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FGA #1 Is BAck In PrInt!
FGA #1 Is BAck In PrInt!

if you Missed This sTellar issue you can now buy a phoTocopy for only $9.
long unaVailable due To iTs sellouT sTaTus, The preMiere issue of fga froM
suMMer of 1995 is now aVailable in a special phoTocopy ediTion carefully
asseMbled by carol wiTh a full-color coVer.
storiEs includE:
• Gone With the Wind
• tea With ViVien LeiGh by MarGaret o’brien
• ona Munson – scandaLous beLLe
• the costuMes of GWtW
• MarGuerite cLark – face of innocence

• Lois Moran – froM GoLdWyn to GershWin
• aLLan Lane – daredeViLs of the West
• Lafe Mckee – Grand oLd Man of
• steLLa steVens interVieW

To order your copy of This rare issue, please send $9 (ouTside The usa, please add $4 for
posTage) by check, Money order, Visa, MasTer, aMer. expr., or discoVer To:
filMs of The golden age #1
aTTn: carol
301 e Third sT
MuscaTine, ia 52761
You can call carol at 563 262 0539
Email hEr at:


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