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Real estate transactions for Sunday, Sept. 5, 2021

Real estate transactions for Sunday, Sept. 5, 2021

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Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Knutson, Carol V., to Miller, Anne Marie and Reiling, Cole Robert, 505 Hamilton St., Atkinson; $183,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society, to Steines, Steven and Andrea, 103 N. 1st St., Alpha; $38,000.

Gochee, Jon R. and Zimmerman, Clinton R., to Lowman, Trevor S., Lot 8 Glenwood Acres, Coal Valley; $90,000.

Ferkel, Richard J. and Brooke A., to Vasquez, Stephanie Rae, 343 E. Wells St., Geneseo; $219,500.

Anderson, Kerry D. and Cheryl S., to Anderson, Patrick J., 115 E. College St., Kewanee; $65,000.

Crabtree, Tyler G. and Anne M./ Barnett, Anne M., to Matuszyk, Timara B., 431 Dwight Street, Kewanee; $85,000.

Palmer, Bruce A., to Finin, Travis D. and Angela M., 104 N.E. 2nd St., Galva; $12,500.

Prasad, Gopal P. and Leka Dr., to Kuethe, Tyler and Brittany, 720 Meadowlark Court, Geneseo; $240,000.

Uncle Walters Management Corporation, to BJS Rentals, 103 S. Main St., Kewanee and 111 W. 1st St., Kewanee; $20,000.

Capps, Denise M., to Dillbeck, William C., and Hilton, Katie, 415 N. Prospect St., Cambridge; $66,000.

Washburn, Mary E., to Lovett, Diana Lynn and Jeffery B., 1301 6th St., Orion; $105,000.

Maynard, Kayla, to Stilwell, Koren, 909 Ash Drive, Colona; $100,000.

Elden, John D. and Joan P., to Seyller, Paul T., 48 Meadowbrook Drive, Geneseo; $195,000.

CCC&L Properties, to DeSplinter, Jason and Kelli, 323 W. Front St., Annawan; $47,500.

BK3J Corporation, to Wheeler, Nathan T. and Pearl E. and Gerlich, Paul R. and Chon, James, 119 W. North St., Geneseo; $179,500.

Barner, Kacey L./ Fleshman, Kacey L.; Barner, Chad, to Haskins, Tannar and Brown, Jenna D., 813 3rd St., Colona; $140,000.

Elden, Greg W. and Lacricia D., to Erickson, Brandon J. and Rachel A., 31 Hickory Hills, Geneseo; $246,000.

Kennedy, Brandon and Nicole, to Holzman, Tyler S. and Otts, Kathleen M., 109 5th Ave., Colona; $184,000.

Kobernat, Joel R. and Taryn, to Thompson, Shawn K., 408 S. Spring St., Geneseo; $125,500.

Verbeke, Monac, to Gerhardt, Ruth G., 230 W. Pearl St., Geneseo; $147,000.

Printy, Deanna L., to Sweat, Kimberly A., 209 W. 2nd St., Geneseo; $180,000.

McQuillan, Kevin and Jennifer L., to Lococo, Tonya L., 520 N. Meadow St., Geneseo; $243,500.

Gatehouse Media Illinois Holdings and Liberty Group Illinois Holdings, to Lyndar Innovations, Lot 13 of Block 18 of Gould's Addition to the town, now village of Cambridge; $5,000.

Marburger, Stasia L., to Hainline, Charles C. and Catherine J., 504 Fullerton Court, Kewanee; $73,000.

Moran, Carlos, to Perry, Patrick D., 206 E. 6th Street, Kewanee; $30,000.

Casteel, Derek A. and Angela C., to Clementz, Douglas A. and Heather M., 702 W. Center Street, Cambridge; $17,500.

Mols, Matthew and Emily, to Stanley, Alicen and Porter, Paul, 7 Pine Tree Court, Kewanee; $230,000.

Wells Fargo USA Holdings, to Krech, Larry W. and Maria E., 331 Elliott St., Kewanee; $54,000.

Brandmeyer, Thomas L. and Jaclyn, to Landrau, Carlos and Figuero, Nydia E., 259 Beach St. South, Kewanee; $80,000.

State Bank of Toulon, to DeReu Construction, 542 S. Tenney St., Kewanee; $110,000.

Smith, Lee K. and Lindsey, Randall B., to Mallery, Scott P., 806 E. Prospect St., Kewanee; $70,000.

