Details for MEDIA SPACE SOLUTIONS - Ad from 2019-05-14

Giza Dream Bed Sheets Guaranteed The Most Comfortable Sheets You’ll Ever Own!® “For the longest time I wanted to come out with the world’s most comfortable bed sheets but until now I hadn’t been able to find anything that held up to my standard. I finally found the best cotton in the world in a region where the Sahara Desert, the Nile River and the Mediterranean Sea all meet to create the ideal weather conditions for growing cotton. My new Giza Dream Bed Sheets are made with this long staple cotton to make the most comfortable sheets ever.” SAVE 30% & FREE SHIPPING! w/ promo code Mattress Topper Guaranteed The Most Comfortable Mattress Topper You’ll Ever Own!® SAVE 30% &2 FREE MYPILLOWS! w/ promo code MADE IN THE U.S.A. Helps regulate temperature Helps relieve pressure points Gives comfort and support Our new 3” MyPillow Mattress Topper is made up of 3 unique layers Layer 1 - MyPillow patented foam, in a solid piece, provides superior support and durability Layer 2 - Transitional foam provides optimal comfort, evenly distributes body weight and helps relieve pressure points Layer 3 - Cover made from Phase Change Material to keep your body temperature regulated throughout the night Visit us online at or call 800-883-9708 Use promo code: muscatine17 Expires 5/30/19

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