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Minus Six

Minus Six band members, from left, Rob Baner, Kevin Carton, Kameron Rummans and Matt Sivertsen, pose outside the Minneapolis studio where they recorded their new album.

Get the numbers straight: The Quad-City band Minus Six is releasing its fifth album and its fourth studio release, its first in six years.

A CD-release party taking place on Thanksgiving eve at the Rock Island Brewing Company will introduce the band's latest, "Come Out From Where You Hide."

"We've been a band 10 years and gotten into a maturity level with our own music and our own sound," sax player Matt Sivertsen said. "We're pulling together so many different styles that meld into the music. It makes for a broad stylistic exposure and a lot of transitions throughout the album."

Sivertsen said he and the other band members — lead singer-pianist Kevin Carton, bass player Kameron Rummans and drummer Rob Bane — feel more cohesive than ever as Minus Six.

"Just playing long enough together and growing up together and all that," he said. "We're just in a spot where we're more comfortable with what we have to deliver with our own music."

"Come Out" was recorded during July at the Terrarium, a studio in Minneapolis recommended after Baner had a good experience there. The band recorded 15 tracks over the course of four days.

"We're playing for the right reasons and definitely excited about our music all the time," Sivertsen said. "We've got something that's Minus Six-relatable. People understand that sound.

"At an earlier age, we felt like we drew from so many different places over the years. We do kind of have a Minus Six sound now, and we're ready to share that with this project," he added.

Minus Six chose its name a decade ago because the band lacked a guitar. They were among a wave of piano-based acts across the country, Sivertsen said, but are not as slow-tempo as some of those.

"We've tried to deliver a little bit more of an 'up' experience," he said. "We try to have a lot of high energy in a lot of situations."