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Real estate transactions for Sunday, November 15, 2020

Real estate transactions for Sunday, November 15, 2020

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Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Arnold, Joseph S. and Sheila, to Cruz, Francisco II and Tara and Duncan, Lloyd and Christine K., 1 Goembel Court, Colona; $337,000.

Holman, Rich and RBH Resources, to Fender, Linda, Lot #128, Green Park subdivision, a subdivision of a part of the west half of the southwest quarter of Section 11, Township 17 North, Range 1 East of the 4th Principal Meridian, situated in the County of Henry and State of Illinois; $134,000.

Mallery, Mark, to Jordan, Chelsea, 1321 E. 7th Street, Kewanee; $54,500.

Bries, Jeremy M. and Jesica A., to McDaniel, Ricky A. and Tammie S., 28 Prairie Dawn Drive, Geneseo; $312,000.

Henderson, David R. and Melody/ Vermeulen, Melody A., to Dunsworth, Kyle R., 23 Ponderosa Drive, Colona; $300,000.

Cathelyn, Kimberly A., to Johnson, John M. and Dawn N., 613 N. Russell Avenue, Geneseo; $150,000.

Isabel J. Laney Trust, to Rollins, Kyle S. and Brianna M., 18 Quail Hollow Estates, Geneseo; $222,000.

Nishiura, Bing R. and Carol A., to Stiner, Richard H. and Kay L., 625 E. Prospect Street, Geneseo; $130,000.

McDaniel, Ricky A. and Tammie S./ Konvicka, Tammie S., to Bries, Jeremy M. and Jesica S., 14785 E. 2200 Street, Atkinson; $650,000.

Farber, Mary Beth, to Mericle, Sydney Christine and Kevin Dwight, 848 S. Oakwood Avenue, Geneseo; $171,500.

Herrick, Stacy Lynn, to Kowitz, Collin R., 307 S. Henry Street, Geneseo; $99,000.

Haars, Randy J. and Terry L., to Hitzhusen, William T. and Elena B., 23387 E. 1200 Street, Geneseo; $255,000.

Nyert, Anthony D.; Ritz, Diana M.; Helslander, Diana M.; Davis, Anita J., to Nyert, Anthony D. and Constance A., 926 Kent Street, Kewanee; $60,000.

Edwards, Keith G., to Morris, Larry; 700 S. Tremont Street, Kewanee; $65,000.

Osmani, Dzelil, to Moore, Jason E., 103 E. North Street, Cambridge; $22,500.

Ross, Dena; DeFauw, Dena; Ross, Mark S., to Breitenstein, Jennifer N., 847 S. Spring Street, Geneseo; $179,000.


Doty, Ted L., Port Byron, to Happy Pawz Playground, Port Byron; 308 S. Main St., Port Byron, land/lot only; $65,000.

Madunic, John A., estate, East Moline, to Kress, Kenneth L., East Moline; 3707 John Deere Rd., East Moline; $110,000.

Farwell, Edward L., Davenport, to King, Dale E., Port Byron; 21707 42nd Ave. N., Port Byron; $375,000.

Stoneking Family, trust, Bettendorf, to Metropolitan Airport Authority of Rock Island County, Moline; 7011 54th St., Milan, residence/lot; $98,000.

U.S. Bank National Association, Hopkins, Minn., to Garcia, Gema, Moline; 2459 22nd Ave., Rock Island; $22,000.

Schweiss, Walter R., Iowa City, to Mattson, Randy J., Taylor Ridge; 9129 141st St. W, Taylor Ridge; $203,000.

Anderson, Maxine, Davenport, to Lemmon, Brittney L., East Moline; 3916 8th St., East Moline; $112,000.

Meegan, Timothy, and Peaslee, Janice, Fort Myers, Fla., to Hogan, James, and Stott, Tiffany, Rock Island; 544 30th St., Rock Island; $135,000.

Hiner, Gregory A. and Denise M., Aledo, to Glossop, Rock Island; 3527 30th St., Rock Island; $65,000.

Lavell, Judy A., Rock Island, to Garcia, Kristine, Rock Island; 3121 12th St., Rock Island; $161,900.

McGinnis, Susan M., Hillsdale, to Wendl, Paul A., Hillsdale; 136 Butzer St., Hillsdale; $61,600.

Babinski, Patricia J., trust, Rock Island, to Wild, Brenda, Rock Island; 2614 8th St., Moline; $ 62,000.

Alberts, Matthew and Sue, Davenport, to Holmgren, Leonard W., Taylor Ridge; 16904 W. 78th Ave., Taylor Ridge; $39,000.

Mendoza, Ramon C., Chicago, to McLaughlin, Mary Candace, Moline; 3410 28th Ave. Ct., Moline; $282,000.

Fey, Donald E., The Villages, Fla, to Knorrek, Brandon, Moline; 903 37th St., Moline; $133,000.