Miller, Patricia Chapman, to Gapinski, Micah A., and Erin L., 600 E. Walnut, Geneseo; $120,000.

Sedam, Frannie L., to Peacock, Shawn and Lyndsey, 1054 Meadow Lane, Colona; $185,000.

Knudtson, Darwin D.; Moller, Paula R.; Knudtson, Julie A.; Peugh, Sandra J., to Doescher, Robert and Gail S., and Doescher, Robert and Gail S. Living Trust, a tract of land located in Section 20, Township 18 N, Range 4 E of the 4th Principal Meridian containing 40.65 acres more or less; $224,000.

Sunken, Michael J. and Rebecca L./ Buller, Rebecca L. to ICC Properties LLC Series F., Lot 19 in Block 17 of Ryan Gardens, a subdivision in Section 10, Township 17 N, Range 1 E of the 4th Principal Meridian lying south of the Illinois and Michigan canal; $113,000.


Girard, April F., North Little Rock, Ark., to Adkins, Frank, and Butler Adkins, Eddie Mae, East Moline; 3608 7 1/2 St., East Moline; $172,000.

RBH Resources, Colona, to Reeve, Seth, Moline; 2423 32nd St., Moline; $100,000.

Checkers of the Quad Cities, Davenport, to 4010 Blackhawk Road Rock Island LLC., Rock Island; 4010 Blackhawk Road, Rock Island, retail establishment; $300,000.

Samuel, Milan, to Vann, Austin, Moline; 3100 11th St., Moline; $415,000.

White, Aubry L., Channahon, Ill., to ICC Realty, Rock Island; 1717 25th St., Rock Island; $114,000.

Schoeck, Donna M., trust, Rock Island, to Peterson, Marilyn L., Moline; 1017 2nd St. Ct., Moline; $217,500.

Flores, Gregorio, Moline, to Bible Missionary Church, Rock Island; 3113 25th Ave., Rock Island; $70,000.

Clearman, Julia, Moline, to Cederoth Properties, Coal Valley; 1747 14th Ave., Moline; $60,000.

Whan, Rhonda J., East Moline, to Kelley, Aaron C., East Moline; 1606 18th Ave., East Moline; $69,000.

Dembosky, Joel and Sarah, East Moline, to Dembosky, Sean, East Moline; 916 34th Ave., East Moline; $125,000.

Lenger, Robert L., trust, Rapids City, S.D., to Harris, William T. and Connie L., Aurora, Ill.; 2236 38th St., Rock Island; $130,000.

Schueneman, Dee Ann, Hampton, to Dembosky, Joel and Sarah, East Moline; 3511 6th St., East Moline; $259,000.

Shooting Star Ranch, Bloomington, Ind., to Glazier, Justin, and Mulcahy, Kendra, Rapids City; 123 18th St. and 125 18th St., Rapids City; $136,640.

Murphy, Charles R. and Sharon J., Spring Hill, Tenn., to Espinoza Saldana, Jose A., Moline; 4913 51st Ave., Moline; $160,000.

Zmuda, Mark A. and Stacy L., Moline, to Briscoe Financial, Minooka, Ill.; 2011 South Shore Drive, Moline; $167,500.

Elliott IV, George F., Moline, to Pregnancy Resources, Moline; 3825 16th St., Moline, commercial building; $420,000.

Tidwell, Michael; Tidwell, Randall, and Tidwell, Brian, Moline, to Tidwell, Michael L., Moline; 4111 28th Ave., Moline; $142,000.

Stagman, Kenneth D., Hampton, to Uhle, Robert, Madrid, Iowa; 625 13th Ave., Hampton; $50,000.

Rockwell, Philip G. and Randi D., Rock Island, to Seet, Hay and Moo Nae, Rock Island; $135,900.

Bowling, Mildred M., Moline, to Zeidler, Nancy L., Moline; 403 29th Ave. Drive, Moline; $140,000.

Beshears Holdings, Sherrard, to Airport Road Mini Storage QC, Bettendorf; 3010 - 3030 E. 1st Ave., Milan, storage units commercial building; $725,000. 

Sanchez Murillo, Jose, and Murillo, Maria, Dodge City, Kans., to Marceleno, Enrique Alba, Rock Island; 17 Brittany Lane, Rock Island; $124,000.

