CITY OF MUSCATINEREGULAR CITY COUNCIL MINUTESCouncil Chambers - 7:00 p.m. -November 21, 2019 Mayor Broderson called the City Council meeting for Thursday, November 21, 2019, to order at 7:00 p.m. Present were: Councilmembers Spread, Harvey, Brockert, Saucedo, Brackett, Fitzgerald and Malcolm. The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance. Communications-Citizens Tom Emerick 1224 Northwood Lane was present do share a letter from Merge regarding Carver Corner stating they were stepping back to let the Peace Park Group try to work something out for their project. Scott Dahlke - MCSA- was present to share information regarding the MCSA and the programs that are being offered. Public Hearing AConsent AgendaConsent Agenda approved as follows: -Items 6 A: Approval of City Council Minutes-Items 8 A-D: Petitions and Communication-Items 12 A-E: Receive and File-Bills for Approval totaling $ 2,090,126.06 Vote - Ayes 7, Nays 0, Motion carried Public Hearing Mayor Broderson stated this public hearing concerns the rezoning of 32.78 acres of land located at the southeast corner of the U.S. Bypass & Mittman Road from Agriculture Development to M-1 Light Industrial. Bob Phillips, 2620 Mittman Rd, Marci Edwards 2915 Mittman Rd, Max Kauffman, 1609 Foster, Brenda Morgan 2345 Mittman Rd, Annette Lohse & Janet Lohse 3315 Mittman Rd, were present to share their concerns and ask questions regarding the construction of Love's Truck Stop at this location. Andrew Fangman, Community Development, shard with residents that citizens that lived within a 200 ft radius of the property being zoned would have received a letter stating the proposed zoning change. Alex Fuller, Love's 10601 Penn Ave, Oklahoma City, was present to answer questions and share information regarding the Love's Truck Stop being considered. Mr. Fuller stated that prior to any groundbreaking a traffic study would have to be performed and sent to the IDOT for approval. There were questions and comments from City Council regarding the traffic study, local traffic and entrances to the facility that were addressed by Mr. Fuller and City Engineer Jim Edgmond.Pubic Hearing closedVote: Ayes - 7, Nays 0, motion carried.Public Hearing Mayor Broderson stated this public hearing concerns a Development Agreement with Musco Sports Lighting regarding a $7 million upgrade to their facility.There were no written or oral commentsPublic Hearing ClosedVote: Ayes - 7, Nays 0, motion carried.Public Hearing Mayor Broderson stated this public hearing concerns the proposed plans, specifications, form of contract and cost estimate for the 2nd Street Reconstruction Project. There were no written or oral comments.Public Hearing ClosedVote: Ayes - 7, Nays 0, motion carried.Item 11A First Reading of Ordinance approved rezoning property located at the U.S. 61 and Mittman road. Vote: Ayes 7, Nays 0, motion carried. Item 11B Resolution adopted approving a development agreement with Musco Sports Lighting. Vote: Ayes - 7, Nays - 0, motion carriedItem 11C Resolution adopted, approving the final plat for Ripley Addition Part One. Vote: Ayes - 7, Nays - 0 , motion carriedItem 11D Request approved for amendment #1 to the Lease Agreement with USCOC for rooftop space at the Clark House. Vote: Ayes - 7, Nays - 0, motion carriedItem 11E Request approved for the issuance of a purchase order in the amount of $157,850.00 to Elliott Equipment for a new rear load refuse truck. Thee were questions from City Council regarding using the same