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Real estate transactions for Sunday, September 20, 2020

Real estate transactions for Sunday, September 20, 2020

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Following are seller, buyer, property description and price of property. Note: price is an estimate based on revenue stamps that are bought from the county.


Good, Judy A. and Hancock, Jamey, to Pendergrass, David, and Watts, Elaine Pendergrass/Pendergrass, Elaine Watts; 509 E. Prospect Street, Kewanee; $155,000.

Wisniewski, Thomas F., to Wisniewski, Thomas R., 9099 E. 2625 Street, Kewanee; $87,000.

Miller, William J. and Catherine A., to Miller, Jeffrey Lee and Miller, Jean Leslie DeShields/ Deshields, Jean Leslie Miller, 637 Andrews Avenue, Kewanee; $82,000.

Thiessen, Nicole L./Nicole, to Grell, Thomas and Sandra Wells/Wells, Sandra Grell, 531 Warren Court, Colona; $86,000.

Guerrero, Manuel and Margarita, to Stoner, Matthew F., 918 Pleasant View Avenue, Kewanee; $67,000.

Reschke, Joshua A. and Jenna D., to Wilkinson, James M. and Stacie L., 35 Lilac Court, Geneseo; $255,000.

Rusk, James M. and Tina K., to Thiessen, Nicole, 533 N. Florence Street, Geneseo; $130,000.

Rock, Karla K./ Martim, Karla K., to Marshall, Amanda E., 513 N. East Street, Cambridge; $60,000.

Gould, Jesica L. and Timothy W./ Haars, Jesica L., to Carter, Kyle A. and Tara L., the east 30 feet of Lot 8 and all of Lot 9 of Peterson's First Addition of Blackfan Court to the village of Orion situated in the county of Henry, in the state of Illinois; $185,000.

Arnold, Linda, to DePauw, Abigail R., 516 N. Russell Avenue, Geneseo; $64,000.

Oleson, Shane A. and Kendra K., to Swanson, Kent and Kristi, 761 Madison Avenue, Geneseo; $151,000.

Wells Fargo Bank, to Cocquit, Scott and Julie, 401 N. State Street, vacant lot-North Church, Atkinson; $30,000.

Wilson, Michael C., to Beck, Derek, 217 West B Street. Alpha; $55,000.

Burwell, Gary and Kathy L., to Penderson, David L. Jr. and Dana S., 815 2nd Street, Colona; $235,000.

Gulley, John G. and Jacqueline, to Barnes, Cassandra and Tommy Walter, 10699 E. 600th Street, Lynn Center; $80,000.

Clauson, Gary and Virginia, to Cantrell, Daniel W., 24644 Ridge Road, Colona; $195,000.

Hernandez, Elsa I. Gerena, to Cano, Reyna and Herrera, Alfredo, 601 Florence Street, Kewanee; $25,000.

Holt, Kent R. and Julie L., to Thomas, Logan and Angela M., 334 Avon Court, Colona; $155,000.

Jones, Wayne M., to Kyse, Hillary E., 729 W. Division Street, Kewanee; $64,000.

Marshall, Samuel H. and Erin O., to Bertelsen, Andrew K. and Sara M., 730 Virginia Street, Geneseo; $307,000.

Thorson, Nancy, to Davis, Kelli J., 511 Perkins Street, Kewanee; $17,000.

Pratt, Andrew R. and Rachel L., to Tindell, Robert A. II, 349 Sullivan Drive, Colona; $173,000.

Caturano, John S. Jr.; Leinweber, Jean M.; Meyers, Joan D., to Ganson, Kyle Aaron, 112 E. Ogden Avenue, Geneseo; $116,000.

Anderson, Chad T. and Amber M., to Ehnle, Paul R. and Cheryl A., 25227 N. 300 Avenue, Kewanee; $50,000.

Rizzotto, Georgia Ann, to Thorngren, Cassandra M., 24335 N. High Street, Colona; $185,000.

