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BuSINeSSeS AN ADVeRTISING SuPPLeMeNT you SHouLD kNoW Nearly 30 years of steady hands and steady quality CoNTRIBuTeD PHoTo John Wheatley putting the finishing touches on a two sided pillow top. When you meet John Wheatley, you’ll feel as if you’ve known him for years. Whether you’re walking in to the original L&W Bedding location in Moline or the newer store on Devil’s Glen Road in Bettendorf, you’ll get a feeling of comfort – from the memorabilia that lines the walls to the business owner who greets you. “We never pretend to be anything we’re not,” Wheatley said when asked about his longevity in the market. “I opened a mom and pop shop and that’s what we’ll always be. We haven’t changed.” So, what changed in the last few decades of mattress making? “When I first got in to this business, everybody in the market was making a quality bed,” he explained. “No matter which store you went in to you’d find a mattress that would last at least 20 years. Refrigerators, washers, dryers, everything was made to last that long.” Now, Wheatley believes the market has become disposable, conditioning consumers to believe that any large purchase, furniture or appliance, can be made cheaper by lowering your expectations about its longevity and quality. “Any big box mattress store will sell you on the promise of comfort without telling you for how long or how its achieved,” Wheatley said looking up from his sewing machine. “No one can tell you what the beds are actually made of and none of them have box springs, one of the most important elements of a bed – they simply sell you a foundation that’s made of wood. Then, they offer you a promise to return your bed if you’re not satisfied.” L&W promises you quality and a good night’s sleep from the man who made your bed with his own hands. “I don’t do that sort of pitch and I don’t like pressuring people. I educate them about the exact elements that make up their mattresses and I listen to what they need.” Wheatley acknowledged that many businesses need to evolve technologically to maintain relevancy and that they need to be aware of future trends so as to proactively address them. Mattresses are unique in that way. “I still make mattresses the way they were made in the 70s,” Wheatley proudly said adjusting his cap. “That means coming to L&W will keep you from purchasing another mattress for almost two decades. I would be ashamed to do it any other way.” In fact, Glenda M. has owned her mattress for 24 years. “I’ve been so happy with the quality of the bed and the service is the best around,” she said smiling. “I know John made them [the mattresses] individually right here and that matters a lot. He’s the only one who sells flippable mattresses, so I flip mine every month and I know that’s a huge reason why it lasts so long.” Her experience is what anyone can expect going to visit Mr. Wheatley. “My favorite part of being a business owner used to be building the beds,” he explained. “Now, I’m a little older so I love sharing what I do with everybody else. Nobody ever leaves my store feeling confused or filled with expectations that aren’t realistic. I have models of every bed here and I take it apart in front of them to show them how their bed is made.” In an era of mistrust and misguiding advertisements, Wheatley believes his way of doing business is unique and can’t be taken for granted. Stop by L&W Bedding today and come home to comfort every night. 3357 Devils Glen Road, Bettendorf | 563-459-0101 | 1211 16th Ave., Moline | 309-762-6019 Follow us on Facebook and visit “There are tons of websites where you can purchase mattresses online and at least 15 places you can walk in and buy one in the Quad Cities,” he stated. “Fourteen of those stores will give you identical experiences, the 15th store is mine.” L&W Bedding is a business you should know because Wheatley and his staff want to know you. “I’ve been making mattresses for almost 40 years, and in February L&W Bedding will celebrate its 30-year anniversary,” Wheatley said. “A lot of things have changed in this world in the last 40 years,” the family business owner said as he pulled out his iPhone to show me pictures of his newest grandchild. “But, except for a little less hair on my head, I’m still making mattresses the way they should be made and treating people the way they deserve.”

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