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1-800-767-2247 1976 7 Canal St. Rochester, NY 14608 MOST SHIPPING INCLUDED DVD COLLECTION PROTECTION SUPPLIES DVD Clear Poly Sleeves DVD Storage Boxes Use Poly Sleeves to protect your DVD Paperboard Cases, Slipcases and Plastic Cases from om fingerprints, dirt, scratches and scuffs. Scan for PRODUCT PRICING and for more DVD otection Supplies Protection Code Protects otects Sleeve Material SDVDR SPPDVDR SPPDVDRLG SDVDV8 SDVD2V8 Plastic DVD Cases Plastic DVD Cases NEW Paperboard Cases 1 DVD, Cover Art, Booklet 2 DVDs, 2 Booklets Polyethylene Polypropylene Polypropylene Poly Vinyl Poly Vinyl # of DVDs Outer Sleeve Thickness (in.) Color Single CDVD1K CDVD1W CDVD1C 1 1 1 Yes Yes Yes 9/16 9/16 9/16 Black White Clear Double CDVD2K CDVD2W CDVD2C 2 2 2 Yes Yes Yes 5/8 5/8 5/8 Black White Clear Slimline CDVDTPS1K CDVDTPS1C CDVDTPS2K CDVDTPS2C 1 1 2 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes 7mm 7mm 3/8” 3/8” Black Clear Black Clear Multiples DVD Replacement Cases Code CDVDV3K 3 CDVDV4k 4 CDVDV5K 5 CDVDV6K 6 CDVDV6C 6 CDVDV8C 8 CDVDV10C 9-10 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 1” 1” 1” 1” 22mm 27mm 33mm Black Black Black Black Clear Clear Clear Code Material Holds XDVD28 XDVD54 XDVD108 White Corrugated White Corrugated Kraft Corrugated 20 DVDs 54 DVDs 108 DVDs DVD Mailers Code Material Holds MJ712 MDVD1 MDVDWPB MDVD3 MDVD4 Bubble Mailer White Corrugated White Paperboard Brown Kraft Corrugated White Corrugated 1 DVD 1 DVD 1 DVD 1-3 DVDs 1-4 DVDs BAGS UNLIMITED INC • 7 CANAL ST. ROCHESTER, NY 14608 • 1-800-767-2247 • FAX (585) 328-8526 When comparing prices, remember... our prices include most shipping (except where noted).

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