Thomas Hunt

Name: Thomas Hunt

Age: 14

School: Rivermont Collegiate

Parents/guardians: Robyn Coy and Hamlyn Hunt

Why was student nominated? “He is very engaged during class, always seeking to do his absolute best on every project and assignment. He is extra helpful picking up messes, holding doors, and saying thank you after class. He encourages his other classmates to cooperate and be respectful and is just generally a talented and happy student. He makes me love being a teacher.” –Syndney Greer, K-12 Art

What are you most proud of? "My effort in all my classes and activities."

What makes you happy? "Doing things that I enjoy, especially spending time with my friends and family."

What teacher has inspired you and why? "All the encouragement I get from my teachers inspires me to continue to do more of the things which I like and can experience some success."

What is your reaction to honor? "I’m proud to represent my school. Thank you."

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