Details for ORTHOPAEDIC SPECIALISTS PC - Ad from 2018-07-12

STAY IN STRIDE Dr. Tyson Cobb Dr. Michael Dolphin Dr. John Hoffman Dr. Tuvi Mendel Dr. Ryan Pokorney HAND & UPPER EXTREMITY SPECIALIST SPINE & NECK SPECIALIST HIP & KNEE TOTAL JOINT REPLACEMENT SPORTS MEDICINE SPECIALIST FOOT, ANKLE, KNEE & SHOULDER SPORTS MEDICINE SPECIALIST HIP & KNEE TOTAL JOINT REVISION SPECIALIST OS proudly supports your Bix at 6 training races. Whether a seasoned athlete or a weekend warrior, turn to an OS specialist to fully diagnose and treat your joint pain. From your neck down to your feet, we're experts in the latest minimally invasive techniques that lead to a speedy recovery. 563.344.9292 • Davenport • Clinton

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