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Scott County Board of Supervisors November 10, 2022 5:04 p.m. The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with Kinzer, Maxwell, Beck and Croken present. Supervisor Knobbe joined by phone. The Board recited the Pledge of Allegiance. Moved by Kinzer, seconded by Croken a motion approving the minutes of the October 25, 2022 Committee of the Whole and the October 27, 2022 Board Meeting. Roll Call: All Ayes. Moved by Kinzer, seconded by Croken that the following resolution (271-2022) be approved. Roll Call: All Ayes. THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: 1) That we hereby proclaim the month of November 2022 as Veteran and Military Families Month in Scott County and encourage Scott County Citizens to observe and appreciate the sacrifices and contributions of veterans who fought for peace and defended democracy in our land and abroad. 2) This resolution shall take effect immediately. Ben Enlow, Veterans Affairs Director/Case Aide for Community Services accepted the Proclamation and thanked the Board. Moved by Kinzer, seconded by Croken that the following ten consent agenda items be approved. Roll Call: All Ayes. Second of three readings to amend Scott County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 10 – Parking Ordinances, to designate areas of No Parking on Manor Drive in Park View. AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND CHAPTER 10, SEC. 10-9 OF THE SCOTT COUNTY CODE RELATIVE TO PLACEMENT OF NO PARKING SIGNS ON SCOTT COUNTY SECONDARY ROADS. BE IT ENACTED BY THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF SCOTT COUNTY, IOWA: SECTION 1. Under Sec. 10-9-24 – to read: On the west side of Manor Drive from 270th Street (County Park Road) south 50 feet. SECTION 2. The County Auditor is directed to keep and maintain a copy of the Ordinance in the County Auditor’s office. SECTION 3. SEVERABILITY CLAUSE: If any of the provisions of the Ordinance are for any reason illegal or void, then the lawful provisions of this Ordinance shall be and remain in full force and effect, the same as if the Ordinance contained no illegal or void provisions. SECTION 4. REPEALER: All Ordinances or parts of Ordinances in conflict with the provisions of this Ordinance are hereby repealed. SECTION 5. EFFECTIVE DATE: This Ordinance shall be in full force and effect after its final passage and publication as by law provided. BE IT RESOLVED 1) That the quote for one 2020 Dodge Grand Caravan for the Sheriff’s Office is approved and hereby awarded to Davenport Used Car Superstore, Davenport, IA, for a total cost of $26,663.55. 2) This resolution shall take effect immediately. (272-2022) BE IT RESOLVED: 1) County policy states that a city, school system, or community-based non-profit may request transfer of a tax deed property if such transfer will benefit a community program or public good. 2) Parcel G0046-42 to the City of Davenport 3) Parcel F0033-25 to Palmer College 4) Parcel F0034-07 to Sacred Heart Cathedral Foundation 5) Parcel F0033-29 to 100 Black Men 6) Parcels E0003-13, E0017-09, E0017-10, F0028-20, F0029-18, F0036-03, F0036-05, F0044-17, H0056-27, and H0061-31 to The Center 7) The Chairman is authorized to sign the Quit Claim Deeds. 8) This resolution shall take effect immediately. (273-2022) BE IT RESOLVED: 1) That the proposal for HVAC and Smoke Control System Commissioning for the YJRC construction project is accepted and the contract is awarded to db/HMS in the amount of $90,000.00. 