Details for Jeanetta Markham - Ad from 2019-08-25

Justin C. Dilly
8-22-82 to 12-10-18

Today is your first birthday sense you left us. Although
you’re not here, we still celebrate your life with the best
memories you shared with us.
We still see your smile, love, quick wit and sense of
humor. We still see you in the light of the bonfires grilling
out with your dad. We hear and see that mustang cruising
down the street. The excitement in your eyes racing down
the dragstrip at Cordova. The brave young man popping
wheelies on his bike for the thrill and tossing that football
like an Allstar. The love and attention you gave your furry
friends Ford, Shelby, Miles, Gizmo, Junior and Gidget.
Forever you made an imprint on our hearts. We miss
you and keep close the wonderful memories of your life
here with us.
Happy Heavenly Birthday Son We Love You!


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