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6 ways to enjoy
the great outdoors
Ready to head outdoors and take in the fresh air and aweinspiring views? Here are six ways to get out into nature this
summer and have fun doing it.
1. HIKING. Head into the woods for a day of walking
through the wilderness. Hiking trails are easily found all
across the country, so pick one that matches your skill level
and enjoy the excursion.

Enjoy every moment
Answer the call of adventure
with a camping road trip
If you’re craving clean air and wide-open
spaces, take to the open road this summer!
There’s no shortage of world-class sites where
you can pitch your tent or park your camper
and enjoy peace, quiet and pristine nature.
Whether you prefer sleeping in a tent or in the
comfort of a camper, you have a ton of options
to choose from to create the experience of
your dreams. But all you really need is a car
and some gear! Stop when you want, where
you want, and feel free to visit all the
attractions your heart desires along the way. A
word of advice: you may feel giddy with
adrenaline when you set out on your vacation,
but driving can get tiring. Keep things fresh by
planning a loop itinerary with plenty of things
to see and do.
Maybe you’d rather visit national parks on the
other side of the country? No problem! Just fly out
(or take the train) and rent a car or camper on site
for another twist on the traditional road trip. The
challenge: to pack only the essentials and save
enough space in your suitcase to bring back

2. HORSEBACK RIDING. Riding is a great way to connect
with an animal while tramping through the woods with
3. CAMPING. What better way to get back to nature than
with a few days of camping? Escape the hustle and bustle of
modern life so you can enjoy sleeping under the stars.
4. KAYAKING. This type of paddling is ideal for most
outdoor explorers, whether you’re looking for an adrenaline
rush or a relaxing afternoon on the water.
5. CYCLING. If you’re looking for a way to combine
sightseeing with exercise, use bike paths and trails to
explore a region’s must-see treasures.
6. BIRD WATCHING. Find a quiet spot on a bird reserve and
keep your eyes peeled. This is the perfect way to spot birds
and other animals in their natural habitat. If you’re patient,
you’ll be rewarded by seeing a variety of wildlife.
Large parks are among the best places to participate in
these activities. Consider spending time exploring national
and provincial parks in your area this summer.

Some dream deStinationS

Fundy National Park (New Brunswick), Killarney
Provincial Park (Ontario), Waterton Lakes National
Park (Alberta), Yosemite National Park (California),
Zion National Park (Utah), Glacier Bay National Park
& Preserve (Alaska) — North America is chock-full
of magnificent camping destinations. Where will
the road take you next?

Essential gear for summertime hiking
Anything can happen in the wilderness. That’s
why it’s important to be well equipped when
hiking, even if you’re only planning on being
out on the trails for a few hours. Here’s a list of
everything you need for a day hike.
• Backpack (20 to 40 litres is ideal) and a
waterproof bag cover
• High quality hiking shoes and socks
• Moisture wicking clothing
• Extra clothes including rain gear, a fleece vest,
a long-sleeved shirt, dry socks, a warm hat
and gloves

• Sun protection including a hat, sunglasses
and sunscreen
• Head lamp and spare batteries
• Identification
• Watch
• Trail map and a compass
• Toilet paper
• Fully charged phone
• Plenty of water
• Food and snacks
• Survival kit that includes a multi-purpose tool,
duct tape, rope, a lighter, a whistle, a survival
blanket and water purification tablets
• First aid kit that includes adhesive bandages,
scissors, splints, bug spray, over the counter
pain medications, tweezers and antiseptic
• Trekking poles (not essential, but nice to have
in many scenarios)
You may not use everything on this list during
your hike, but if you need it, you’ll be happy you
thought ahead.

Princess Protection
Make it Take it
June 15 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Fandom Bleach

June 14 @ 11:00 am - 2:00 pm Come and make a unique June 15 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
We will be making fandom
At this royal event, you can Father’s Day picture frame
themed T-shirts with bleach!
for your father, uncle,
walk the red carpet in your
Bring a dark colored T-shirt!
grandpa or other special
favorite prince or princess
*Wear something old since we
role model in your life!
outfit! We will be watching
will be handling bleach!
Sign Up Required
the Disney Channel movie,
Grades 6-12 |
Grades 5 and Under
Princess Protection Program.
Sign Up Required
Popcorn will be served.
Registration Required
Grades 5 and under

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