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St. Anthony's Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

An antique wheelchair is among the 150 religious and medical artifacts at a museum at St. Anthony's Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in Rock Island. This photo was taken in 2011, but I chose it for today's blog because it mixes faith with medical equipment. That seems appropriate to this reporter.

In the upside-down world of daily newspaper journalism, only a reporter can have fantastic news on one hand, and tragic news on the other hand.

So it was, today, when I arrived at work this morning. A message from the State of Illinois was in the Inbox of Outlook, telling me a client of the state is, indeed, eligible for medical benefits include rehabilitation therapy.

This was welcome news indeed while I juggled two difficult stories about cancer.

I arrived early today to spend some time on this week's health stories, which concern the after-effects of being a cancer survivor, and about a benefit for another cancer patient.

(More on each of those stories after they are published. Check my Facebook and Twitter accounts if you wish).

The great news is for Christa, a Rock Island native, who was told — incorrectly as it turns out — that rehabilitation would be limited as she recovers from an unusual virus. (More on that story, too, after it is published.)

I was able to contact the state of Illinois in Christa's behalf, and it turned out her unusual last name was misspelled in the state records, among other issues.

So, a previously healthy young person who has spent the last few months in a wheelchair now will get the therapy she needs to walk again.

Yes, it gives me a reason to smile.

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