2) That the Director of Facility & Support Services is hereby authorized to execute Kerri Tompkins Scott County Auditor Accounts Payable Newspaper Report Expenditures approved for payment by the Board of Supervisors on November 10, 2022 Vendor Name GL Account Description A & A AIR COND & REFRIGERATION INC Direct Charge ABBE CENTER FOR COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH MH - Medical Assistance ABCREATIVE INC Conservation Capital Improvement Projects Scott County Park ADVANCED CORRECTIONAL HEALTHCARE INC Medical Expense AIRGAS USA LLC Direct Charge ALLIANT ENERGY / IPL Utilities Electric ALTORFER MACHINERY CO Direct Charge ANDERSON, ANGELA Medical Examiner Fees ARMOR UP AMERICA Administrative Expenses ARNDT, COURTNEY Mileage ARTHUR J GALLAGHER RISK MGMT SVS INC Insurance Premiums Professional Liability AT & T MOBILITY - FIRSTNET Telephone Cellular AVESIS INC - FIDELITY SECURITY LIFE Vision Employer BAKER TILLY US LLP -BAKER TILLY VIRCHOW KRAUSE LLP Professional Services BAUER BUILT TIRE CTR Direct Charge BAWDEN, SUMMER Travel BECK, ARLEN Per Diem & Expenses BENNETT AMBULANCE SERVICE Service Contracts BERNARD FOOD INDUSTRIES INC Kitchen Supplies Groceries BI-STATE REGIONAL COMMISSION Travel BLAIR & FITZSIMMONS PC 229 - Attorney BOB BARKER CO Supplies General BOOK FARM LLC Library Books Juvenile BRIDGEVIEW COMMUNITY MENTAL HEALTH CENTER - CMHC MH - Medical Assistance BRUBAKER FLYNN & DARLAND PC Attorney - Guardianship BTX IOWA INC - BIOTECH XRAY INC X-Ray Services BUFFALO, CITY OF Rent Space BURKHOLDER, BRIAN Direct Charge BUSH, STEFANIE Travel CALHOUN-BURNS AND ASSOCIATES INC Direct Charge CARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINE PC Physician Services CARSON, TRACY Travel CARTER, GINA Commercial Services CEDAR COUNTY SHERIFF Sheriff Transportation CENTER FOR ALCOHOL & DRUG SERVICES INC - CADS 125 - 5 Day - Hospital CENTRAL IOWA DETENTION Service Contracts CENTURYLINK Telephone Voice CHIZEK FAMILY EYECARE INC- D/B/A -ADVANCED EYECARE Direct Charge CINTAS CORPORATION 342 Direct Charge CINTAS FIRST AID & SAFETY Conservation Supplies Day Camp CLINTON COUNTY SHERIFF Sheriff Transportation COOK APPRAISAL COMMERCIAL VALUATION RESEARCH Professional Services CORNERSTONE WELLNESS CENTER Contribution to Agencies COUNTRY CANINES Commercial Services CS TECHNOLOGIES INC Telephone Voice CUSTOM ART & SIGNS Vehicles General DASCHER COMPANY INC Professional Services DAVENPORT - FINANCE DEPT, CITY OF Salaries Regular DAVENPORT PRINTING CO INC - DPC Supplies General DAYS INN Specialized Care & Treatment DELTA DENTAL PLAN OF IOWA Administrative Expenses DES MOINES STAMP MFG CO Supplies General DICKINSON LAW - DICKINSON, MACKAMAN, TYLER & HAGEN Professional Services DIRECT TV Commercial Services DLOUHY LAW PC 229 - Attorney DONNELLY - MAYER LONERGAN & ROLFES, BRIAN P 125 - Attorney DSLR LLC Rent Space DUBUQUE COUNTY SHERIFF Sheriff Transportation DULTMEIER SALES INC Direct Charge DURANT AMBULANCE SERVICE INC Contribution to Agencies EARTHGRAINS BAKING COMPANIES INC - BIMBO BAKERIES Kitchen Supplies Groceries EARWOOD FAMILY PROPERTIES LLC Rent Space EASTERN IOWA COMMUNITY COLLEGES - EICC Schools of Instruction General EASTERN IOWA LIGHT & POWER COOP - REC Utilities Electric ECONOMY ROOFING & INSULATING CO INC Maintenance Buildings ED MORSE CHEVROLET BUICK GMC Vehicles General ELAM, LORI Travel ELDRIDGE, CITY OF Rent Space ENGELBRECHT FARMS INC - ENGELBRECHT BROTHERS TILING Direct Charge ENT PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Physician Services FAIRWAY MANUFACTURING CO Conservation Supplies Cody Homestead FOUR OAKS INC Service Contracts FOUR WINDS RECREATIONAL PRDCT Supplies General