manufacturer that were addressed by Solid Waste Manager Dave Popp.Vote: Ayes - 7, Nays - 0, motion carried.Request approved declaring the refuse truck being retired as surplus and authorizing the sale or trade of said vehicle. Vote: Ayes - 7, Nays - 0, motion carried.Item 11F Request approved for a Professional Services Agreement with Stanley Consultants for lift station safety improvements. Vote: Ayes - 7, Nays - 0, motion carried.Item 11G Request approved, for the IT Department to proceed with Server Virtualization Project. Vote: Ayes - 7, Nays - 0, motion carried City Councilmembers wished residents a safe and healthy Thanksgiving spent with family. Mayor Broderson stated the next "Our City" guest will be Breakfast with Santa and the Lions Club of Muscatine. Councilmember Brackett moved meeting be adjourned at 8:20 p.m.ALL CITY COUNCIL MEETING RECORDINGS CAN BE WATCHED ON THE CITY OF MUSCATINE YOUTUBE PAGE.Mayor Diana BrodersonAttest:Acting City ClerkCITY OF MUSCATINEBILLS FOR APPROVAL111019General Fund A Tech/Freeman Alarm-2 Alarms 11/1/19 - 1/31/20 /s 168Adame Elizabeth Refund 250Advanced Business Systems Inc services /s 74.59Alexis Fire Equipment Co supplies /s 86.13Alliant Energy-6 utilitied /s 416.49Amazon.Com-20 Square Labels/Surface Pro Cover /s 1734.35Arnold Motor Supply-8 parts/supplies /s 144.09Ashby Nicole reimbursement /s 129.58Axon servicexs /s 5296B & B Drain Tech. Inc. services /s 55Baker Vada-2 services /s 100Bancard Services-96 Misc supplies /s 7746.91Berlins Pro Shop-4 clothing /s 245.4Beyond Technology supplies /s 157.58Bmw Builders Ii services /s 4500Brady Dennis reimbursement /s 75Brick services /s 15974.5Centurylink-28 phones /s 1597.92Crossroads services /s 20Cummins Central Power Llc services /s 1139.09Dennis Leslie reimbursement /s 75Eastern Iowa Light & Power Co utilities /s 325.98Electrical Engineering And Equipment Company parts/services /s 1030Employee Data Forms Of Mo Llc supplies /s 24Evans Eric reimbursement /s 75Fastenal Company supplies/equipment /s 375.4Fire & Police Selection Inc services /s 30Fire Service Training Bureau certification /s 50Fortres Grand Corporation supplies /s 39.99Fss Inc services /s 1742Fun Express Subsidiary Of Oriental Trading supplies /s 176.19Genesis Health System-Eap services /s 815.1Genesis Health System-Occ Hlth services /s 25Graham Mark services /s 98.25Grainger Dept 802675066 supplies /s 146.72Gray Gary reimbursement /s 50Great Western Supply Co supplies /s 927.5Haag William-2 services /s 136.05Hahn Ready Mix Inc equipment /s 340Heuss Printing advertising /s 125Hoon Bryan reimbursement /s 8.41Hornbuckle Htg & Air services /s 11000Integrated Technology Partners Security /s 59.9Iowa Museum Association membership /s 140Jenison Kevin reimbursement /s 5.99Kellor & Kellor Landscape Inc supplies/services /s 1429.3Kiesler'S Police Supply-5 Federal American Eagle 147 Gr 9mm 1000 Rounds Per Case /s 3809.4Kone Inc-2 Replace Elevator Boards /s 4758Kreuzenstein Drake services /s 50Kreuzenstein John services /s 50Lear Julie services /s 50Lupton & Toyne Printers services /s 40Masune First Aid & Supply Shipping /s 10.95Mccracken Kim services /s 52Menards (Musc)-35 supplies/parts /s 1593.42Midtown Towing & Repair services /s 300Motion Industries Inc-3 parts/supplies /s 76.67Mti Distributing Inc-5 parts /s 336.98Muscatine Power & Water-4 utilities /s 10664.32Networkfleet-4 services /s 518.88Panther Uniforms Inc-51 supplies/uniforms /s 2790.75Peoria-Tazewell Pathology Group services /s 39.5Phelps The Uniform Specialists-9 services /s 89.51Phillips Bros Rentals Inc-4 equipment rental /s 448.32Plumb Supply Company supplies /s 33.46Quad City Times & Musc Journal-7 services /s 526.68Quest Diagnostics services /s 33.57Quill Corporation-2 supplies/return /s 0Reliance Standard Life Ins Co-64 services /s 3319.85Reliant Fire Apparatus services /s 788.47S.J. Smith Co.