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In recent times our community continues to prosper and grow in many ways, especially with advancements of technology.

Libraries are adapting to this trend as effectively as possible by providing services such as ebooks, makerspaces, 3D printers, entertainment devices, etc. Libraries must be ever-changing and evolving along with their community.

In order to do so, we need to promote lifelong learning and provide our patrons with the confidence in approaching these new frontiers. The main objective with my programming is to create a spark of curiosity while presenting something patrons may have not been familiar with previously. Whether it be showing how to engage in a piece of literature from a different perspective or doing scientific experiments with slime, the possibilities are infinite.

I began working in libraries in 2014 as a library page and have noticed what great strides they’ve made. When I was in grade school, the majority of my memories associated with libraries had to do with working on school reports and retrieving the required information. Although this is still a vital use of libraries, it has been amplified.

The LeClaire Community Library has available an Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Sphero-for patrons to use in our library. Not only are libraries a hub for information, but they are also a place for patrons to grow and connect with others.

As the new youth services coordinator, I plan on taking reflective time to develop new programs, in the spirit of bringing the community together and exploring new experiences.

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