FRED’S TOWING INC Accounts Payable Motor Vehicle Auction FUHS, ANTHONY A Rent Space GENESIS FIRSTMED PHARMACY Pharmacy Services GENESIS HEALTH SYSTEM Hospital Services GENESIS HEALTH SYSTEM - BEHAVIORAL HEALTH 125 - 5 Day - Physician GENESIS HEALTH SYSTEM \ HEALTH GROUP Hospital Services GENESIS MEDICAL CENTER Hospital Services GENESIS MEDICAL CENTER -PATIENTS FINANCIAL SVCS 229 - 5 Day - Hospital GENESIS OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH Professional Services GENESIS PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL 229 - 5 Day - Physician GENESIS VISITING NURSE ASSOC & HOSPICE Hospital Services GIBNEY, JAMES B Medical Examiner Fees GIERKE-ROBINSON CO INC Direct Charge GLOBAL SECURITY SERVICES LTD Commercial Services GLOBAL SECURITY SERVICES-IA - GUARD Public Notices GOOD SOURCE SOLUTIONS Kitchen Supplies Groceries GOODWIN TUCKER GROUP Kitchen Supplies Supplies GRAINGER - W W GRAINGER INC Direct Charge GRAMENZ, CINDI Per Diem & Expenses GRANT COUNTY SHERIFF’S DEPT Extradition of Prisoners House Out of County GREAT WESTERN SUPPLY CO Supplies General GREENWOOD CLEANING SYSTEMS INC Supplies General GRIFFIN, RUSSELL Vehicle Supplies Fuels & Lubricants GUINN, MARTHA Civil Service Costs HALLIGAN-MCCABE-DEVRIES FUNERAL HOME INC Burial HANDICAPPED DEVELOPMENT CENTER Contribution to Agencies HARMS, NEIKA Mileage HARRE MD, BARBARA Medical Examiner Fees HBD INC Supplies General HEATHER WOODY UNLIMITED INC Training & Professional Services HERMISTON, SHANNON Legal Transcripts HILLCREST FAMILY SERVICES MH - Residential HOLIDAY INN DES MOINES AIRPORT Schools of Instruction General HOMETOWN PLUMBING & HEATING INC\THORNTON Direct Charge HUGHES & TRANNEL PC Attorney - Guardianship IDEMIA IDENTITY & SECURITY USA LLC - MORPHO USA Supplies General ILLOWA CULVERT & SUPPLY CO Direct Charge IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES INC Contribution to Agencies IMEG CORP Other Improvements/Space Utilization INTERSTATE BATTERIES OF QUAD CITIES Vehicle Supplies Vehicular Parts IOWA AMERICAN WATER CO Utilities Water IOWA DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION Accounts Payable Motor Vehicle Auction IOWA ONE CALL Commercial Services IOWA PRISON INDUSTRIES - IPI Direct Charge IOWA STATE MEDICAL EXAMINER Medical Examiner Autopsies/Lab ISOLVED BENEFIT SERVICES Administrative Expenses J L BRADY LLC Maintenance Buildings JACKSON COUNTY SHERIFF Sheriff Transportation JACOBSEN, HENRY D Schools of Instruction General JEROME, WILLIAM Medical Examiner Fees JOHN DEERE FINANCIAL Vehicle Supplies Vehicular Parts JOHN WULF’S SEPTIC TANK SERVICE Commercial Services JOHNSON, ANTHONY Travel JOHNSON DISTRIBUTING INC Commercial Services JOHNSON FITNESS & WELLNESS-2ND WIND EXERCISE EQUIP Technology and Equipment General JONES, PATRICK Mileage JORJAY INC - D/B/A COMMERCIAL PRINTERS Maintenance Buildings JP GASWAY Supplies General Amount $136.25 $275.00 $52,127.50 $572.90 $300.68 $1,374.62 $115.01 $330.00 $192.50 $115.62 $17,993.15 $21.35 $6,992.68 $51,370.00 $645.20 $214.36 $27.18 $5,000.00 $9,468.80 $22.21 $270.90 $1,309.16 $59.10 $7,077.61 $225.00 $1,800.00 $300.00 $109.00 $125.00 $1,979.50 $168.53 $32.00 $200.00 $112.50 $2,250.00 $5,600.00 $978.09 $290.00 $525.96 $82.15 $1,839.86 $4,200.00 $37.15 $60.00 $8,438.58 $616.00 $500.00 $54,208.77 $8,086.75 $120.00 $2,753.38 $16.00 $15,500.00 $286.24 $165.00 $741.20 $500.00 $117.50 $95.70 $5,000.00 $1,240.00 $500.00 $42.00 $39.98 $513.00 $42,870.00 $630.12 $400.00 $48.74 $117.82 $482.65 $2,799.00 $945.00 $1,425.00 $500.00 $11,116.41 $7.59 $774.00 $226.74 $2,858.61 $7,599.76 $600.00 $3,143.45 $1,815.53 $850.00 $890.71 $384.00 $45.08 $2,034.75 $27.00 $154.14 $26.88 $6,939.00 $78.91 $3,191.07 $20.00 $92.79 $3,200.00 $11,889.87 $313.13 $6,585.00 $150.00 $1,500.00 $676.00 $37,103.36 $786.24 $173.62 $140.00 $2,452.00 $14,484.20 $5,071.50 $6,205.00 $316.85 $4,543.93 $147.68 $25.20 $118.40 $11,389.11 $731.50 $6,410.00 $1,803.37 $150.00 $2,885.00 $1,114.95 $2,080.00 $116.00 $140.00 $13,044.00 $36.25 $124.00 $9,667.86 contract documents on behalf of the Scott County Board of Supervisors. 