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Real estate transactions for Sunday, April 18, 2021

Real estate transactions for Sunday, April 18, 2021

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Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Thompson, Rita, to Leander, Aaron Matthew, 71 Sunny Hill Drive, Orion; $154,500.

Smith, Todd M., to Hathaway, Colby and Caitlin, 224 West Street South, Kewanee; $155,000.

Harlacher, Ryan, to Williams, Katherine Rae, 245 N. State Street, Geneseo; $210,000.

Miles, Todd and Denise, to Hancock, Christopher Sean and Jillanne Nicole, 605 Cherry Court, Colona; $190,000.

Christakos, Gregory W. and Susan M., to Malecha, Leasing, Lot 16 of Winter's subdivision of Lots 3 to 8 inclusive, in Block #4 of Sloan's addition to the Town, now city of Kewanee, situated in the county of Henry in the state of Illinois; $40,000.

Chasey, Larry and Sigred, to Gauley, Jeffrey A. and McManus, Sydney D., 1103 10th Avenue, Orion; $219,000.

Brown, Richard E. and Linda L., to Priest, Austin L. and Kristin M., 128 S. State Street, Geneseo; $273,000.

Jensen, Thomas L., to Bartz, Denny R. and Tamera J., 233 Melrose Drive, Colona; $142,000.

Morey, Patrick J. and Ashley L., to Loehr, Jill M., 530 E. North Street, Geneseo; $141,500.

Welge, Derek T. and Amy D./ Cooper, Amy D., to Zanfes, Bryce D. and Kelcey R., 795 Neptune Street, Geneseo; $205,000.

Seitzinger, Vanece M., to Friedline, Abbey and Adam and Bryant, Gary Scott, 10009 Wolf Road, Geneseo; $176,000.


QCA Holdings, Davenport, to Walker, David, Greenacres, Wash.; 1919 31st St., Moline; $82,500.

Johnson, C. Douglas, Naples, Fla., to Dow, Leslie A., East Moline; 16204 Rt. 84 N., East Moline; $443,000.

Hender, Lorraine, Rock Island, to Hender Wallerich, Benjamin A., Rock Island; 2501 28th Ave., Rock Island; $97,500.

Eagle Property Holdings, Moline, to Blue House Properties, Aledo; 4210 23rd Ave., Rock Island; $25,000.

Stockwell, Joel R. and Jessica B., Rock Island, to Sim, Justine, East Moline; 2824 8th St., East Moline; $155,500.

Westbrook, Terry W., trust, Moline, to Robertson, Dan, and Humphrey, Holly, Moline; 2609 31st St., Moline; $200,000.

Benhart, Michael D., Moline, to Brackevelt, Jason, Rock Island; 1253 37th Ave., Rock Island; $296,000.

Van Hook, David Craig, Moline, to Hernandez, Timothy, Bettendorf; 402 27th Ave., Moline; $135,000.

Begyn, Kristina, Milan, to Munoz, Janelle, Milan; 520 9th Ave. W., Milan; $62,000.

Roman, Scott, Rock Island, to Schaeckenbach, Trista, Rock Island; 4600 14th St., Rock Island; $133,000.

Wood, Dwight and Martha, Taylor Ridge, to Paulsgrove III, Lyle James, Andalusia; 13517 139th St. W., Taylor Ridge, land/lot only; $7,500.

Schafer, William, Rock Island, to Schenebricker, Richard, Rock Island; 4017 18th Ave., Rock Island; $30,000.

Dunsmoor, Larry D., estate, Davenport, to Stanley, Stephanie, Davenport; 1036 30th St., Rock Island; $32,500.

Hinman, Nathan M., Albany, to Life and Property Solutions, LeClaire; 128 Butzer St., Hillsdale; $31,276.

Babcock, William J., Bettendorf, to Wood, Nicholas J. and Sarah E., Moline; 2916 36th St., Moline; $75,000.

Black, Patricia A. and Charles F., Hillsdale, to Graham, Michael and Amanda A., Hillsdale; 607 Main St., Hillsdale; $65,836.

Fannie Mae, Dallas, Texas, to Reamy, Jeffrey Lynn, Hampton; 365 23rd St., East Moline; $13,000.

Earl, Kelly, Rock Island, to Paxton, Traci, Rock Island; 3107 20th Ave., Rock Island; $113,500.

JBB Enterprises, Scottsdale, Aziz., to Differenced Living, Rock Island; 309 24th Ave., East Moline; $41,000.

Markward, Brooke E., Moline, to Hintzke, Daniel C., Rock Island; 2323 26th St., Rock Island; $147,400.

Mix, Kimberly M., Erie, to Muller, Merrill G., Las Vegas, Nev.; 79th Ave. W. and 137th St. W., Andalusia, land/lot only; $4,300.e

Flynn, Margaret P., trust, Moline, to Thomsen Farm Enterprise, Camanche; 13400 105th St. W., Taylor Ridge, 163.4 acre farm; $1,516,272.

Moore, Eric D. and Sonya L., Chicago, to Brownfield, Emily, Rock Island; 4710 14th St., Rock Island; $212,000.

Godwin, John A., Milan, to Godwin, John A. Jr., Moline; 1134 39th St., Moline; $64,900.

Nelson, James B. and Donna S., Colona, to Teager, Darla D., Hillsdale; 24800 1st Ave. N., Hillsdale; $105,000.

Quintanilla, Kelsey, Moline, to Taylor, Kyle C., Moline; 3809 5th Ave., Moline; $84,900.

