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All DVDs co
in plastic,
full-color ca

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“Celebrating 20 Years of Business in 2018”

Artists and Models Abroad (1938, Jack Benny)
Buck Benny Rides Again (1938, Jack Benny)
Meanest Man in the World (1940, Jack Benny)
Shootout at Big Sag (1962, Walter Brennan)
The Mysterious Mr. Davis (1939, British mystery)
Naughty New Orleans (1954, Sidney Baldwin)
The Invisible Man (1984 TV mini-series)
Tender Dracula (1974, Peter Cushing)
Dracula and Son (1976, Christopher Lee)
Challenge the Devil (1963, Christopher Lee)
The Monstrous Dr. Crimen (1953, Miros Lava)

Elizabeth Taylor

Deadlier than the Male (1966, Bulldog Drummond)
So Girls Do (1966, Bulldog Drummond)
As per company
policy, 10% of your
purchase will be
donated to the St.
Jude Children’s
Research Hospital.

The Amazing Dr. G (1965, secret agent movie)
Blue Panther (1965, secret agent movie)
Shadow of Evil (1965, secret agent movie)
Mission Phantom (1967, secret agent movie)
Spy Catcher (1960, secret spy movie)
The Ultimate Thrill (1974, Britt Ekland)
The Steel Key (1953, Joan Rice mystery)
The Student of Prague (1935 German version)
Pathfinders in Space (1960 TV mini-series)
Pathfinders to Mars (1960-61 TV mini-series)
Pathfinders to Venus (1961 TV mini-series)
Maverick Queen (1956, Barbara Stanwyck)
The Devil Monster (1946 bizarre oddity)
Strange Case of Dr. Meade (1938, Jack Holt)

The Wild Racers (1968, Fabian)
A Bullet for Pretty Boy (1970, Fabian)
The Devil’s Eight (1969, Fabian)
Whistle Stop (1946, Ava Gardner, George Raft)
Take One False Step (1949, Marsha Hunt)
One Wild Night (1938, June Lang)
Paul Temple’s Triumph (1950, John Bentley)
Calling Paul Temple (1948, John Bentley)
Send for Paul Temple (1946, John Bentley)
Paul Temple Returns (1952, John Bentley)
Veronica Lake

Mad Monster Party (1967, Boris Karloff)
Dinky Duck (the complete 1930s cartoons)
Four Alan O’Connor Mysteries (1936-37) $10

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