3)This resolution shall take effect immediately. (274-2022) BE IT RESOLVED: 1) The hiring of Brittany Sandlin for the position of Office Assistant with the Health Department at entry level rate. 2) The hiring of Yolanda Alvarado for the position of Multi-Service Clerk with the Recorder’s Office at entry level rate. 3) The hiring of Harrison Jestel for the position of Deputy with the Sheriff’s Office at entry level rate. 4) The hiring of Murphy Blocker for the position of Correction Officer with the Sheriff’s Office at entry level rate. 5) The hiring of Sydney Caffery for the position of Correction Officer with the Sheriff’s Office at entry level rate. 6) The hiring of Bryce Volk for the position of Assistant County Attorney with the Attorney’s Office at entry level rate. 7) The hiring of Krishna Marme for the position of Community Tobacco Consultant with the Health Department at entry level rate. (275-2022) BE IT RESOLVED: 1) The 2021 property taxes due September 2022 and March 2023 for John and Pamela Jones, 124 South 9th Street, LeClaire, Iowa in the amount of $2,621.00 including interest are hereby suspended. 2) The County Treasurer is hereby directed to suspend the collection of the above stated taxes and utility fees thereby establishing a lien on said property as required by law with future collection to include statutory interest, if any. 3) This resolution shall take effect immediately. (276-2022) BE IT RESOLVED: 1) A joint purchase with SECC of Hewlett-Packard server and storage maintenance and support for three years with a total cost of $216,713.52 and Scott County cost of $162,535.14 is hereby approved. 2) This resolution shall take effect immediately. (277-2022) BE IT RESOLVED: 1) The purchase of Hyland OnBase Enterprise Content Management software maintenance and support from DataBank in the amount of $37,685.23 is hereby approved. 2) This resolution shall take effect on immediately. (277-2022) BE IT RESOLVED: 1) The authority of the IT Director to sign an agreement for professional services from Crowe for technology assessment and strategic planning services in an amount not to exceed $99,520 are hereby approved. 2) This resolution shall take effect immediately. (279-2022) BE IT RESOLVED: 1) The Scott County Board of Supervisors approves for payment all warrants numbered 320902 through 321159 as submitted and prepared for payment by the County Auditor, in the total amount of $4,173,653.37. 2) This resolution shall take effect immediately. (280-2022) Budget and Administration Services Director David Farmer presented a monthly dashboard with financial updates. County Administrator Mahesh Sharma spoke on meetings he attended over the last few weeks. Sharma also reported that a Special Board meeting would be held on Tuesday November 15, 2022 for a canvass of votes. He also reported that the next Committee of the Whole would be held at 4:00 pm with the Board meeting following at 5:00 pm on Tuesday November 22, 2022. Moved by Kinzer, seconded by Croken at 5:34 p.m. a motion to adjourn. All Ayes. ______________________________ Ken Beck, Chair of