Fisher, Grace E., Moline, to Johnson, Christopher A., Moline; 3322 8th St., Moline; $170,000.

Newsom, Jack L. and Julie A., Milan, to Dehnke, Jason and Jessica, Milan; 1921 127th Ave., Milan; $745,000.

Nash, Deonne K, trust, Port Byron, to Sims, Jeremy T., Port Byron; 20721 41st Ave. Ct. N., Port Byron; $238,000.

Casper, Dorothy E., estate, Andover, to Keegan, Lindsay, East Moline; 4105 9th St., East Moline; $93,500.

Lundeen, Carolyn S., Bettendorf, to Erenberger, Joe and Lydia, Bettendorf; 21119 Barstow Rd., Barstow; $300,000.

Jefferson, Matthew A., Silvis, to Potter, Ryne, Hampton; 313 8th Ave., Hampton; $235,000.

Port, Lucas J. and Shannon L., Geneseo, to Wassenhove, Matthew and Christina, Moline; 5128 21st Ave., Moline; $176,000.

Strader, Bruce, estate, Taylor Ridge, to Reynolds Telephone Company, Reynolds; 211 Main St., Reynolds, warehouse; $60,000.

Egan, John J., Brownsville, Texas, to Longview Real Estate, Rock Island; 2958 13th Ave., Rock Island; $97,000.

Swanson, Barry and Joyce, Port Byron, to Hess, Jake and Shari, Carbon Cliff; 113 1st Ave., Carbon Cliff; $113,934.

Kincaid, Linda and Keith, Colona, to Severtsgaard, Robert and Casey, Moline; 1914 34th St,. Moline; &195,000.

Joens, Todd, Rock Island, to Billups, Frank Jr., Rock Island; 4411 9th St., Rock Island; $90,000.

Widener, Tonya K., Moline, to Declerck, Jon, Aledo; 3112 22nd Ave., Rock Island; $136,000.

Gargano, Marilyn, Silvis, to Future Capital, Davenport; 2752 12th Ave., Moline; $19,000.

Batten, Joe, Davenport, to Allen, Tyler, Moline; 2811 27th St. Ct., Moline; $128,000.

Future Capital, Davenport, to Gonzalez, Daniel Moreno, Moline; 2752 12th Ave., Moline; $29,000.

Heiar, Daniel M, Andover, to Swanson, Doreen, East Moline; 927 34th Ave., East Moline; $103,000.

Kerres, August and Mary, Taylor Ridge, to McManus, Christopher and Karen, Taylor Ridge; 13606 134th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge, land/lot only; $20,000.

Rule, Ronald K., estate, Renton, Wash., to Day, Tricia J., Rock Island; 1609 37th St., Rock Island; $53,144.

Von Arx, Michael, St. Petersburg, Fla., to Marquez Acquisitions, East Moline; 722 17th Ave., East Moline; $48,000.

Neppl, Jeffrey J., and Kerr, Stefanie E., Colorado Springs, Colo., to Almanza, Jose, Rock Island; 18 Brittany Lane, Rock Island; $142,000.

DJ Props, Scottsdale, Ariz., to Twisted Madrone Iowa, Grass Valley, Calif.; 619-621 23rd St., Rock Island; $82,290.

Keppy, Dale, Coal Valley, to Lohman, Brett M., and Mangan-Lohman, Harlene R., trust, Silvis; 601 W. 6th St. Ct., Coal Valley; $129,000.

Selby Enterprises, Davenport, to Burrage, Melissa, Davenport; 2828 5 1/2 Ave., Rock Island; $45,000.

Hemingway, Jarred J., trust, Springfield, Ill., to Schultz, Robert, Moline; 1509 N. Shore Dr., Moline; $67,000.

Durbin, Thomas M., Orion, to Sullivan, Stephen and Rose, East Moline; 3022 16th St. Ct., East Moline; $210,000.

Wreath, William Wayne, estate, Moline, to McRell, Marvin and Ardda Fae, LeClaire; farm, Rock Island County, Canoe Creek Township; $378,040.

Pfau, Marvin, East Moline, to Romero, Giovanni, East Moline; 468 29th Ave., East Moline; $132,500.

21st Mortgage Corporation, Knoxville, Tenn., to Ellis Renovations, Silvis; 2415 45st St., Moline; $67,501.

Appelquist, Lois, estate, Winter Garden, Fla., to Strupp, Alex, Rock Island; 1316 36th St., Rock Island; $143,500.

OHP 5, Davenport, to Rottman, Julie and Andy, Rock Island; 804 18th Ave., Rock Island; $44,900.

Rottman, Julie and Andy, Grand Mound, Iowa, to Hayes, Mary, Rock Island; 804 18th Ave., Rock Island; $70,900.

Fulkerson, John T. and Jaianne, Moline, to Dumond, Jan, Coal Valley; 2422 1st St., Coal Valley; $87,000.

Schauenberg, Stephen B., LeClaire, to Hancock, Michael and Jolene, Hampton; 212 1st Ave., Hampton; $235,000.

Carter, Kataivreonna M., East Moline, to SBD Property Acquisitions, Blue Springs, Md.; 220 30th Ave., East Moline; $45,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage, Carrollton, Texas, to Noel, Diane M., Port Byron; 305 North High St., Port Byron; $12,000.

Rock Island Development Group, Milan, to Short, David and Lisa, Milan; Lot 71 Holly Hill Estates, Milan; $17,000.


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