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Davenport North High School

Davenport North High School

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Makenzie Lieferman, child of Gina Acosta and Mike Lieferman, plans to major in Accounting and Finance at Augustana College, Rock Island.

Makenzie Lieferman - Dav North

Makenzie Lieferman - Dav North

Top 3 achievements: Valedictorian, National Honor Society, National Society of High School Scholars.

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? One learning experience I will always remember occurred during my sophomore year geometry class. During this class, I had my first experience with a student-teacher, who taught the course for most of the term. This had a major impact on my academic career as her determination and focus while also really enjoying what she did inspire me. I will always remember the connection I made with her and how enjoyable it was to learn.

Ashton Snarr, child of Tod and Jamie Snarr, plans to major in Psychology at Utah State University, Logan, Utah.

Ashton Snarr - Davenport North

Ashton Snarr - Davenport North

Top 3 achievements: 2020 Governor’s Scholar, Valedictorian, and 2-year captain of the soccer team and 4-year varsity letter winner.

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? I will never forget when I took AP Biology. That was the hardest class I took throughout high school. Each day brought new challenges and new information. I had never felt so overwhelmed by a class before. However, my teacher was a huge support to me. She taught me to never give up and to continue to work hard. She showed me that it was okay to ask questions and to not know every little detail about everything. I learned that hard work pays off and that dedication to something will truly give you the results you desire. Most importantly, she taught me to believe in myself. This is the most valuable lesson that I learned in high school and was definitely a product of several amazing teachers helping and loving me along the way.

The Arts

Jackson Baxter, child of Kevin and Lisa Baxter, plans to major in Physical therapy at St. Ambrose University.

Jackson Baxter - Dav North

Jackson Baxter - Dav North

Top 3 accomplishments: Selected as a member of the 2019 academic all districts football team, president's list and Dean's list at Eastern Iowa Community College for multiple semesters, member of the National Honor Society chapter at North,

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? Every time the music department would bring in a guest musician or group to play for us I was always astounded at how well they could perform. That would always motivate me to try harder to become a better musician so that I would be able to perform at the same level they do someday.

Shelby Fick, child of Daren and Trish Fick, plans to major in Music Education at Illinois State University, Bloomington-Normal, Ill.

Shelby Fick - Dav North.png

Shelby Fick - Dav North

Top 3 achievements: Section leader of the Davenport North orchestra, St. Ambrose University Chamber orchestra, and the Quad City Youth Symphony orchestra, being elected as the Junior Thespian Coordinator for my school's state award-winning theatre program, and being Cymbal Section leader on the drumline.

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? Although many come to mind, one experience in high school stands out as one that is an experience I will always remember. I was struggling to learn a new musical skill in middle school, and my orchestra teacher at the time had been working on it with me for months. She had been trying different techniques all while learning one of my favorite pieces to this day. She worked tirelessly to help me figure this musical concept out-- and one day it happened. I began to play and something clicked. It worked! The teacher and I instantly smiled and she told me that she was proud of me. This teacher helped build and grow my work ethic and discipline as a musician, showing me that when something seems tough, you must continue to persevere. That is a classroom learning experience I will never forget.


Catherine Tappero, child of Brandi and Michael Tappero, plans to major in Biology on a Pre-Med track St Ambrose University.

Catherine Tappero - Davenport North

Catherine Tappero - Davenport North

Top 3 achievements: Valedictorian, Varsity Dance Team and Show Choir Captain, and 150-plus Volunteer Hours.

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? Pre-calculus was definitely a push for me in high school and involved a lot of studying to stay on top of my grades. In one specific week, like many other high schoolers, I had been so busy with my other involvements from going to state for the dance team and my dance studio as well as work for all of my other classes, that I completely tanked a test for the first time ever. I stood in front of Mr. Hunter in tears from the oh so common combination of stress and fatigue that all high schoolers experience and I remember feeling so defeated. Despite this, I came back the next week and luckily was able to retake it and do much better. From this situation, I learned the importance of prioritizing and time management with the craziness of balancing high school activities and academics. For this lesson and so many others, I am forever grateful for the many teachers at North, like Mr. Hunter, who have shaped me into who I am today.

Trevor Voss, child of Adam and Dawn Voss, plans to major in Computer Engineering at Scott Community College, Bettendorf, Iowa, and then transfer to Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.

Trevor Voss - Davenport North

Trevor Voss - Davenport North

Top 3 achievements: Seal of Biliteracy in Spanish, a score of 5 on the AP Calculus AB exam, and 4.0 GPA throughout High School.

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? One of the most memorable learning experiences that I had during high school was during Spanish II in my sophomore year. I have always really enjoyed learning new languages, and as a result, it came to me easily. Because of this, my teacher allowed me to work at my own pace throughout the semester and continue on into Spanish III during that time. About two weeks before the end of the semester, I had already finished the material from both classes. Instead of sitting in the classroom and wasting time, I would go to see a different Spanish teacher during his prep period every day, and we would speak Spanish to each other. This greatly helped me develop my skills and was also enjoyable at the same time.


Camry Dillie, child of Ann and Chris Peterson, Chris and Julie Dillie, plans to major in Sports Management at Cardinal Stritch University Milwaukee, Wisc.

Camry Dillie - Davenport North

Camry Dillie - Davenport North

Top 3 achievements: Senior Class President, Secretary of National Honors Society, and 1st Team All-Metro for Basketball.

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? A classroom learning experience that I will remember forever is in Mrs. Schmid’s class, Math for Liberal Arts, when we were learned about credit and taxes. She took us into the hallway and we did an activity where you would either take a step forward or backward if the actions she described would help or hurt your credit. This taught me a lot about credit and how it works and that will help me so much in my adult life and when I start building credit!