Mitchell, Kyle L., to Estes, Kenneth W. and Alexandria C., 3499 N. 300th Avenue, Alpha; $195,000.

Jensen, Debra, to Woodruff, Alexis Nicole and Eaker, Jacob Anthony, 602 E. Henry Street, Atkinson; $85,000.


Gasper, Ivy L., Moline, to Hernandez, Jr., Steven Albert, Rock Island; 2720 26th Ave., Rock Island; $187,000.

Osborn, Joyce M., Albuquerque, New Mexico, to Brown, Joshua D., Nicole D., Moline; 4505 11th St. A., Moline; $92,000.

Jacobson, Denise S., Milan, to Knepper, Jeffory Allen and Samantha, Taylor Ridge; 9005 114th Ave. W., Taylor Ridge; $207,500.

Mills, Mark L. and Kimberly J., Waukee, Iowa, to Bernhardt, Thomas and Joan, Moline; 2355 30th St., Moline; $137,000.

Hambelton, Sherry K., Taylor Ridge, to Bassford Construction, Moline; 488 44th Ave. Ct., Unit 24, East Moline; $125,000. 

Boom, Ryan A., East Moline, to Corwin, Matthew, Moline; 1856 29th St, Moline; $99,900.

Eagle Property Holdings, Moline, to Peterson, Jennifer and Craig E., Rock Island; 1703 29 1/2 St., Rock Island; $96,900.

Burkhead, Shiobhan B. and Jerome W., Moline, to Natario, Adao, Moline; 1833 30th St., Moline; $147,000.

Poma, Joseph C., Rock Island, to Wimmer, Trevor V., Silvis; 208 16th St., Silvis; $58,000.

Seimer, Mark S., estate, Moline, to Spicer, Derek D., Carbon Cliff; 16816 10th Ave., Carbon Cliff; $52,500.

Howell, David E., Medford, Mass., to Caraman, Keith W., Rock Island; 816 23rd St., Rock Island; $173,000.

Nicholson, Todd and Susanne, Silvis, to Tassendorf, Troy and Bethany, Hillsdale; 135 Butzer St., Hillsdale; $125,000.

Iyiola, Olabishi and Victoria, Silvis, to Fisher, Jeffery Ryan, East Moline; 542 Forest Rd., East Moline; 142,500.

Wyffels, Richard and Kathleen, Moline, to Arndt, Chris, Moline; 3205 N. Shore Dr., Moline; $247,000.

Ascentra Credit Union, Bettendorf, to Taliafero, Masco Eli and Leticia Denise, Davenport; 618 12th St., Rock Island, store/nursery; $7,000.

Smith, Charles, and Collins, Mary, Charlotte, Iowa, to Burkhead, Jerry and Shiobhan, Rock Island; 4520 39th Ave., Rock Island; $205,000.

Ellis Renovations, Silvis, to Cunningham, Wayne E., Moline; 4720 48th St., Moline; $147,000.

Deaner, Joshua, Colona, to Farmer, Dawn, Rock Island; 27 Blackhawk Hills Dr., Rock Island; $118,900.

Mendoza, Gabriel L. and Sarah J., Bettendorf, to McNeal, Derrick L., and Ramirez Salinas, Cristel L., East Moline; 2847 7 1/2 St., East Moline; $143,000.

Mandsager, Brett, Moline, to Hamilton, Kevin, Hampton; 204 S. Barrington Dr., Hampton; $305,000.

Wiggins, Ryan C., Hillsdale, to Lloyd II, Anthony, Rock Island; 3506 10th St. Ct., Rock Island; $75,000.

Belser, Chris, Port Byron, to Hahn, John and Kelli, Sterling; 335 31st Ave., East Moline; $73,000.

Long, Donald C., trust, Rock Island, to Aimore, Dawn C., Rock Island; 2721 34th Ave., Rock Island; $148,000.

