Details for VIBRANT CREDIT UNION - Ad from 2018-08-13

C H EC K O U T OUR CD RATES! 2.20% APY 18 Month Certificate of Deposit 2.60% APY 33 Month Certificate of Deposit % APY 2.85 48 Month Certificate of Deposit * * *APY- Annual Percentage Yield. For the 48 Month CD for anything under $250,000 the APY is 2.35% and the Interest rate is 2.329%. If funds are over $250k the entire balance will have an APY of 2.85% and earn an Interest Rate of 2.820%. Penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal. Advertised rate and APY are offered at the Credit Union's discretion and may change daily. Fees could reduce earning on the account. Renewal rate is determined based on the published rate for the CD term at time of renewal. ^$5 minimum to open account. Federally insured by NCUA. 800.323.5109

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