-2 supplies /s 73.54Sanchez Peggy Refund /s 250Sargent Phil reimbursement /s 40.31Seda Consulting services /s 8000Seven Cities Sod-4 supplies /s 675Sherwin Williams-2 supplies /s 63.27Shoultz Angela-2 reimbursement /s 77.38Sinclair-9 parts /s 141.74Siteone Landscape Supply supplies /s 55Spratt Oil Sales-6 supplies /s 1900St Paul Stamp Works-2 supplies /s 151.25Staples Advantage supplies /s 64.27State Of Iowa - Elevator Safety services /s 300Sycamore Printing Inc services /s 154.68Talkington Brett reimbursement /s 2039.84Tallgrass Business Resources supplies /s 22.09Temp Associates-7 temp employees /s 4860.23Theisen'S clothing /s 68.84Tipton Electric Motors Inc part /s 115.2Tmi services /s 2469Trucks Unlimited Inc services /s 582.74Tyler Enterprises supplies /s 960Uniform Den Inc supplies /s 409.47Us Cellular-2 phones /s 132.1Van Meter Industrial Inc supplies /s 11.17Verizon Wireless phones /s 327.63Watch Guard Video equipment /s 315West Publishing Corporation services /s 379.42Winter Enterprises services /s 214Xerox Corporation-10 services /s 876.34 Total /s 115,271.65Trust Agency Funds Bancard Services Misc /s 9.11Iowa Memorial Granite company -8 supplies /s 445 Total /s 454.11Capital Improvement Funds Alliant Energy utilities /s 69.99Bmw Builders Ii services /s 33,000.00Bolton & Menk Inc servicesd /s 11,510.80Brick services /s 6,210.00Dalbey Steve-4 services /s 4,475.35Haag William-53 services /s 15,323.99Heuer Construction-2 services /s 56,678.37Ke Flatwork Inc services /s 100,365.19Leander Construction services /s 245,143.96Mailboxes & Parcel Depot Shipping /s 75.16Muscatine Power & Water-2 services /s 2,171.11Needham Excavating services /s 30,607.95Pletcher Enterprises Inc supplies /s 589.31Quad City Times & Musc Journal-2 services /s 30.16 Total /s 506,251.34Enterprise Utility Funds 7G Distributing beverages /s 140A-1 Quality Tire & Car Care-4 services /s 165.91Advanced Business Systems Inc services /s 416.09Airgas Usa Llc-4 supplies /s 256.43Amazon.Com-7 misc supplies /s 251.43Aqua Solutions-2 supplies /s 399.51Arnold Motor Supply-13 supplies/parts /s 728.76Bancard Services-52 Polyvinyl Thermal Paper for Handhelds /s 5164.95Barker Lemar Engineering Consultants-3 services /s 17370Bermel Geraldine reimbursement /s 123.14Berry Sam reimbursement /s 50Bound Tree Medical Llc-25 supplies /s 1120.64Brand Dave reimbursement /s 75Brauns Jon-3 services /s 37424.04Brick services /s 195Canon Solutions America services /s 19.85Centurylink-8 phones /s 263.68Courtesy Ford services /s 105.01Cox Brain reimbursement /s 75Culligan Inc services /s 29.75D & K Products-2 supplies /s 434.58Davis Equip Corporation equipment /s 58.4Dick Doyle Excavating Inc services /s 25000Draco Mechanical Supply Inc parts /s 573.24Eastern Iowa Light & Power Co utilities /s 1011.05Emergent Respiratory equipment /s 498.6Engineered Equipment Solutions Inc parts/equipment /s 13010.63Environmental Express Inc-3 supplies /s 474.51Excel Auto Glass Inc services /s 238.97Fastenal Company-5 supplies /s 270.08Floratine Midwest services /s 200Fulton Matt reimbursement /s 64Ganzer Dan reimbursement /s 75Genesis Health