Eagle Property Holdings, Moline, to Maple Cove Real Estate Holdings, Solon, Iowa; 1514 14 1/2 St., Rock Island; $55,000.

Trimble, James R., Bella Vista, Ariz., to Usrey, James, Port Byron; 1611 Elm Shore Drive, Port Byron; $310,000.

Cox, Lisa, East Moline, to Miller, Kaye, Moline; 2906 4th St., Moline; $152,000.

Wright, Joseph E. and Vicki L., Geneseo, to Vyncke, Timothy, and George, Victoria, Silvis; 504 10th St., Silvis; $110,000.

Huston, Schuyler R. and Frances J., Colona, to Hillbloom, James, Moline; 4804 6th Ave. Dr., Moline; $190,000.

Boyle, Nancy A., Davenport, to Romeo, Jay, Rock Island; 2200 44th St., Rock Island; $55,500.

Fernandez, Rafael and Jennifer C., Coal Valley, to Wells, Stephen, and Wells, Brittney Stevens, Rock Island; 1 Watch Hill Rd., Rock Island; $295,000.

Blair, Zach A. and Heather, Bettendorf, to Green, Cassandra L., Port Byron; 911 N. High St., Port Byron; $126,000.

Beattie, Brian L., Ft. Wayne, Ind., to Fornero Green, Ethan, Rock Island; 2908 32nd St. Ct., Rock Island; $175,000.

Pongshaum, Wirat, Moline, to Carrillo, Jesus, Moline; 395 25th St., Moline; $55,000.

Dyer, Gregory Alan, Bettendorf, to Lambrecht, Tyler, Carbon Cliff; 102 2nd St., Carbon Cliff; $115,000.

Sandoval, Edmund, estate, East Moline, to Hamm, Michele, East Moline; 446 34th Ave., East Moline; $148,000.

Parr, Melissa A., Knoxville, Tenn., to 2172 Stadium Drive, trust, Bettendorf; 2172 Stadium Drive, Rock Island; $90,010.

Yodts, Kevin D. and Heather M., East Moline, to SNK Properties, Moline; 1637 34th St., Moline; $108,000.

Hunter, Timothy F. and Amy M., Lyndon, Ill., to Terronez, Ronald and Juanita, Moline; 3606 74th St., Moline; $318,500.

Holvoet, Chris, and Voss, Peter F., Davenport, to West, and Wyatt Kenneth, and Perez, Rowan Gabbriella, Hampton; 604 14th Ave., Hampton; $87,900.

Williams, John and Mary Louise, Milan, to McGory, Sally, Milan; 337 E. 2nd Ave., Milan; $130,000.

Bolis, James E., and Anderson, Susan K., co-trustees for Bolis, Arlena J., trust, Milan, to Humility Homes & Services, Davenport; 535 - 537 23rd St., Rock Island; $140,000.

Black, Francis L. and Darlene J., Hampton, to Berhenke, David M. and Leslie R., Milan; Lot 2 Valley View Addition, Hampton, land/lot only; $65,000.

McCarty, Kyle B. and Arianna R., Port Byron, to Cromie, Justin, Port Byron; 616 Cherry St. Ct., Port Byron; $169,000.

Huiskamp-Collins, Heidi and Richard S., Bettendorf, to Woods, Jeffry and Marquerite, Rock Island; 2138 31st Ave., Rock Island; $280,000.

Platinum Quality Development, Davenport, to Viking Investments, Le Claire; 260 - 264 17th Ave., East Moline; $162,000.

Premier Carbon Cliff, Brookfield, Wis., to Rock River Harmony Housing, New York, N.Y.; 900 Crampton Ave., Carbon Cliff, 116 unit apartment building; $6,250,000.

Womack, Peggy J.; Womack, Scott A., and Womack, Steven A., Apache Junction, Ariz., to Herrera, Jose, Moline; 3715 35th St., Unit 4, Moline; $87,000.

Reger, Emily, Geneseo, to True, Zachary N., East Moline; 942 34th Ave., East Moline; $146,911.

Schumacher, Keenan, Colona, to Vincent, Michael, Geneseo; Lot 12 34th Ave., N., land only, Port Byron; $25,000.

Ramos, David, and Skinner, David, Milan, to Karic, Dado, Moline; 3706 9th Ave., Moline; $216,000.

Nichols, Terry L., Viola, to Hernandez, Jonatan and Daniela, East Moline; 3621 8th St. Ct., East Moline; $156,500.