the Board Scott County Board of Supervisors ________________________ ATTEST: Kerri Tompkins Scott County Auditor A video recording of the meeting is available on the Scott County website at: K & K TRUE VALUE HARDWARE KAISER, JEREMY KELLER, JEANNETTE M KENNETH VOSS & ASSOCIATES LLC KOKJOHN, MARY BETH KRAFT, WAYNE KROEGER, NEILL A KUHL - KUHL’S UNDER THE SUN, BARBARA LABORATORY CORPORATION OF AMERICA HOLDINGS-LABCORP LAMAR COMPANIES, THE LECLAIRE COMMUNITY LIBRARY LIBRARY IDEAS LINDQUIST FORD INC LINWOOD MINING & MINERALS CORP LOGAN CONTRACTORS SUPPLY INC LOVING, BRETT LOVING, KATRINA LUNDBERG, SYDNEY MAIL SERVICES LLC MALONE, TODD MICHAEL MARTIN BROS MARTIN EQUIP OF IA-IL INC MAURER - ATTORNEY AT LAW PLC, KYLE R MAURO, EDWARD MCDONNELL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT LLC MCMANUS, TOM MEDIACOM MEDIC EMS - EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES MEDICAL ASSOCIATES CLINIC PC MENARDS MERSCHMAN HARDWARE AND BUILDING SUPPLY MFR PARTNERS XII LLC MIDAMERICAN ENERGY MIDWEST CONSULTING GROUP LLC MIDWEST PEST MANAGEMENT LLC MIDWEST PROPERTY HOLDINGS LLC MIDWEST WHEEL COMPANIES MINNESOTA LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY MISSISSIPPI VALLEY OMS PC MOELLER, BONNIE MOLO PETROLEUM LLC \ MOLO OIL CO MSA PROFESSIONAL SERVICES INC MTI DISTRIBUTING INC MUSCATINE COUNTY SHERIFF MUSCATINE LEGAL SERVICES NAPA DEWITT - PREMIER PARTS INC NEW CHOICES INC - NCI NORTH SCOTT PRESS OFFICE MACHINE CONSULTANTS INC OPTIMAE LIFESERVICES ORA ORTHOPEDICS PC ORR, TYRONE PAPA JOHN’S PIZZA - PJ IOWA LC PARK VIEW WATER AND SANITARY DISTRICT PERFORMANCE FOOD SERVICE - TPC - THOMS-PROESTLER PITNEY BOWES INC PLEASANT VALLEY REDI-MIX INC POSEY , DO, CHRISTOPHER M PRAIRIE FARMS DAIRY PRECISION TRANSCRIPTION, LLC QC ANALYTICAL SERVICES LLC QC METALLURGICAL LAB INC QUAD CITY WINDOW CLEANING INC / AGENT CLEAN R K DIXON RADIOLOGY GROUP PC SC REISTROFFER - POLYGRAPH SERVICES, ANTHONY W REXCO EQUIPMENT INC - INTERSTATE BILLING SERVICE RIFFLE INC RIVER VALLEY COOPERATIVE RIVERSTONE GROUP INC ROCK ISLAND COUNTY SHERIFF - CIVIL ROTARY CLUB OF NORTH SCOTT RUNGE MORTUARY RYAN & ASSOCIATES INC S&S WORLDWIDE INC SADLER POWER TRAIN INC SAM’S CLUB DIRECT SBERTOLI, TARA SCHAEFFER, DONALD SCHOENAUER PC, KENNETH F SCHWEITZER - SCHWEITZER & BAJRIC, JAY T SCOTT AREA ELECTRONIC DEMANIFAC FACILITY SCOTT AREA HOUSEHOLD HAZARDOUS MATERIAL SCOTT AREA LANDFILL SCOTT COUNTY EXTENSION OFFICE - ISU SCOTT COUNTY FACILITY & SUPPORT SERVICES SIADSA - SOUTH IOWA JUVENILE DETENTION SMART AUTOMOTIVE OF DAVENPORT - HONDA STEALTH PARTNER GROUP STETSON BUILDING PRODUCTS INC STIVERS MIDWEST PRO UPLIFTERS STOREY KENWORTHY - MATT PARROTT STORM WATER SUPPLY LLC STREICHERS SULLIVAN, AMBER SULLIVAN CSR RPR, KARA SUTTON, KEITH SYN-TECH SYSTEMS INC / SYNTECH TAKEFORM ARCHITECTURAL GRAPHICS TMSD, LLC / PIONEER LAW OFFICE TRANE US INC TRAVEL ADVANCE ACCOUNT TREASURER - STATE OF IOWA - ILEA TREASURER - STATE OF IOWA - DHS TRI STATE FIRE CONTROL TRI-CITY ELECTRIC CO OF IOWA UHS PREMIUM BILLING - UNITEDHEALTHCARE INSURANCE CO ULINE UNIFORM DEN INC UNITYPOINT HEALTH - TRINITY UNSWORTH, NATHAN US FOODSERVICE INC VALLEY BOLT COMPANY VALLEY CONSTRUCTION CO VAN CAMP, NICHOLAS VANCE, BARBARA VANGUARD APPRAISALS INC VERA FRENCH COMMUNITY VERIZON WIRELESS VERMEER SALES & SERVICE OF CENTRAL ILLINOIS INC VERMONT SYSTEMS INC VOLRATH HARDWOODS LLC WENDLING QUARRIES INC WIESE, TED WOLD ARCHITECTS & ENGINEERS INC YMCA OF IOWA MISSISSIPPI VALLEY YOUNG HOUSE FAMILY SERVICES INC Total Supplies General Mileage 229 - Attorney Professional Services Professional Services Travel 229 - Attorney Maintenance