System-Occ Hlth-4 services /s 100Graham Mark supplies /s 62.75Grainger Dept 802675066 parts /s 34.1Hartman Wallace reimbursement /s 25Heath Elijah reimbursement /s 75Hitchcock Kenton reimbursement /s 75Hydroflow Midwest equipment /s 4950Idexx Distribution Inc supplies /s 477.38Integrated Technology Partners security /s 19.95Jens Dennis reimbursement /s 52.99Jens Dennis reimbursement /s 64.17Keystone Laboratories Inc services /s 11Koch Jon reimbursement /s 449.48Koch Jon reimbursement /s 114.7Koch Jon reimbursement /s 16.49Koch Jon reimbursement /s 53.04Lajek Pest Control Solutions Llc services /s 45Mailboxes & Parcel Depot Shipping-2 /s 60.66Martz Janice-2 reimbursement /s 120Mcdaniels Marketing-2 services /s 475Mcfate Jocee reimbursement /s 37.48Meerdink Scott re4imbursement /s 75Menards (Musc)-15 supplies /s 795.49Mid-Iowa Solid Waste Equip Co supplies /s 149Midland Scientific Inc-5 equipment /s 1677.12Minder Rob reimbursement /s 50Moore Connie refund /s 5Mowen Cleaning Service Lll services /s 833Msc Industrial Supply part /s 52Networkfleet-4 services /s 207.45Northern Safety Co Inc-3 clothing /s 125.9O'Brien Bradley reimbursement /s 75Pack-N-Ship Shipping /s 320.71Pcm-G equipment /s 265Peopleready Inc Temp Employee /s 1128.64Phelps The Uniform Specialists-10 services /s 588.75Plumb Supply Company-2 parts /s 36.4Power Process Equipment Inc-3 parts /s 4.13Puck Custom Enterprises equipment /s 509.45Quest Diagnostics-4 services /s 134.28Quill Corporation-2 supplies /s 109.44Reliance Standard Life Ins Co-57 LTD Nov /s 2195.89S.J. Smith Co.-2 supplies /s 116.23Scott County Waste Commission services /s 175Sign Pro services /s 370Sje Rhombus equipment /s 56630Swift Scott-2 reimbursement /s 100Team Staffing Solutions Inc temp employee /s 78.3Temp Associates temp employee /s 151.25Us Cellular phones /s 104.69Usa Blue Book services /s 63.54Utility Equipment Co-2 parts /s 5462.01Van Meter Industrial Inc-9 equipment/parts /s 2180.46Verizon Wireless-4 phones /s 466.98Vyaire equipment /s 154.98Weikert Iron & Metal Recycling services /s 1140Wester Drug supplies /s 45Xerox Corporation services /s 1.22 Total /s 190,179.75Internal Revenue Funds A-1 Quality Tire & Car Care-12 services /s 1567.14Arnold Motor Supply-7 parts/supplies /s 585.5Bancard Services-5 misc/error charge refund /s -514.35Centurylink-2 phone /s 58.15Courtesy Ford services /s 484.71Eastern Iowa Tire Inc services /s 910Elliott Equipment Company-4 Switch /s 551.69Henderson Products Inc.-2 part /s 607Holmes Collision Repair Inc services /s 1759.11Hutmacher Eric reimbursement /s 64.17Kriegers Inc parts /s 1,824.66Macqueen Equipment Inc-4 Circuit Board for Leaf Machine 172 /s 628.93Martin Equipment Of Ia-Il Inc part /s 196.55Menards (Musc) equipment /s 12.2Midwest Wheel Co-2 part /s 441.87Mutual Wheel Co services /s 479.56Napa Of Muscatine-16 parts/supplies /s 1700.74Networkfleet-2 services /s 54.85Phelps The Uniform Specialists-2 services /s 56.96Precision Machine Inc part /s 75Qctl Division services /s 610.00Quad City Peterbilt Inc supplies /s 135.84Reeves Battery Sales supplies /s 220Reliance Standard Life Ins Co services-20 /s 320.95Scott County Library System reimbursement /s 15Thomas Bus Sales Of Iowa Inc part /s 482.19Truck And Auto Repair services /s 331.86Truck Country Of Iowa-3 parts /s 928.93Trucks Unlimited Inc-2 parts /s 752.33Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue-6 services /s 96665.33Xerox Corporation-4 services /s 20.68 Total /s 112027.55Special Revenue Funds Bancard