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1-800-767-2247 7 Canal St. Rochester, NY 14608 1976 MOST SHIPPING INCLUDED ARCHIVAL MOVIE POSTER SUPPLIES Polyester (Mylar) Sleeves Our Archival Armor® 4 mil Polyester (Mylar) sleeves has been approved by the Library of Congress for indefinite storage. We use DuPont® inert Melinex or a suitable equivalent. This material has passed the Photo Activity Test (P.A.T.) which means that this material will not cause deterioration or harm to items stored in it. Polyester is a sturdy, crystal clear material with a glass-like surface and archival properties that are approved by museums for indefinite storage (hundreds of years). We stock Polyester Poster Sleeves in two configurations: Sealed on two adjacent sides (L Sleeves) and sealed on three sides. Listed below are the two styles of sleeves and the corresponding archival 40 pt Alpha Cellulose Backing Boards that go with them. Polyester L Sleeves. 4 Mil. No flap. 2 adjacent sealed sides Polyester Three-Seal Sleeves. 4 Mil. No flap. Code Size (in.) Poster Type Code Size (in.) Poster Type SLVWCP SLVIP SLVHSP SLVOSP40 SLVOSP SLVBQP 14½ x 22½” 14½ x 36½” 22½ x 28½” 27½ x 40¼” 27½ x 41 ” 30½ x 40½” Window Card Insert Poster Half Sheet Poster One Sheet 40” One Sheet Poster British Quad Poster S1422R S1436R S2822R S2741R S3143R 14¾ x 22¾” 14 5/8 x 36 ¼” 28¾ x 22¾” 27⅞ x 41¼” 31 x 43” Window Card Insert Poster Half Sheet One Sheet Poster British Quad Museum Grade Backing Boards for Polyester (Mylar) Sleeves Our 0.040˝ thick, 100% alpha cellulose board meets the Library of Congress archival standards. It is off-white, acid- and lignin-free, and buffered with a 3% calcium carbonate buffer. Indefinite storage. Alpha Cellulose Backings .040” thick For use with Polyester L-Sleeves. Code KAF40WCP KAF40IP KAF40HSP KAF28OSP40 KAF40OSP KAF40BQP Size (in.) 14⅛ x 22⅛” 14⅛ x 22⅛” 22 x 28” 27¼ x 40” 27¼ x 41” 30 x 40” Alpha Cellulose Backings .040” thick For use with 3-Side Seal Polyester Sleeves. Poster Type Code Window Card Insert Poster Half Sheet One Sheet 40” One Sheet British Quad KAF401422 KAF401436 KAF402822 KAF402741 KAF403141 Size (in.) 14¼ x 22 ½” 14⅛ x 36” 22 ½ x 28 ¼” 27 ¼ x 41” 30 ¾ x 42 ½” Museum Grade Storage Boxes These blue-gray, acid-free poster storage boxes are made from 0.060˝ thick, Perma/Dur® buffered board outside; heavy white lignin-free bond paper inside that has a pH of 8.5. Drop front on the long dimension of the box allows for easy poster removal. Boxes come assembled and have metal-edged reinforced corners for superior stacking strength. Indefinite Storage. Code Size (outside dimenstions) in. Poster Type Window Card Insert Poster Half Sheet One Sheet British Quad Archival Film Supplies 16 mm / 35 mm Film Canisters, Cotton Gloves, Cleaners, Anti-Static Supplies Poster Type Window Card XWCPMV1422 15¼ × 23¼ × 2” Insert XIPMV1436 15¼ × 37¼ × 2” XHSPMV2228 23¼ × 29⅛ × 2” Half Sheet 28¼ × 42¼ × 2” One Sheet XOSPMV2741 31⅛ × 41¼ × 2” British Quad XBQPMV3040 This box ships over-sized. Call for exact shipping costs or e-mail BAGS UNLIMITED INC • 7 CANAL ST. ROCHESTER, NY 14608 • 1-800-767-2247 • FAX (585) 328-8526 When comparing prices, remember... our prices include most shipping (except where noted).

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