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A new Starbucks is under construction next to the Sherwin-Williams store off of Avenue of the Cities near 41st Street in Moline

 If you like Starbucks, you should be able to find it in Moline.

The new Starbucks near Trinity Moline opened Oct. 1. And before the calendar turns to 2019, another Starbucks is slated to open off of Avenue of the Cities near 41st Street, near the new IHMVCU branch, which is also under construction in the former Eagle Foods parking lot. That branch, like the nearby Starbucks, is expected to open sometime this year.

And they are not the only major business news happening in Moline.

A new Marshalls department store is expected to take the old Staples store between Lowe’s Home Improvement and Walmart, Ray Forsythe, Moline’s planning & development director, said.

“They have an exterior remodeling permit and interior demolition (permit),” Forsythe said. He is uncertain when it could open as no interior permit has been applied for. In addition to that, Trinity Health Service is transforming the old Mills Chevrolet, near the corner of 16th Street and John Deere Road, into a clinic/physical therapy center.

“They are not closing any of their other clinics because of this one,” Forsythe said. “It’s huge and having their physical therapy in there is another component.”

Starbucks is not expected to close any of its shops located nearby the new stores, either.

Both new Starbucks are owned by the corporation and are in leased buildings, according to Forsythe. “The buildings are privately owned, but they are Starbucks’ stores,” he said.

Starbucks is not worried about driving business away from the Starbucks located in the Hy-Vee food store about a block up the street on Avenue of the Cities, or at the one located in Target, about a block away from the new Starbucks near the hospital. “Starbucks has indicated to us that they don’t see that as direct competition because those are different,” Forsythe said. “They are used by people who go into buy their groceries.”

And both locations are in busy places.

“The one on the Avenue of the Cities is right in the core of the town and the Avenue of the Cities is our second busiest street,” Forsythe said. “And the intersection they are going on is the busiest intersection up there.”

Moline’s I-74 and John Deere Road area is the busiest area in Moline, with some 41,600 vehicles a day, about 3,300 less than Davenport’s 53rd Street and I-74 corridor, Forsythe said. The latter, with 44,900 per day is the busiest area in the Quad-Cities. “As you can see, there is pretty comparable traffic on both of the corridors,” Forsythe said. “The numbers are somewhat dated (2014), and I am sure the John Deere Road numbers are down from the construction but still the highest traffic counts on both sides of the rider are on these corridors.”

The complete opening of John Deere Road sometime in November (two lanes are open each way now), should further help Moline businesses, too, he said. “Oh, yeah, definitely,” he added.

“The traffic counts have been pretty consistent there,” Forsythe said.

More good news is expected to be coming from the former Toys R Us location off of 16th Street in Moline. It’s Forsythe’s understanding that a national retailer has bought the Toys R Us building, but he is not aware of who just yet. He had no news to report on the former Sam’s Club property located further east on John Deere Road.

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