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there’s also a hooded killer on the grounds, slashing people
to death with a straight razor. There’s also a grotesque,
club-footed lady living on the upper floor, whom the doctor
is trying to cure of a hideously ugly face. This film is great
fun and keeps you guessing who the mad killer is. Great
color, from 35mm.
THE DEVIL’S MISTRESS (1966) Joan Stapleton,
Robert Gregory, Wes Morland, Douglas Warren, Oren
Williams. An Old West horror film about a female vampire
who has a passion for unsuspecting cowboys. Named
“Liah,” she is beautiful and bewitching and soon takes
revenge on the four cowboy thugs who murdered her
husband in cold blood. By using her mysterious charm, she
spins a web of horrific revenge. Color, 16mm.

THE WITCH (1966) Richard Johnson, Rossanna
Schiaffino, Sarah Ferrati. A young historian is brought to
a magnificent palatial estate to assemble the largely erotic
memoirs of a deceased general. There he falls in love with
a beautiful witch. Supernatural horror and danger follow in
this engaging Euro-horror opus. A classy film, both elegant
and moody. 16mm.

(DVD item #DI-186D)


(DVD item #DI-184D)

THE DEATHHEAD VIRGIN (1974) Jock Gaynor,
Diane Mc Bain, Larry Ward, Vic Diaz, Kim Ramos. Gaynor’s
a treasure hunter who finds a big haul—a sunken ship in the
Pacific. However, the ship is guarded by the vengeful spirit
of an ancient princess. She stalks totally naked around the
beaches and possesses Gaynor’s partner’s soul, sending
him on a murder rampage. A great cheapie. Norman Foster
directed. Several bikini-clad babes flaunt their goods.
Rated R: nudity, violence. Nice color, 16mm.
THE SEXORCIST) Stella Carnacina, Chris Avram,
Lucretia Love. A beautiful woman purchases an ancient
statue. In a shocking scene, it comes to life and rapes
her. She then becomes possessed and is taken to a
convent where an exorcism priest is brought in to free
her. The climax is shocking and there is a lot of nudity.
All in all though, this is a well-made exorcism movie.
Recommended for Euro-horror fans. Rated R. Color, 35mm.

(DVD item #DI-185D)

Williams Berger, Barbara Wilson, Mary Young, Françoise
Prévost, Harriet White. Dr. Vance owns a clinic for the
mentally ill located in a gloomy forest. He’s surrounded by
many pretty girls, all of whom he lusts for. Unfortunately,





(1960, WIDESCREEN) Bob Mathias, Rosanna Schiaffino,
Alberto Lupo, Rik Battaglia. King Minos sacrifices the
“required” number of virgins to the monstrous Minotaur.
But as his wife is dying, she confesses that their daughter
has a twin hidden away to avoid giving her to the Minotaur.
The daughter, raised by Minos, then goes all out to land her
unknown twin into the clutches of the Minotaur. Theseus,
the Greek hero, steps in to save the lost twin. In English
(a few spots are in Italian with additional English subtitles).
Great color, 35mm.
Stroyberg, Elsa Martinelli, Mel Ferrer. This retelling of
Lefanu’s classic vampire tale, Carmilla, is a good one.
Stroyberg is excellent as the Carmilla character and
Ferrer shines as Karnstein. Carmilla’s obsession with
her friend’s engagement leads her into the darkness of a
female vampire’s tomb. Carmilla is then possessed by the
vampire, who then sets out to slay and terrorize Carmilla’s
acquaintances. The sepia-toned B&W scenes with red
blood flowing through are striking. W/English subtitles.
Technicolor, 35mm.

(DVD item #DI-187D)

Hiroki Matsukata, Tomoko Ogawa, Ryutaro Otomo. In
ancient Japan, a good lord is killed and his throne is taken
by a treacherous lord and his sorcerer. Years later, a young
prince embarks on a quest for vengeance. An epic battle
soon ensues between the prince and the sorcerer. Cool.
This is a beautiful production and there are enough giant
monsters to make anyone happy, including a dragon and
a giant frog! The climactic monster battle is rollicking and
great fun. In English. Beautiful color, from 35mm.

(DVD item #DI-189D)

(DVD item #DI-188D)
STAR ODYSSEY (1977) Sharon Baker, Chris Avran.
An alien mastermind has picked Earth for annihilation.
Earth sends a fleet of starships to fight against the super
robots from this far-off galaxy. Lots of pitched space battles
with plenty of action. Sounds cool, huh? However, this is
one of the schlockiest, cheapest sci-fi movies ever made.
Everything about this film is hilariously bad—and therefore,
a must! Nice color, 16mm.
PLANET OF DINOSAURS (1977) Harvey Shain,
Mary Aplleseth, Max Thayer, Derna Wylde. A lost spaceship
lands on a mysterious planet filled with rampaging
prehistoric monsters. The crew members have to stave
off these giant lizards until they are rescued. The special
effects, though somewhat primitive, are actually pretty
good. Nice color, 16mm.

HOT MONEY GIRL (1959) Eddie Constantine,
Christopher Lee, Dawn Addams, Marius Goring, Nadine
Tallier. This is a slick, entertaining intrigue movie.
Constantine, Addams, and Goring hatch a plot to recover
a parcel of priceless jewels from behind the iron curtain.
Their quest takes them to an old convent that’s now a
police barracks. Lots of tense moments as they break
through security lines in search of the jewels. Unfortunately,
there’s a traitor in their midst. Lee shines as a slimy villain.
From 16mm.
Mitchell, Marious Goring, Harry Corbett, Lois Maxwell. An
underrated British thriller. Mitchell is a tycoon whose son is
kidnapped. There’s a huge ransom demand and the cops
tell Mitchell to let them handle it. Mitchell has other ideas,
though, and takes matters into his own hands. There’s a
bit of science fiction at the film’s cool climax as Mitchell
defends himself from the bad guys with a futuristic,
hand-held flame projector. Not bad. From 35mm.


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