JBB Enterprises, Scottsdale, Ariz., to Scott, Eric, Las Vegas, Nev.; 2211 17th St., Rock Island; $96,400.

Collins, Susan M., Sheldon, Mo., to Rangel, Ryan, Moline; 2817 53rd St., Moline; $165,900.

Logue, Jessica and Brandon, Bettendorf, to Jared, Joshua, Coal Valley; 1811 E. 4th St. A., Coal Valley; $145,000.

Cederoth Properties, Coal Valley, to Bear, Meagan, Moline; 3045 4th St. #3, Moline; $64,000.

Schipper, Virginia, Cordova, to Demont, Doug and Melissa, Hillsdale; 315 Main St., Hillsdale, office; $4,000.

Thornburg, Phillip L. and Trudy A., trust, Lynn Center, to Zwicker, Carla J., trust, Orion; 86.35 acres in rural township, farm, Rock Island County; $770,674.

Payton, Tanner, Rock Island, to Avery, Jese, Moline; 344 15th Ave., Moline; $128,500.

Wethington, Ryan L., Bettendorf, to Schulte, Keaton James, Moline; 4910 36th St., Moline; $37,500.

Alonso, Laura, Moline, to Wiborg, Jane, and Sloman, Jesse, Moline; 2325 19th Ave., Moline; $99,000.

Harris, Tom Robin, McCall, Ind., to Nowinski, David, Rock Island; 1020 23rd St., Rock Island; $80,000.

U.S. Bank National, Owensboro, Ky., to First Financial Group, Bettendorf; 924 7th Ave., Rock Island; $37,501.

Gravert, Timothy J., Coralville, to Bailey, Clarissa, East Moline; 2808 10th St., East Moline; $140,000.

Hiatt, Sheryl M., Moline, to Beuseling, Ty, Moline; 2205 36th St., Moline; $103,600.

Stoefen, Janell L., Rock Island, to Blood, Nicole, Rock Island; 2035 36th St., Rock Island; $92,500.

Rock Island Rental, Naperville, Ill., to Parker, Dylan and Tia, Rock Island; 2831 8 1/2 Ave., Rock Island; $84,500.

Wilkinson, James and Stacie, Geneseo, to Leon, Kaylee, and Donna, Pamela, East Moline; 1136 20th Ave., East Moline; $111,000.

Johnson, Milton E., estate, Moline, to Ramos, David, Moline; 2407 44th St., Moline; $35,000.

Hoffeditz, Michael L., Rock Island, to Payton, Tanner, Rock Island; 1524 27th St., Rock Island; $120,000.

Shaw, Kristin A., Rock Island, to Costas, John M. and Rebecca S., Rock Island; 2517 37th Ave., Rock Island; $152,000.

Feldman, Benjamin J. and Shirley C., Adel, Iowa, to Wilson, Christopher, and Stockwell, Kirby, Rock Island; 3003 42nd St., Rock Island; $134,000.

JBB Enterprises, Scottsdale, Ariz., to The Grand House, Bettendorf; 908 4th Ave., Moline; $25,000.

Palma, Mayra, and Mondragon, Alejandro, Coal Valley, to Cogdill, Jordyn, Moline; 2336 27th St., Moline; $106,000.

Flanagan, Leigh, administrator of Morgan, Sharon M., estate, Rock Island, to Petty, B. Riley, Rock Island; 7911 8th St. W, Rock Island; $105,500.

Swanson, David A., Moline, to Whispering Oaks Investments, Moline; 4034 36th Ave. Ct., 4040 36th Ave. Ct., Moline; $90,000.

Heckenkamp, Mitchell J., Coal Valley, to Carlos, Javier Marquez, Moline; 847 32nd Ave., Moline; $132,900.

Staley, Robert L. and Janet L., Blue Grass, to Bloomfield, Pam, Rock Island; 2147 30th St., Rock Island; $169,000.

Wirth, John and Yolanda, Plano, Texas, to National Residential Nominee Services, Plano, Texas; 3410 191st St. N., Port Byron; $270,000.

National Residential Nominee Services, Plano, Texas, to Black, Thomas and Debra, Port Bryon; 3410 191st St. N., Port Byron; $270,000.

Trice, Vanessa, Huntsville, Ala., to Greene, Jacob, Rock Island; 1840 13th St., Rock Island; $89,000.

Bunn, Tammy L., Taylor Ridge, to Lavell, Judith A., Rock Island; 2018 30th St., Rock Island; $112,000.

DeVrieze, Howard and Marti, Santon Valley, Ariz., to Whitehall, Chad W., Moline; 2913 13th Ave., Moline; $138,000.

City of Rock Island, Rock Island, to Bragg, Johnny, Rock Island; 1423 6th St., Rock Island, land/lot only; $421.25.


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