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Advertisement Chronic Pain Relief – No Surgery, No Injections! By Nicole Morgan J oint or muscle pain, arthritis, tendonitis, nerve or disc issues, and other forms of chronic pain can be debilitating. Often, patients seek answers, only to be told that temporary injections, medications, or even painful surgeries are their only options. Unfortunately, these methods simply mask symptoms, offering little hope of true healing and a pain-free future. HEALING IS POSSIBLE These chronic conditions affect millions of people every day. The CDC estimates that one in every five adults could be living in chronic pain. Approximately 20.4% of the U.S. adult population experiences chronic pain, defined as pain most days or every day for at least the past six months. For 8% of those with chronic pain (19.6 million adults), daily life or work activities are frequently limited. Arthritis, or joint inflammation, is the most common cause of disability among adults residing in the United States. It limits everyday activities for 24 million Americans. “People everywhere are in pain and they are suffering every day, but it doesn’t have to be that way.” said Dr. Gocmen, D.C., of Abundant Health Physical Medicine in Bettendorf. “Now, SoftWave Therapy is reducing pain and inflammation for even the most chronic conditions, giving patients an affordable way to get their lives back.” For years Teresa H. suffered from chronic pain in her feet, and it was only getting worse. She tried numerous treatments and nothing worked. “Dr. Gocmen suggested a treatment to stimulate healing in my feet,” Teresa said. “I was skeptical at first, but I was desperate. To my surprise, after just one treatment my pain levels went down by more than 50%. I cried from relief. After a mere six weeks of treatment I’m now 95% pain free. I feel better than I have in years and I didn’t even have to get painful injections in my feet!” ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY Many chronic pain sufferers in the United States are tired of pain and conventional treatments. Thanks to Dr. Gocmen’s breakthrough treatment, true healing is possible. SoftWave Therapy activates your ing those calcification deposits and enabling them to be absorbed back into the body, Dr. Gocmen’s technique reduces pain and restores function. One of the advantages of Dr. Gocmen’s treatment is that it relieves acute pain in the short term and provides long-term relief by dissolving the actual cause through regeneration and healing. It is a non-invasive SoftWave treatment for just $49.00—a savings of $160.00. “This treatment is affordable and non-invasive, and it’s bringing hope to patients who have suffered for years,” said Dr. Gocmen. “It’s time for that suffering to end. My advice is to stop settling for many of the conventional treatments and take your health into your own hands. If you or a loved Medical Breakthrough for Chronic Pain Sufferers body’s stem cells to regenerate and accelerate healing in the body. It addresses musculoskeletal issues, gut issues, inflammation, and increases blood flow so patients heal faster and finally find relief from chronic pain. In the past patients have paid thousands of dollars for expensive stem cell injetions, but Dr. Gocmen’s method is more accessible and available at a fraction of the cost. To my surprise, after just one treatment my pain levels went down by more than 50%. I cried from relief. ~ Teresa H. Dr. Gocmen uses breakthrough technology to activate your body’s dormant stem cells by directing electro hydraulically produced sound waves into the injured area, which accelerates healing. It positively influences the activity of immune cells, has an anti-inflammatory potential, including the stimulation of mesenchymal stem cells and the release of factors relevant to regeneration and healing. In addition, the shock wave intervenes directly in the signal transmission of pain and has both short-term and long-term analgesic effects. This treatment also breaks up calcified scar tissue which are caused by trauma to tendons. This scar tissue can cause pain and reduce mobility, so by clear- procedure and requires no anesthesia or numbing agents so it’s well-tolerated by patients. THE TREATMENT Dr. Sinan Gocmen is proud to be the first doctos in Iowa to offer this specialized treatment. His clinic, Abundant Health, located in Bettendorf, takes a comprehensive approach to pain relief and overall health. After an in-depth consultation to really understand a patient’s issues and determine if the person is a candidate for care, Dr. Gocmen and his team will create a tailored, patient-focused plan designed to put patients on the path to pain relief that lasts a lifetime. “The SoftWave treatment is an incredible medical breakthrough,” Dr. Gocmen said. “It is a self-regenerative treatment that is clinically proven to reduce pain, has been cleared by the FDA, and can be used to treat superficial, partial-thickness, second-degree burns in adults, and the treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU’s). It’s safe, it’s effective, and it’s changing lives for so many patients not just in Iowa, but around the country.” YOUR INVITATION TO PAIN-FREE LIVING Our paper has teamed up with Dr. Gocmen and his team at Abundant Health Physical Medicine in Bettendorf to help readers learn about new options for pain relief. For a limited time, Dr. Gocmen and his team have agreed to reduce the usual consultation fee for new patients. Now, they are offering a consultation, exam, and first one suffers from chronic pain, the time to call is now.” Over the years Abundant Health has treated thousands of patients with chronic conditions of neuropathy, sciatic nerve pain, back and neck problems, whiplash injuries, along with vertigo and childhood illnesses. The office is well-known and has a good reputation. The vast majority of patients enjoy superior, lasting relief. In fact, many who have suffered and tried other treatment options with no luck and have been told they are stuck with their pain and discomfort, have credited the care team at Abundant Health for giving them their lives back! Claim your $49.00 consultation, exam, and treatment voucher now by scanning the code below using the photo application of your phone or call Abundant Health now at (563) 275-6332! Abundant Health Physical Medicine 878 Middle Road Bettendorf, IA 52722