Services reimbursed taxes /s -11.96 Total /s -11.96Municipal Housing Programs Alliant Energy Oct Gas - Clark House /s 1045.15Amazon.Com-3 misc /s 179.36Centurylink-7 phones /s 323.26City Of Muscatine Housing Revolving Fund-63 MPW Machlink - Sept/Oct /s 28283.32Crossroads-4 services /s 50Curtis Pest Control Inc-3 services /s 361.66Haskins Properties rent /s 412Hd Supply Facilities Maint-3 equipment /s 201.32Helitech services /s 12264.12Kelly Heating Cooling & Plbg-3 HVAC Repair - CH Roof Vents /s 2847.88Kempen Real Estate Llc rent /s 127Lake Michael rent /s 1762Menards (Musc) supplies /s 28.54Muscatine Power & Water utilities /s 13237.43Nelson Electric Inc services /s 91.5Pdq Supply Inc equipment /s 26.92Pletcher Enterprises Inc services /s 83Plumb Supply Company parts /s 462.27Real Estate Resource Associates rent /s 1540Santana Natividad rent /s 562Siteone Landscape Supply supplies /s 1196.58Stumbo Zack-2 services /s 320Temp Associates temp employees /s 1846.48Tenant Pi services /s 442.5Us Cellular-3 phones /s 115.63Van Meter Industrial Inc-3 supplies /s 214.41Watson Ken reimbursement /s 7Zion Lutheran Church rent /s 10 Total: /s 68,041.33BILLS FOR APPROVAL SUMMARY 11/22/2019Computer Bill Lists Regular Bills 11/22/19 /s $1,054,687.59 Payroll Vendor Checks 11/15/19 /s 26,976.01 Payroll Vendor ACH Payments 11/15/19 /s 145,650.71 subtotal /s 1,227,314.31 ACH Debit Memo Payments Payroll Account Transfer /s $545,134.64 Treasurer, State of Iowa State Tax Withholding /s 20,191.13 Wellmark Insurance Health/Dental Insurance Nov /s 59,000.00 Internal Revenue Service Federal Withholding /s 108,485.98 Subtotal /s $732,811.75 Voucher Program Various Landlords Estimated December Rent /s $130,000.00 /s $130,000.00 Total Expenditures /s $2,090,126.06 Journal Entries - September, 2019September Health Insurance Cost Distribution/s254661.97September Dental Insurance Cost Distribution/s6551.1September Fuel and Maintenance Charges/s118042.55September Office Supply Charges/s38.83September Housing, Parking & Library Postage Charges/s1352.07September Transfer Station Charges to City Departments/s44644.81Employee Benefits Funds for September Police and Fire Pension Contributions/s97474Employee Benefits Funds for September FICA, IPERS, Deferred Comp and Unemployment/s55499.48Employee Benefits Funds for September Employee Insurance Costs/s156285.66Transit Tax Levy Collections to Transit-September/s4129.47Employee Benefits Funds for FY 2020 Workers Compensation/s25733Workers Compensation Allocation FY 2019/2020/s96571Road Use Tax Funds for Street Expenditures/s11/4/2307 10:19:12 AMWPCP Funds to Replacement Reserve/s4/5/1991 7:55:12 AMWPCP Funds to West Hill Sewer Reserve/s16666.67WPCP Lab Fees for Mississippi Mist/s12.5WPCP Lab Fees for Golf Course Drinking Water/s12.5Collection & Drainage Funds to Sewer Extension & Improvement Reserve/s 29,166.67 Collection & Drainage Funds to West Hill Sewer Reserve/s 16,666.67 Sewer Revenue Bond Sinking Fund Transfer - Interest & Principal/s 76,851.66 September Golf Course Refuse Collection Charges/s 242.00 September Airport Refuse Collection Charges /s 75.00 September Papoose Lift Station Refuse Collection Charges/s 102.00 September Transfer Station Landfill Charges/s 103,716.61 Transfer Station Reimbursement to WPCP for Diesel Fuel /s 1,036.78 Perpetual Care Interest for Cemetery Operations/s 559.81 Employee Benefits for RHS Plan Contributions FY 2020/s 16,489.40 1st Quarter Administrative Fees-Enterprise Funds/s 402,150.00 1st