Nick Tarpein, platform general manager at Lujack's Corporate, and formerly the general manager of Smart Toyota, has confirmed that Lujack's Nissan in Davenport was sold Monday to Jax Automotive LLC and will be renamed Tilton-Jax Nissan.

DAVENPORT — The Lujack Family of Dealerships believed it was time to focus on its larger brands. So Monday it sold its Nissan franchise on North Harrison to Jax Automotive LLC.

The Lujack Family of Dealerships is owned by Gurley-Leep Automotive of South Bend, Ind.

“Our position is over the last five years, we are investing a total of $40 million in Davenport in all of our major brands in facility improvements," Nick Tarpein, platform general manager at Lujack Corporate, said. “And our strategy going forward is to be partnered with these larger brands in newer and nicer facilities. And the Nissan brand is not the brand that we were 100 percent committed to doing that with.”

Tarpein would not disclose the sale price.

The move is part of Lujack’s long-range plan, he explained.

“Strategically, we sat down and figured out which brands in the Quad Cities we wanted to invest in in the future,” he said.

“We were investing about $8 million in our Honda facility, $10-million plus in our Mercedes-Audi-Volkswagen facility on 53rd Street.”

Plus, Lujack’s opened the Smart Toyota dealership in 2015, he noted, and is currently remodeling the Kia dealership in the existing Honda dealership, Tarpein said.

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“Next year, we will complete the rehab on our Lexus store and our body shop,” Tarpein added. “It’s a little bit over $40 million in the Davenport community in a five-year period.

“With all of that we had to say, ‘Where do we want to focus our efforts? Where are we committed to growing?’ Nissan was just not a part of that long-term plan for us.”

The new dealership at 3750 N. Harrison St. will be named Tilton-Jax Nissan. Its website is https://www.tiltonjaxnissan.com/

Travis Tilton, dealer and executive manager of the new franchise, is expected to move to Davenport, Tarpein said.

Tarpein wanted to be sure he was clear on one thing: Lujack’s, under Gurley-Leep since 2007, is committed to the Quad-Cities.

“It’s a great market for us,” he said.

Lujack’s now has nine dealerships with an inventory of well over 1,500 used, certified and new cars.

“Look at the franchises we are investing in,” Tarpein said. “Honda, Toyota, Lexus, these are all large or rapidly growing bands. We are making sure we are focusing our efforts on those brands.”

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