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Ask the Times: How much do baseball umpires earn?

Ask the Times: How much do baseball umpires earn?

Q. Since it's about World Series time, I have some questions as follows:

1. How much money do umpires make for regular season games?

2. How much do they make for the championship series games?

3. How much do they make for the World Series games?

-- Roger

A. Quad-City Times sports reporter Don Doxsie provided the following information:

"This is from

"The MLB umpire salary range is excellent. The starting pay in the majors was $150,000 per year as of 2018. An experienced major league baseball umpire can earn up to $450,000 annually. Salaries for minor league umpires are modest. A new umpire usually starts at the Class A short-season leagues and is paid $2,000 to $2,300 per month during the regular season. The next step is the full-season class A level, where the pay is $2,100 to $2,600 per month. Umpires working in class AA leagues are paid $2,500 to $3,100 monthly. Triple-A leagues are the top level in the minor leagues, and umpires receive monthly salaries ranging from $2,900 to $3,900."

"MLB umpires also have great benefits. They get four weeks paid vacation, fly first class and get a per diem of $340 a day for meals and hotels.

"I can't find anything that specifies how much they are paid for postseason games but it appears they get at least $2,500 per game, which is close to what they get for regular-season games."

Q. What inmate rehabilitation programs do the Scott County and Rock Island county jails have to prevent inmates from being rearrested and jailed again? Are their drug and alcohol programs available or do they have to be court ordered for inmates? It seems some inmates are arrested for what is their third time or more for an DUI or public intoxication. – Michael, Scott County, Iowa

A. We contacted the Scott and Rock Island county jails regarding your questions. Sgt. William Hyde, Scott County Sheriff's Office, Corrections Division, responded:

"The Scott County Jail currently offers our General Population inmates a variety of programs through a large number of community volunteers and service providers. We offer programs relating to drug and alcohol treatment, abuse counseling, parenting classes, GED testing and a number of faith based programs. Some classes are offered on a daily basis, whereas others are offered weekly, monthly or a few times a year depending on our volunteer’s schedules.

"In regards to drug and alcohol treatment, Scott County has a contract with the Center for Alcohol and Drug Services or C.A.D.S. They provide a 7½ week, jail based treatment program with a residential follow up treatment plan at their own facility. The overall treatment process can take 6-9 months. Inmates can be court ordered to complete this program or can participate voluntarily."

We have not received a response from the Rock Island County Jail or Rock Island County Sheriff's Department at the time of publication. We will be glad to include any response in a follow up.

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