Details for Mike Matson - Ad from 2019-10-06

Vote Mike Matson October 8!

Public Safety #1 Priority!
Army Special Operations Veteran with over 20 years of Military service.
I will work to expand the Youth Assessment Center to reduce juvenile crime.

Fiscal Responsibility
I will work for economic growth for all of Davenport.
I will work to expand the workforce for greater opportunities for everyone.
I will work for an affordable, permanent flood control solution.

I will fix the streets we all drive on!

Experience Matters
12 Years on the Davenport City Council.
A lifetime of dedicated, public service.
Day 1, I will hit the ground running to work for you!

Accountable Government
I will keep City Hall open and transparent.
I will make tough decisions to move forward.
I will listen to you. I will be a voice for all!

Trusted Leadership for Davenport!

Paid by the citizens for Mike Matson


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