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Happy 85th Birthday Mom!!!
Carmen Chavarria was born in LaJunta,
Colorado on November 14, 1934. She worked for
the Federal Government for 37 years starting in
LaJunta, and later in Davenport, Iowa where she
currently resides. She enjoyed her job thoroughly.
She worked as an Industrial Specialist. She told
stories about sending ammunition to troops
abroad and how she was also the only woman
to fly with the Top Officials back in the day!!
She certainly made her mark in the workforce!
She retired in 1990, and decided to go into
business for herself selling nutritional products!
Thereafter, she traveled with her husband,
Cesareo Chavarria to the East and West Coast,
before his passing in 2015. She is a fire cracker
most days! She currently likes to color and paint
motivational and spiritual pictures. She sells her
work at several Craft Fairs! Other times are spent
with family and watching her favorite football
team, the Denver Broncos! Her adult children,
Daniel Chavarria, Gloria Chavarria,
Steve Chavarria and Celeste Chavarria, and
ALL of her grandkids and great grandkids take
this time to wish her a Very Happy and Beautiful
85th Birthday! Way to go Mom!! We Love You!!

Carmen Chavarria