Buildings Laboratory Services Reimbursable Allotment Supplies General Books Direct Charge Direct Charge Direct Charge Schools of Instruction General Supplies General Legal Transcripts Supplies General Medical Examiner Fees Kitchen Supplies Groceries Direct Charge 229 - Attorney Travel Rent Space Schools of Instruction General Telephone Data Hospital Services 229 - 5 Day - Physician Supplies General Direct Charge Rent Space Utilities Electric Training & Professional Services Maintenance Infrastructure (Towers, etc) Rent Space Direct Charge Life Insurance Employee Dental Services Professional Services Direct Charge Direct Charge Vehicle Supplies Vehicular Parts Juvenile Justice Hearing Expenditures 229 - Attorney Supplies General Contribution to Agencies Public Notices Supplies General Contribution to Agencies Physician Services Travel Supplies General Utilities Sewer Kitchen Supplies Groceries Postage & Shipping Direct Charge Medical Director Kitchen Supplies Groceries Physician Dictation Services Commercial Services Commercial Services Commercial Services Technology and Equipment PC / Printers Hospital Services Professional Services Vehicle Supplies Vehicular Parts Training & Professional Services Vehicle Supplies Fuels & Lubricants Direct Charge Juvenile Justice Hearing Expenditures Memberships Transportation Maintenance Equipment Conservation Supplies Day Camp Direct Charge Conservation Supplies Food & Beverage Miscellaneous Travel Medical Examiner Fees 229 - Attorney 229 - Attorney Buildings Other Commercial Services Direct Charge Schools of Instruction General Postage & Shipping Service Contracts Vehicle Supplies Vehicular Parts Stop Loss Specific Direct Charge Technology and Equipment Auxiliary Equipment Supplies General Direct Charge Supplies General Travel Legal Transcripts Mileage Direct Charge Supplies General 229 - Attorney Buildings Youth Justice & Rehab. Center Travel Professional Services Independence Commercial Services Maintenance Buildings Administrative Expenses Conservation Supplies Cody Homestead Supplies Clothing Crisis Services Travel Kitchen Supplies Groceries Direct Charge Direct Charge Schools of Instruction General Travel Commercial Services Contribution to Agencies Telephone Cellular Direct Charge Schools of Instruction General Conservation Supplies SCP Entry Station Conservation Supplies Topsoil / Sand / Gravel Schools of Instruction General Buildings Youth Justice & Rehab. Center Administrative Expenses Service Contracts $59.12 $56.25 $282.00 $5,000.00 $200.00 $278.56 $66.00 $720.00 $57.79 $700.00 $28.00 $4,866.75 $150.00 $16,819.89 $113.50 $181.20 $202.98 $169.00 $1,501.25 $340.00 $1,722.71 $1,154.80 $400.00 $147.00 $500.00 $20.01 $236.90 $923.71 $359.00 $1,298.56 $623.43 $500.00 $34,232.42 $3,750.00 $210.00 $1,550.00 $851.77 $13,135.52 $910.00 $50.00 $27,760.63 $1,275.00 $1,166.00 $177.90 $248.50 $977.50 $2,709.41 $802.37 $36.73 $8,859.72 $921.32 $273.25 $254.46 $1,058.23 $21,251.28 $441.96 $6,895.50 $7,959.00 $2,011.46 $17.38 $355.75 $100.00 $40.00 $3,145.62 $8.36 $1,000.00 $526.43 $3,750.00 $7,926.63 $1,871.30 $45.01 $200.00 $6,767.24 $232.25 $690.76 $132.91 $590.77 $116.00 $1,050.00 $204.00 $369.60 $405.60 $28.30 $432.17 $35.00 $210.83 $555.00 $320.12 $45,404.70 $1,328.79 $12,412.87 $25.88 $353.12 $263.35 $120.00 $55.50 $36.25 $550.00 $408.05 $52.80 $2,543,589.00 $290.00 $150.00 $21,599.92 $380.00 $526.00 $2,444.40 $57.00 $1,245.24 $380,000.00 $120.00 $1,708.04 $28.00 $260,692.07 $181.20 $32.00 $12,400.00 $101,575.00 $3,281.20 $643.50 $1,300.00 $800.00 $636.00 $181.20 $49,512.03 $2,220.00 $1,399.50 $4,173,653.37