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“Celebrating 20 Years of Business in 2018”
Ambush at Tomahawk Gap (1953, John Hodiak)

The Great Defender (1934, Matheson Lang)

Miracle in Paradise Valley (1949, Kirby Grant)

Menace (1934, Ray Milland, below par qua.)

Get That Girl (1932 pre-code horror)

The Bill Dana Show (12 episodes, 4 DVDs) $15

The Daredevil (1972, George Montgomery)

Accomplice (1949, film noir)

Counterblast (1948, sci-fi mystery combo)

Vengeance (1937, Lyle Talbot)

The Broken Land (1958, Jack Nicholson)

The Girl Who Forgot (1940, Elizabeth Allan)

Dracula, the Dirty Old Man (1969)

Dracula and Son (1976, Christopher Lee)

Sinthia, The Devil’s Doll (1970)

River Beat (1954, Phyllis Kirk mystery)

No Way Back (1949, Terence de Marney)

Rangers of Fortune (1940, Fred MacMurray)

Booby Trao (1957 science-fiction)

Silence of Dean Maitland (1934, John Longden)

Unguarded Moment (1956, Esther Williams)

Heat Wave (1954, Hilliary Brooke)

The Gold Express (1955 mystery)

Double Crossbones (1951, Donald O’Connor)

A Stolen Face (1952, Lizabeth Scott)

Arizona Bushwackers (1968, Yvonne DeCarlo)

Terror Street (1953, Dan Duryea)

The Broken Horseshoe (1953 mystery)

Violent Saturday (1955, Victor Mature)
Carnival of Illusions (1946, Erich Von Stroheim)


Elizabeth Taylo

Robots of Ripley (1935, science-fiction)
Day of Wrath (1943, Dir: Carl Dryer)

Veronica Lake

Someone at the Door (1936, Noah Beery)
Vice Versa (1948, Kay Walsh comedy)

A Matter of Murder (1949, John Barry)

Tumbleweed (1953, Audie Murphy)

Ladies Courageous (1944, Evelyn Ankers)

A Night of Magic (1944, Robert Griffith)

Stranger on the Prowl (1952, Paul Muni)

The Villiers Diamond (1938, Evelyn Ankers)

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