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Davenport Crafter, Charlotte Langstaff, 70, has resumed creating her signature wreaths following successful total shoulder replacement surgery at ORA Orthopedics. in Charlotte’s case because part of her bone was missing,” he says. “The digital map ensures we precisely insert the implant for a custom fit.” “I had the surgery on a Friday and went home a couple of days later,” she explains. “Dr. Winston came to visit Chronic shoulder pain from arthritis can make for a long winter, me. My arm was in a sling, but physical but the sun has come out for Davenport Von Maur retiree, Charlotte therapy for about three months over this Langstaff, 70. Charlotte is back to creating her striking and gaily decorated spring wreaths after successful total shoulder replacement past winter helped me regain mobility and without pain. I am so grateful!” surgery at ORA Now, Charlotte is back to creating spring Orthopedics. wreaths, sewing for friends, and enjoying monthly “I endured pain for birthday parties for a group called the “Bling Bling more than 5 years,” Sisters Birthday Club.” recalls Charlotte. “My “We get together every Thursday for a monthly shoulder hurt when I birthday party. I love my friends and like to stay tried to do anything. busy. Crafting is a great hobby, and I was so glad The pain kept me to be able to do my Easter wreaths in time for awake at night and spring.” even masked heart “Charlotte is doing well, and it’s wonderful to attack symptoms — it see her back enjoying her life,” adds Dr. Winston. was just that painful!” Charlotte Langstaff, 70, of Davenport can enjoy making wreaths again. “Orthopedic technology has made great strides: Diagnosing and the implants now easily last a decade, and we are able to perform treating her heart attack symptoms was relatively straightforward, but more successful shoulder replacements, thanks to the ability to the pain in her shoulder continued to be unbearable. digitally map a patient’s anatomy for a more precise fit.” The heart attack served as a wake-up call for her to seek For more information on treatment from Total Joint Replacement Surgeon, Dr. Jonathan total shoulder replacement Winston, ORA Orthopedics. surgery, visit ORA’s Total “Both an X-ray and an MRI confirmed that Charlotte was suffering Joint Center of Excellence from a torn rotator cuff due to advanced arthritis,” explains Dr. at Winston. To ensure the best possible fit for her new shoulder, Dr. Winston used a CT scan to map Charlotte’s shoulder joint so that the new ball and socket would fit perfectly. “I was grinding bone-on-bone from wear and tear,” says Charlotte, who recalls how fascinated she was to see a digital map of her shoulder joint. “The whole process was truly remarkable, and Dr. Winston was just wonderful.” ORA Hand and Upper Extremity Surgeon, Dr. “To prepare, the CT scan creates a custom guide based on Jonathan Winston, uses 3-D digital mapping to Charlotte’s unique anatomy, so when we are in surgery, the 3-D ensure custom-fit, shoulder-joint implants for ORTHOPEDICS patients undergoing total joint surgery. images serve as a type of road map — this was especially important TM

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