NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGCITY OF BLUE GRASS, IOWAThe Blue Grass Zoning Board of Adjustment will conduct a public Hearing at a scheduled meeting on December 11, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of Blue Grass City Hall located at 114 North Mississippi Street, Blue Grass, Iowa on the request from Sawgrass Partners, LLC as they are in the process of replatting Lot #16, zoned R-2 Two-Family Resident District that was originally platted in the Prairie Woods Estates 3rd Addition containing 6.532 acres.Sawgrass Partners, LLC are requesting to secure a Variance as follows: To reduce the lot width requirement to 65 foot and reduce the front and rear yard setbacks to 25 foot on approximately 11 lots as according to Section 17.28.060 Frontage and Yard Area Requirements: minimum lot-width is 100 foot and both the front and rear yard setbacks are a minimum of 30 foot.Waive the recreational requirement as according to Section 16.28.070 All Subdivision Plats submitted for acceptance shall dedicate at least 5 percent of said land for recreational purposes. Waive the sump pump line requirement as according to Section 16.28.050 (B) Subdividers shall connect or provide for connection with such storm sewer and shall provide within the Subdivision the storm sewers and sump pump storm sewer system.Legal Description as follows:Part of the southwest quarter of section 31, township 78 north, range 2 east of the 5th principal meridian, City of Blue Grass, Scott County, Iowa, more particularly described as follows:A re-plat of lot 16 of Prairie Woods Estates 3rd addition. Containing 6.532 acres, more or less and subject to easements and restrictions of the record, all situated within the corporate limits of the City of Blue Grass, Scott County, State of Iowa.Interested persons may make comments concerning this request at the meeting, in person, by written form, or by representative.Submitted by City Clerk/Financial Officer Ann Schmidt