purchased at a gas station. After that win, she said she was nervous and "just wanted to cry." A few days later, she bought another $5 scratch-off ticket at a different station and won $100,000. The Lottery didn't say when the tickets were purchased.

The Lottery says Dominguez collected her $655,555 in total winnings recently and tells the organization she plans to go shopping and buy herself a new car.

Raccoon gets gives birth in backseat of convertible

A pregnant raccoon decided to get busy in the backseat of a convertible — giving birth.

Employees at an auto detailing shop in Florida's Manatee County first discovered the mother, who crawled through a plastic cover on the car's window.

Devon Straight, who works with a wildlife rescue group, said they initially found just one baby Wednesday. But when they opened the trunk, there was another newborn.

Straight put the mother and babies into a kennel and released them into the woods.


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