Details for ADVANCED HEARING AID - Ad from 2019-06-13

if YOU HEAR, BUT dOn’T UndERSTAnd? •E N • IOWA • ER FO T S EARS YEARS 0•Y 40 •4 SERVING IT COULD JUST BE WAX, FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF! R A • DO PEOPLE SEEM TO MUMBLE? • DO YOU ASK OTHERS TO REPEAT? • DO YOU NOT LIKE YOUR HEARING AIDS? HAVE YOUR HEARinG TESTEd fREE! FREE FREE FREE Audiometric Testing! Find out what you’re hearing and what you’re not! Video Ear Inspection! You’ll SEE... exactly what we SEE. We’ll explain to you what you’re seeing. So small, it virtually disappears! Fun Facts: Product Demonstrations! Including the CIRCA line of hearing instructions with SMART technology Statistically, if you have a hearing loss and wear hearing hearing aids: • Your blood pressure goes down • Tinnitus subsides • Mental scores go up • Dementia abates • Fewer divorces • Income rises • Quality of life improves (as compared to the population not wearing hearing aids) 0% Interest For 12 Months TM Not Fun Facts: Statistically, if you have a hearing loss and DON’T wear hearing aids, you have an increased chance of: • Dementia • Alzheimer’s • Depression • Falling • Social isolation • Lower quality of life (as compared to the population wearing hearing aids) Payments as low as 47 $ 00 (with approved credit) This week only, June 18th-21st Save thouSandS MSRP $3495 off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price!! NOW FEATURING INTRODUCING RECHARGEABLE HEARING AIDS TV EARS Voice Clarifying™ Hearing Aids Enjoy the reliability of rechargeable hearing aids. • Enjoy continuous, stable and uninterrupted power throughout your day • Recharge ge your batteries while you sleep • Avoid void the hassle of disposable batteries • Replace your batteries only every three years! All included for $595 A pAIR FREE TV Ears Digital, 4 packs of batteries And TV Earbuds with purchase ($200 Value) SPecial offeR This Week Only! Tuesday, June 18th Wednesday, June 19th Thursday, June 20th Friday, June 21st c ™ 250000 $ PeR Set CIRCA RECHARGEABLE TM Better Value, Better Service, Better Results! GUARANTEED! no one notices when you wear ciRca MSRp $3495

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