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Putting on talent shows with friends as a child, Jennifer Verscha earned the title, "Little Miss Hollywood." Now, helping create media content for companies across the country with Quad-City based dphilms, Verscha calls herself "Coordinating Queen." 

Executive producer for dphilms in Rock Island, Verscha helps lead a team offering video and photography production for clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. 

For example, dphilms has worked on hundreds of infomercials featuring famous pitchmen such as George Foreman, plus music videos for artists including Jon Bon Jovi and Keith Urban. Locally, dphilms has produced content for the Rock Island Arsenal, Deere & Co. and more. 

Here are some of Verscha's thoughts on being a leader in marketing industry. 

How did you get your start in your career?

As a child I was very shy. I liked to hide behind mom and just take in the scene versus being seen. On the other hand, I was always fascinated with the concept of being in the spotlight. I had my own style and loved wearing sunglasses. My parents even called me "Little Miss Hollywood." As I had a big imagination and would put on talent shows with my sister and friends for our family. As I got older I was drawn to volunteering and helping others. I've always felt it my responsibility to take care of others and their needs. It's my one way to give back for all the things that I've been blessed with.

And the creative side of me was drawn to marketing — the thought of taking something from concept to completion and having fun making something out of nothing. So how does this all relate to dphilms? Well, I think the combination of these three have led me to where I am today. And of course, a friend telling me about the opening six years ago. I may not be the one in the spotlight, but I get to help others achieve their marketing goals via video and photography which allows me to do the things I've always been drawn to. 

How is dphilms evolving with the changing industry?

In our industry things seem to change daily and we do a lot of research to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies when it comes to video and photography solutions. From 4K video, 360-degree videos, to aerial video/photography, to driving footage and detailed beauty shots: We continue to reinvest in the company with new gear. 

We also watch trends in video platforms. Did you know that most videos today are used across multiple platforms, not just TV? because of this change we're creating content for Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Hulu, Pre-roll ads on various internet sites, trade shows, live events and many others. We've found that some videos work well across platforms, other times videos need to be tweaked to fit a platform based on how users view them. 

People also don't watch video the same as they used to. They are consuming more video content than ever before, especially short form videos. Plus, many times they will view with the sound off. So, it's very important to understand the medium you are placing your video on and your consumer, all while being entertaining and engaging with or without sound. 

What are the most difficult decisions you make as a leader?

I think as business leaders we all make difficult decisions every day, like when is the right time to invest in new equipment or employees, to potential client issues, staffing and HR. However, the thing you have to remember is to stay calm, think rationally, follow your heart, be honest with yourself and others and stay true to your company's mission. If you do these things, then you can pretty much weather through any storm that is thrown your way. 

As a leader in a woman-owned business, what advice do you have for women looking to join the industry?

Much like many industries, we as women have to prove ourselves. That we are fit for the job and that we can handle the task at hand. Whether it's carrying heavy gear, running equipment or making tough business decisions. To do so, you must stay focused, dedicated and continue to show others that you are capable. With this comes reward and respect.

So, to other women looking to break into the industry or even just looking to start their own company, whatever that may look like: Stay focused. Do your research. Don't let others keep you down. Push through. Don't be afraid to start small, to test the waters and then grow when the time is right. Hire others that know more than you do on topics that you need help with — it'll take you far. But most of all, be prepared to fail and pick yourself back up. To learn from your mistakes, to be your own cheerleader, and believe in yourself because you can do it!

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