Sample Family Farms, Cordova, to Sample, John C., Port Byron; vacant lot, Port Byron; $40,000.

Arsenal Properties, Chicago, to Heath, Darlene S., Rock Island; 2604 23 1/2 Ave., Rock Island; $63,000.

Lenninger, Darrell J., Davenport, to Johnson, Eric, Moline; 1850 30th St., Moline; $99,000.

Wynn, Jacob M., Milan, to Rathgeber, Kathryn, Rock Island; 3806 29th St., Rock Island; $113,750.

Kilker, Ashley, East Moline, to Lorenzo, Venancio Jarquin, East Moline; 4343 10th St., East Moline; $63,900.

Laverenz, Irina, Altona, Ill., to Weeks, Murielle Y., Moline; 1826-30 29th St., Moline; $144,900.

Wedekind, Joseph S. and Lon L., Illinois City, to Harper Real Estate Holdings, Illinois City; 28 63 acres located in Section 6, Township 16 N. Range 5 W., Illinois City, farm; $169,000.

Manion, Thomas J., by Teager, Thomas J., Milan, to Thu, Saw Moe Kyaw, and Thae, Saw G., Rock Island; 3408 9th St., Rock Island; $49,000.

Johnson, Michael A., Seguin, Texas, to Horton, Andrew, Milan; 2814 56th Ave. W., Milan; $120,000.

Nolan, Duane and Leslie, Sparta, Ga., to Reasby, Zina, East Moline; 3649 Kennedy Drive, #5, East Moline; $123,900.

Lampe, Kristina M., Colona, to DePaoli, Timothy M., East Moline; 741 20th Ave., East Moline; $137,000.

Rade, Tim, Moline, to Klugger Properties, Rock Island; 4018 14th Ave., 4100 14th Ave., Rock Island; $210,000.

Schutts, Jeff R., New Westminster, Canada, to Schutts, Jill R., Port Byron; 15.75 acres farm, Port Byron; $67,500.

Wachendorf, Jacob P. and Megan L., Des Moines, to McIntosh, Brittani and Justin, Hampton; 1007 5th St., Hampton; $199,900.

Sauk Valley Band & Trust, Sterling, to JEDR, Rock Island; 2412 47th St., Rock Island; $64,000.

JPTP, Moline, to Vandygriff, Jonathan and Bailie, Rock Island; 2602 29 1/2 St. Ct., Rock Island; $309,900.

Black Ink Properties, Eldridge, to Medel-Maldonado, Alejandro, Moline; 545 21st Ave., Moline; $100,000.

Eddleman, Laurie Ann, trust, Alhambra, Calif., to Flores-Gomez, Jonathan J., East Moline; 3515 3rd St. C., East Moline; $93,000.

Mullen, Stephen and Patricia, Orion, to Sloan Properties, Coal Valley; 8321 Rt. 150, Coal Valley; $36,000.

Schoffstall, Jordan, East Moline, to Kelly, Alex Michael, Moline; 1101 23rd Ave., Moline; $178,000.

Meyer, Loretta L., trust, Davenport, to Carstens, Colin J., Rock Island; 2300 37th St., Rock Island; $127,500.

Arsenal Properties, Chicago, to Edstrom Properties, DeWitt; 3622 15th Ave. Ct., Moline; $35,000.

Morales, Kyle M. and Dawn, Taylor Ridge, to Johnson, Susan M., Taylor Ridge; 6014 92nd Ave. W., Taylor Ridge; $210,000.

Nelson, Tyler R., Cedar Rapids, to Leftwich, Broch, Milan; 512 W. 32nd Ave., Milan; $130,000.

Wiest, Candace, Mesa, Ariz., to Enright, Dustin T. and Christine C., Port Byron; 1413 Elm Shore Dr., Port Byron; $495,000.

Thatcher, Marily J., trust, Moline, to Lewis Jr., John W. and Heidi W., Moline; 3002 27th Ave., Moline; $260,100.


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