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Advertisement Doctor’s Landmark Discovery Clears Up Sinus and Nasal Problems in 30 Days New discovery targets infected throat mucus - to stop post nasal drip, congestion, runny noses, coughing, sneezing, ringing ears, and sore throats By Wayne B. Roberts Associated Health Press Doctors at a medical center based in Minnesota have discovered the real cause of nearly all sinus and nasal infections. They were shocked to cind it is infectious fungi you inhale through your nose. Now, a breakthrough 100% natural formula, SinuProl, can help get rid of chronic sinus infection, called “sinusitis” – an insidious condition that can lead to blood clots and brain infection, causing abscesses, meningitis, and even death! The sinus infection can also spread to your facial bones, triggering headaches, fever, and swelling in the eye socket -- which in some cases can cause loss of vision. How SinuProl works SinuProl is the FIRST nasal treatment that can quickly Klush infected mucus from your nose -- without surgery. Antibiotics, antihistamines, and steroid-containing nasal sprays are no help in cighting sinus infection. In fact, over-thecounter decongestant sprays can actually harm the small hairs lining your nose, causing mucus to build up even more. The result? Only SinuProl can dry up runny noses, end constant coughing, and unclog your swollen nasal channels – safely, swiftly, and effectively. “Up to now, the cause of chronic sinusitis has not been known,” says Dr. David Sherris, ENT. “In fact, fungus is likely the cause of nearly all these problems.” Dr. Gary Bennett, MD says, “The root cause of fungal sinus infections is the exposure to fungus and mold spores in the air. Once inhaled, the fungi can become lodged in the mucosal lining of the sinuses.” Fungi triggers 96% of sinus problems Top doctors have found that chronic sinus infection is caused by inhaling 40 different types of infectious fungus in the air you breathe. The proof? In a study of 210 people with sinus infections, 96% of them had fungus in their mucus. Did you know you take approximately 24,000 breaths daily, inhaling 90 percent of the infection-causing fungi in your body through your nose? Or that insulation with poor ventilation, plus 81++F +A6; ;+).;66 6+;;D2+7 *A+64-+4 *A1752+7 82+72+7 2+ FA18 ;-86 )82>>2+7 ,1*16 6A8; 458A-46 STUNNING HEALTH BREAKTHROUGH: Top Doctors at a leading medical center in Minnesota have discovered that nearly 100% of nasal and sinus problems are triggered by 40 different kinds of harmful fungus that may be lurking in your mucus. Now a new treatment helps rapidly dissolve infected mucus to help you breathe easier. indoor mold and air pollutants, have triggered a plague of sinus and nasal problems affecting millions? How? These harmful fungi hide in your throat, where they infect your mucus, causing your nasal passages to swell up. Result: Congestion, dripping mucus, runny nose, endless sneezing, constant coughing, ringing in your ears, sore throat, and tenderness of the face. No wonder millions of sinus sufferers are now rejoicing about this new solution! The natural alternative to nasal sprays SinuProl is a unique drug-free formulation made from 10 all-natural ingredients. These include the plant pigment quercetin, pine bark extract, butterbur leaf, feverfew, stinging nettle, and other herbs clinically proven to cight fungal infection. For instance, a clinical study published in the Journal Phytotherapy Research found that pine bark extract reduced nasal symptoms by almost 21% more than a placebo. In addition, SinuProl also supports your upper respiratory system, so that you breathe more freely. Dries up runny noses A stuffed-up nose may be just a cold. Or, it may be something far worse: a sinus infection, otherwise known as “sinusitis.” According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), about 37 million Americans suffer from sinusitis. Sinus infections are responsible for 16 million doctor visits and $150 million annually spent on prescription medications. Helps with allergies, too. “Allergic rhinitis” is ,1*16 4=E

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