Men's Elite field

Meb Keflezighi

City: San Diego Age: 35 Bib no.: No. 1

Fast fact: Two-time Bix champ, Olympic silver medalist in 2004

Ryan Hall

City: Mamamoth Lakes, Calif. Age: 27 Bib No.: 3

Fast fact: 2008 Olympian, U.S. record-holder in half-marathon

Ed Moran

City: Williamsburg, Va. Age: 29 Bib No.: 7

Fast fact: Won U.S. 10K title July 4; second in U.S. track 10,000

Mohamed Trafeh

City: Duarte, Calif. Age: 25 Bib No.: 9

Fast fact: Current U.S. champion in 15K, finished second in 10K

James Carney

City: Boulder, Colo. Age: 32 Bib No.: 11

Fast fact: 2008 U.S. half-marathon champ, third at Bix last year

Scott Bauhs

City: Mammoth Lakes, Calif. Age: 24 Bib No.: 13

Fast fact: Third in U.S. cross country championships this year

Antonio Vega

City: Saint Paul, Minn. Age: 26 Bib No.: 15

Fast fact: U.S. champion in half-marathon; fifth in 2009 Bix

Sean Quigley

City: Philadelphia Age: 25 Bib No.: 17

Fast fact: 2008 LaSalle grad; fifth in U.S. 15K championships

Andrew Carlson

City: Flagstaff, Ariz. Age: 28 Bib No.: 19

Fast fact: U.S. champion in 25K this year, 8K and 15K last year

Fernando Cabada

City: Boulder, Colo. Age: 21 Bib No.: 21

Fast fact: Set U.S. 25K record in '06, U.S. marathon champ in '08

Ian Burrell

City: Flagstaff, Ariz. Age: 25 Bib No.: 25

Fast fact: SEC champ in 3,000, 5,000 for Georgia, 10th in '09 Bix

Jake Schmitt

City: Kentfield, Calif. Age: 23 Bib No.: 27

Fast fact: Competed for Cal and Washington at college level

Stephen Shay

City: East Jordan, Mich. Age: 24 Bib No.: 29

Fast fact: Younger brother of Ryan Shay, fifth in U.S. half-marathon

Bobby Mack

City: Raleigh, N.C. Age: 25 Bib No.: 31

Fast fact: Member of U.S. world cross country team

Justin Young

City: Boulder, Colo. Age: 31 Bib No.: 33

Fast fact: Top 10 in U.S. half-marathon championships in '07, '09

Nicholas Stanko

City: Haslett, Mich. Age: 29 Bib No.: 37

Fast fact: '09 Michigan runner of year, won Free Press Marathon

Drew Polley

City: Rochester Hills, Mich. Age: 24 Bib No.: 39

Fast fact: 4th in Seattle Rock N' Roll Marathon, Wash. St. grad

Steve Magness

City: Vienna, Va. Age: 25 Bib No.: 41

Fast fact: Native Texan won 5k in Washington, D.C. in May

Rikki Hacker

City: Kansas City, Mo. Age: 33 Bib No.: 43

Fast fact: Won Kansas City area races in February and June

Ben True

City: Eugene, Ore. Age: 24 Bib No.: 45

Fast Fact: Ran 7:59 for 3,000 meters indoors this year

Women's Elite field

Molly Huddle

City: Providence, R.I. Age: 25 Bib No.: 2

Fast fact: Defending Bix 7 champ, U.S. 10K road champion in '08

Lisa Koll

City: Fort Dodge, Iowa Age: 22 Bib No.: 4

Fast fact: NCAA champion in 5K, 10K at Iowa State

Blake Russell

City: Pacific Grove, Calif. Age: 35 Bib No.: 6

Fast fact: Finished 27th in 2008 Olympic marathon in Beijing

Amy Hastings

City: Mammoth Lakes, Calif. Age: 26 Bib No.: 8

Fast fact: Third in U.S. half-marathon championships this year

Magdalena Lewy-Boulet

City: Oakland, Calif. Age: 36 Bib No.: 10

Fast fact: 2008 Olympian in marathon, third at Bix last year

Kate O'Neil

City: Palo Alto, Calif. Age: 30 Bib No.: 14

Fast fact: 2004 Olympian in 10K, 15th at Peachtree on July 4

Zoila Gomez

City: Alamosa, Colo. Age: 31 Bib No.: 16

Fast fact: 4th in '08 U.S. Olympic trials marathon, 12th in '09 Bix

Clara Peterson

City: San Anselmo, Calif. Age: 26 Bib No.: 18

Fast fact: Broke course record at Big Sur International 5K in April

Ilsa Paulson

City: New York, N.Y. Age: 21 Bib No.: 20

Fast fact: Current U.S. champ in the marathon, fourth in '09 Bix

Kim Conley West

City: Sacramento, Calif. Age: 24 Bib No.: 22

Fast fact: 18th in U.S. cross country championships, Cal-Davis grad

Emily Mortensen

City: Royal Oak, Mich. Age: 27 Bib No.: 24

Fast fact: Former Adams State runner, finished 11th in Bix in '06

Alissa McKaig

City: Blowing Rock, N.C. Age: 24 Bib No.: 26

Fast fact: 2008 NAIA cross country champion at Indiana Tech

Lindsay Allen

City: Flagstaff, Ariz. Age: 24 Bib No.: 28

Fast fact: '08 Stanford grad third in USATF steeplechase this year

Melissa Todd

City: Kansas City, Mo. Age: 35 Bib No.: 30

Fast fact: Winner of Dallas Rock ‘N Roll Half-marathon this year

Erin Richard

City: Royal Oak, Mich. Age: 24 Bib No.: 32

Fast fact: Won Run Wild for Detroit Zoo 10K last fall, Clarion U. grad

Jennifer Houck

City: Duluth, Minn. Age: 26 Bib No.: 34

Fast fact: '09 Minnesota Runner of Year, 17th in Boston Marathon

Erin Moeller

City: Mt. Vernon, Iowa Age: 33 Bib No.: 38

Fast fact: Finished second at this year's Dam to Dam 20K

Casey Owens

City: Des Moines Age: 27 Bib No.: 40

Fast Fact: Finished 10th in 2008 5K road championships

Andrea Walkonen

City: Boston Age: 23 Bib No.: 42

Fast fact: Set a PR in the 10K this year, running 32:31

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