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Michael and Honore Johnston
of Davenport, Iowa will celebrate
their 50th wedding anniversary on
May 30th, 2019. Mike Johnston
married Honore Hogendorn on
May 30th, 1969 at St. Joseph’s
Catholic Church in North English,
Iowa. Mike, deciding it would be
a good idea to get as many major
life events as possible out of the
way at one time, got married
on Friday, graduated from St.
Ambrose University on Sunday,
and started his first day of a 34 year
career at Rock Island Arsenal on
Monday. Honore graduated from
St. Ambrose two years later and,
in keeping with the same mindset,
proceeded to have four kids in five
years; Kari (Joe) Girsch, Tracey
(David) Dailey, Curtis (Stefanie)
Johnston, and Gina (Patrick) Ward.
Michael and Honore Johnston
Mike and Honore have
12 grandchildren, Alex, Mariah, Ali, Sam, Marcus, Katie, Tavian, Lauren, Ben, Nick, Bella, and Logan, and they also
have three grand-fur babies that love to hang out at grandma and grandpa’s.
In their spare time Mike and Honore enjoy attending their grandkid’s school events and athletic activities. They love
spending time with their friends and extended family, and are active in Our Lady of Victory Church. Throughout the
week you can find Mike golfing with his buddies, swimming at the YMCA, and making his way through a stack of
library books. You will find Honore volunteering her time for many different activities, speed walking down the bike
path, thinking of fun adventures to have with her grandkids, and trying to find time to finish her current book.
The weekend of their 50th wedding anniversary will be spent with their children and grandchildren. There will be good
food, lots of laughter, and tons of super competitive and very loud games.
A family trip to Destin, Florida is planned for later in the year.


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