Information from the Richardson-Sloane Special Collections Center of the Davenport Public Library is in bold.

• There was a Marquette Street School at 14th & Marquette Sts. which was first listed in the staff directory in 1954-55.

Marquette St., 1955: #1410 County School for Retarded Children, #2406 Isolation Hospital

1958: #1410 Marquette School Cerebral Palsy Center, #2406 Isolation Hospital

1960: #1410 Marquette School – County Association for Retarded Children, #2406 Scott County Convalescent Hospital

• In 1962, the Marquette St. School becomes part of the Davenport Community School District.

1969: #1410 Marquette School, #2406 Area Development Center

• In 1970, the school moved to 2406 Marquette Street.

• From 1970-71 to the 1972-73 school year it was known as the Area Development Center.

1970: #1410 Vacant, #2406 Isolation Hospital

• Then in the 1973-74 school year it was listed as the Marquette School.

1973: #1410 Davenport Center for Continuing Education, #2406 Area Development Center

1974: #1410 Davenport Center for Continuing Education, #2406 Marquette School

• The Marquette School closed in 1978-79 when Truman Elementary School, specifically built to address the concerns of special needs students opened. Truman was originally built with wider doorways, wheelchair accessibility, larger classrooms, etc. to accommodate a range of physical needs.

• The Marquette School was in use from 1978-79 by TAPP (Teen Academic Parenting Program) until the Spring of 1998 when the building was torn down

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