Irwin, Dawn M., trust, Milan, to Chase, Drake, Rapids City; 14 Frontier Dr., Port Byron; $680,000.

Property Solutions Unlimited, Moline, to Freeman, Glen Daniel, East Moline; 723 21st Ave., East Moline; $59,400.

DJ Props, Scottsdale, Ariz., to Castillo, Carrie, Silvis; 511 14th Ave., Silvis; $59,900.

Keeney, Jolene M., Moline, to Irish, Thomas, Moline; 1235 11th Ave., Moline; $238,000.

Arnett, Jillian and Eric, Moline, to Geiger, Serene and Robert, Moline; 1616 40th St. Ct., Moline; $202,250.

Beaudry, Daniel N. and Casey, Rock Island, to Rockwell, Philip G. and Randi D. B., Rock Island; 3266 26th Ave., Rock Island; $139,900.

Peterson, Ellyn H., Orion, to Fernandez, Federico, and Escamilla, Astrid, Rock Island; 2130 28th St., Rock Island; $149,999.

Graber, Angela D., Milan, to Differenced Living, Rock Island; 1524 24 1/2 St., Rock Island; $22,000.

Wiebenga, Todd A. and Mandy L, Eldridge, to Hester, Joseph, Port Byron; 1317 Hunter Drive, Port Byron; $298,000.

Geiger, Serene J. and Robert, Moline, to Townsend, Madison C., Silvis; 253 6th St., Silvis; $130,000.

Zaidi, Sibte and Esther, Lakewood, N.J., to Menting, Erin, and Michels, Trevyn; 3212 30th St. Ct., Moline; $161,000.

Morrison, Wendy, Rock Island, to Midwest HomeBuyers, Eldridge; 1071 15th St. A, Moline; $22,000.

Lane, Thomas, Lynn Center, to Pobanz, Angela, Rock Island; 2000 35th St., Rock Island; $64,000.

Wesemann, Lori E., Moline, to Hudson, Taylor C., Moline; 2444 33rd St., Moline; $107,000.

Carpathian Capital Fund I, Minneapolis, Minn., to Carlton, Angela, Rock Island; 2223 39th St., Rock Island; $90,000.

Rottman, Lee and Amanda, Sherrard, to Huffman, Jason, Coal Valley; 412 E. 19th Ave., Coal Valley; $180,000.

Durey, Richard L. and Anna M., trust, Moline, to Sutor, Nicolas, Rock Island; 8214 7th St., Rock Island; $120,000.

Arsenal Properties, Chesterton, Ind., to Park, Penelope, Silvis; 521 14th St., Silvis; $74,900.

Lawton, Heather and Brendon, Andalusia, to Lopez, Adrian Miguel, Rock Island; 1526 42nd St., Rock Island; $115,000.

Meyer, Evan K., Moline, to Markus, Jennifer, Moline; 1828 12th St., Moline; $93,500.

Keppy, Dale B., trust, Coal Valley, to Ash, Steven M., and Mohr, Randyl, Moline; 2522-2524 23rd Ave. B, Moline; $167,000.

Secretary of HUD, Atlanta, Ga., to Howard, Brenton and James, Milan; 1114 8th Ave. W., Milan; $56,000.

Scott, Troy N., and Durham-Scott, LeAndrea K., Moline, to Lanum, Tyler, Moline; 2603 43rd St., Moline; $98,000.

Hernandez, Daniela and Jonatan, East Moline, to Neal, Skyler, East Moline; 915 3X Ave., East Moline; $105,000.

Robertson, Daniel J. and Holly M., Moline, to Howat, Terry, East Moline; 2315 10th St., East Moline; $205,000.

Gilmore, Lori L., Colona, to Rains, Emilee, Moline; 1906 30th St., Moline; $101,000.

Hartwick, Lauren J. and James E., Crestview, Fla., to Steadman, Jaden, Andalusia; 1005 3rd St. E., Andalusia; $215,000.

E&E Estates, Sherrard, to Wakeland, Joshua, Rock Island; 7904 8th St. W., Rock Island; $117,950.

Flynn, John P. and Rebecca A., Coal Valley, to Dubois, William, and Ku, Tdaw, Moline; 3526 35th St., Moline; $180,000.

Johnson, Jamie Lee, Rock Island, to ICC Realty, Rock Island; 2204 42nd St., $75,000.


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