Quarter Equipment Replacement Allocation/s 50,000.00 2nd - 4th Quarter Equipment Replacement Allocation/s 150,000.00 1st Quarter Computer Replacement Allocation/s 12,500.00 Health Insurance Funds for Wellness Program/s 11,944.51 Employee Benefits Funds for Police and Fire Retiree Medical Costs/s 6,320.60 HIDTA Vehicle Lease-September/s 600.00 Total September Journal Entries/s 1,938,485.08 Department Receipts: Finance /s528,625.81 Parks /s36,151.17 Public Works /s25.00 Fire & Ambulance /s169,727.38 Building & Zoning /s21,768.25 Police /s696.25 Art Center /s531.00 Library /s1,807.19 Cemetery /s5,060.94 Golf Course /s124,002.43 Aquatic Center /s42,459.66 Marina /s1,250.90 Transfer Station /s32,283.58 Parking Meters /s7,342.28 Parking Fines /s1,855.00 Transit Fares /s5,072.95 Sewer & Sanitation - Collected by MPW /s516,091.20 Direct Deposits: ATE Fines /s144,465.00 Franchise Fees /s39,517.59 Property Tax /s124,085.00 Road Use Tax/s245,784.41 Local Option Tax/s253,875.56 Grants and Reimbursements/s63,442.58Interest/s75,886.32Housing Reimbursements/s42,755.48Subtotal/s2,484,562.93Housing Programs: Voucher Program: HUD Grant/s164,230.37 Interest/s244.93 Reimbursements/s333.04 HUD Grant/s10,440.00 Interest/s350.67 Tenant Payments/s31,264.00 Other/s16,155.19 HUD Grant/s10,867.00 Tenant Payments/s9,726.00Subtotal/s243,611.20Interdepartmental Receipts/s1,186,899.88TOTAL/s3,915,074.01City of Muscatine ReceiptsFor the Month of August 2019Department Receipts:Finance/s568,392.86Parks/s13,108.73Public Works/s85.00Fire & Ambulance/s152,385.88Building & Zoning/s43,821.88Police/s690.31Art Center/s1,575.00Library/s1,583.63Cemetery/s7,484.40Golf Course/s119,934.80Aquatic Center/s13,981.65Marina/s869.80WPCP/s586.00Transfer Station/s33,364.38Parking Meters/s8,581.74Parking Fines/s2,570.00Transit Fares/s6,013.12Sewer & Sanitation - Collected by MPW/s667,114.75Direct Deposits: ATE Fines/s77,030.00 Road Use Tax/s344,061.05 Local Option Tax/s250,813.93 Hotel/Motel Tax/s144,825.17 Grants and Reimbursements/s222,428.59Interest/s21,254.32Housing Reimbursements/s48,636.72Subtotal/s2,751,193.71Housing Programs: Voucher Program: HUD Grant/s160,497.47 Interest/s240.60 Reimbursements/s1,591.00 Other/s13,640.61 Clark House: HUD Grant/s10,440.00 Interest/s358.48 Tenant Payments/s29,310.00 Other/s2,783.00 Sunset Park: HUD Grant/s10,867.00 Tenant Payments/s7,956.33Subtotal/s237,684.49Interdepartmental Receipts/s1,424,366.52TOTAL/s4,413,244.72 City of Muscatine Receipts For the Month of September 2019Department Receipts:Finance/s $635,840.71 Parks/s 14,990.35 Fire & Ambulance/s 101,449.06 Building & Zoning/s 24,370.60 Police/s 546.25 Art Center/s 781.00 Library/s 5,552.27 Cemetery/s 10,001.05 Golf Course/s 74,831.46 Aquatic Center/s 1,031.25 Marina/s 539.10 Transfer Station/s 66,992.75 Parking Meters/s 7,195.52 Parking Fines/s 3,240.00 Transit Fares/s 6,308.20 Sewer & Sanitation - Collected by MPW/s 528,644.33 Direct Deposits: ATE Fines/s 23,920.00 Property Tax/s 1,264,557.51 Road Use Tax/s 342,100.38 Local Option Tax/s 250,813.93 Grants and Reimbursements/s 21,674.35 Interest/s 58,103.01 Housing Reimbursements/s 44,790.62 Subtotal/s $3,488,273.70 Housing Programs: Voucher Program: HUD Grant/s $159,263.69 Interest/s 226.91 Reimbursements/s 296.78 Clark House: HUD Grant/s 10,440.00 Interest/s 349.09 Tenant Payments/s 29,534.00 Sunset Park: HUD Grant/s 12,172.00 Tenant Payments/s 6,107.00 Interest/s5.02Subtotal/s $218,394.49 Interdepartmental Receipts/s 1,938,485.08 TOTAL/s $5,645,153.27