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Bear Manor Media
Barbara Payton –
A Life In Pictures
(Hardcover Edition)

by John O’Dowd

$39.00 plus shipping

Author John O’Dowd revisits the life of the
late Hollywood actress Barbara Payton in his
new hardcover BearManor Media book, titled
Barbara Payton – A Life in Pictures. An imagedriven follow-up to his first BearManor book on
Barbara’s life and times, 2007’s Kiss Tomorrow
Goodbye: The Barbara Payton Story, this
new book contains over 1,000 photos and
550 pages, and offers an enlarged perspective of
Barbara’s fascinating, if brief and
star-crossed life.

Collected over the past two decades from dozens of sources—
both in the United States, and abroad—the images in the book
run the gamut from family photos and studio portraits, to
candids, news photos, movie ads, and film stills. Accompanying
the photos and their captions are over 170 quotes about Barbara
and her life that have been culled from newspapers of the day, as
well as from several people who knew her intimately.
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