Abby Saskowski, child of Mike and Abby Saskowski, plans to major in Nursing at Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Abby Saskowski  - Davenport North

Abby Saskowski - Davenport North

Top 3 achievements: Participated in 13 extra-curricular activities, National Honor Thespian, Vice President of North Drama Club, and a four-year varsity soccer team member.

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? I looked forward each day to my 2D drawing class. Mr. Schaeffer not only challenged us to learn about art, but to always consider the “bigger picture”. On one memorable occasion, he described his experience building his home and decorating his kids’ bedrooms. Instead of taking the easy or expected route, he set out to make a uniquely beautiful space suited to his family. This opened my eyes to the possibilities before me, the choice to go against expectation, and still create something beautiful. His work inspires me to set goals, to work hard, and to push toward achieving what I want in life. He is one example of many teachers that have impacted my life while attending North High School.

Math/The Sciences

Jacob Hansen, child of Matt and Jayme Hansen, plans to major in Computer Engineering at the University of South Florida, Tampa, Fla.

Jacob Hansen - Davenport North.JPG

Top 3 achievements: 2019 State Mock Trial Outstanding Attorney Award, National Merit Finalist, and Homecoming King.

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? The entire math department at North is incredibly strong, and I could go on and on about how great any one math class was. I learn best by asking questions, and all the teachers I’ve had have willingly stayed after school or into lunch to answer extra questions. This trend has continued even during this pandemic. In particular, my AP Statistics teacher, Mrs. Schmid, has devoted extra time to help me better understand the material during online classes. She has stayed after her virtual office hours each week to answer all my extra questions, sometimes for up to half an hour! And when a friend and I had a question on a Saturday, she even took an hour out of her day to help us out! The willingness to spend time assisting me with my learning is something that I will always remember from my teachers.

Emma Janecek, child of Mike and Trish Janecek, plans to major in Psychology Major at St. Ambrose University, Davenport, Iowa. She plans to be a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Emma Janecek  - Dav North.jpeg

Emma Janecek - Dav North

Top 3 achievements: Valedictorian/Academic Excellence, made 2019 President’s List for Scott Community College, and Girls’ tennis All-Conference Honorable Mention 2019

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? In 10th grade, I began to really dig into the study of life in Mrs. McCreery’s Honors Biology class. She enthusiastically gave us the tools to succeed with hands-on learning experiences, personal lab experiments, and online simulations. Because of the amount of exciting, applicable material I was able to absorb in this course, I decided to take a shot at Advanced Placement Biology with Mrs. McCreery. For three terms of my junior year, I came to school knowing that I would be challenged through coursework and the material that we were being taught. Still, through vegetable labs, safaris, and test preparation, our little class came together to tackle it all. I will forever look back at my time in 136 and remember the importance of asking questions, smiling, and being passionate, as modeled by Mrs. McCreery.

Vocational Education

Cody Burch, child of Corey and Angela Burch, plans to go into the skilled trades.

Cody Burch - Dav North

Cody Burch - Dav North

Top 3 achievements: Maintained above 3.9 GPA and won an outstanding achievement from the science department during my freshman year. Extracurricular - I won my first ever golf meet this year, at duck creek golf course with my best score ever which was a 75

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? Maintained above 3.9 Gpa and won an outstanding achievement from the science department my freshman year Extracurricular- won my first ever golf meet this year at duck creek golf course with my best score ever which was a 75

Alex Glover, child of Sara and Al Glover, plans to major in Business at Scott Community College.

Alex Glover - Davenport North.png

Alex Glover - Davenport North

Top 3 achievements:

Academic All-District for varsity football, 1st honors all four years, earned Presidents list from Scott Community College for Fall 2019 semester, and awarded $1,000 scholarships from both the Quad Cities Builders & Remodelers Association and Quad City Area REALTORS.

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? One classroom experience that I will remember forever will be the experience I had during the Student Build Home Program. I had the opportunity to learn many areas in the building process. There is a satisfying feeling being involved with a group of people with a common goal in mind and a distinct job to accomplish. I gained leadership skills, teamwork, a positive work ethic, pride in workmanship, accountability, and an understanding of the importance of safety in the workplace.

Our teacher, Mr. Peckenschneider, did an outstanding job of creating a balance between work and having fun as you work. He was great at coming up with different competitions we students could do while completing the work. He was a great role model because he demonstrated and taught various soft professional skills to help us excel in the future. Thanks to this experience, I know the direction for my future career

Young Journalist

Jordyn 'Jai' Edwards, child of Patches Fessel and Robert Edwards, plans to study Nursing in the United States Navy.

Jordyn Edwards - Dav North.JPG

Top 3 achievements: Editor in Chief for the 2019-2020 Norwica, team captain of the girls' tennis team, and second honors.

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? My favorite classroom activity was in my MCJROTC class. Every day was something new, and you never knew what to expect. I made a promise to one of the Gunnery Sgts. that I would eat a raw egg, and two days after that, I did! We've had lots of laughs in that classroom.

Tyler Runge, child of Kara and Eric Smith ( Davenport ), James Runge ( East Moline ), plans to major in Graphic Design at Iowa State. Ames, Iowa.

Tyler Runge - Davenport North

Tyler Runge - Davenport North

Top 3 achievements: Eagle Scout, Dual Grad, and Norwica Yearbook Staff

What’s something you learned that you will take with you after high school? One classroom experience I won't soon forget is when we were trying to meet a deadline for a page in the yearbook. We were all scrambling to finish what needed to be done with it. Some students left the classroom to find the names of people in photographs while the rest of us decided on the best layout and text for the page. We ended up finishing the page just in time. Times like these showed how fun working on the yearbook could be.


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