Try these seven ideas to entertain with sandwiches. (Dreamstime)

Rather than spring for expensive entertaining dining options, it’s a great time to save on money and time with spring’s natural offerings. Simply stuff and stack some of the season’s yummiest offerings into classic, contemporary and all-time favorite satisfying sandwiches.

Take a look at seven ways to entertain by incorporating the sensational, satisfying sandwich.


Artisan sandwiches are a big trend in 2019. Invite guests to take over your kitchen to explore some of the latest gourmet sandwich recipes. Take note of offerings like Panera’s Cuban Sandwich filled with artisan ham, shredded pork, Emmental cheese, mustard and sweet and spicy pickles on artisan ciabatta. Or, take a cultural cue from Charleston, S.C.’s Glass Onion, which boasts a Buttermilk Fried Chicken Po’boy piled with fried chicken goodness, arugula and parmesan.

Or, if you’d like to keep your kitchen off limits, you can always have guests prepare their own artisan sandwich platter to bring along. You can provide the sandwich wine — pair a cabernet sauvignon with savory sandwiches.


There’s a reason why grilled cheese food trucks remain a popular trend — grilled cheese sandwiches are delicious! They’re also versatile. Contemporary creations such as goat cheese, pesto and tomato sandwiches, or Grand Rapids, Mich., HopCat’s Madtown Grilled Cheese with Gouda, Muenster and dill havarti appeal to the modern palette.

Standard Kraft melted cheese sandwiches and cheddar and tomato grilled cheese sandwiches accommodate those with more traditional tastes. Serve your preferred grilled cheese sandwiches amid an exciting game of Exploding Kittens, Clue, Cards Against Humanity or Pictionary — the cheesier the game, the better!


We’re in graduation season. Graduates of all ages — from high schoolers to college and post-graduate honorees — will likely appreciate the sentimentality of being served a sandwich reminiscent of their youth.

Sandwich purveyors such as Missouri-based Nadoz, have platters specifically designed for graduation parties. Guests can enjoy Classic Applewood Smoked Ham Dollar Roll, Classic Slow Roasted Turkey Breast Dollar Roll and Classic Bistro Roast Beef Dollar Roll Sandwiches while watching reels of (well-intentioned, yet probably embarrassing) home pictures and movies among friends and family.


Not every party should require a party dress — or any dress, for that matter. Sometimes there’s nothing like a pajama party with an endless sea of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

In addition to the perfectly pleasing strawberry jam and creamy butter sandwich, there are all sorts of PB&J variations to attempt. Make PB&Js into crepe sandwiches, rather than bread-based sandwiches. Deep fry a PB&J. Concoct a PB&J out of french toast brioche. Entertain your pajama-clothed pals with movies that celebrate peanut-butter and jelly friendships — “Clueless,” “My Girl,” “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.”


Although the sandwich was once synonymous with bread and more bread, such is not the case today. Many restaurants have adapted sandwiches to accommodate the food allergies and dietary needs of patrons — and so can you.

In lieu of bread, romaine lettuce makes a proper crispy sandwich holder. Spring and summer provide lovely vegetable fillings as well — tomatoes, spinach, artichokes, rhubarb and more. And, think of upgrading sandwich spreads. Offer guests pesto, hummus and cashew cream cheese. Instead of a venting session, invite your friends to share their victories over their favorite veggie sandwich.


In addition to sandwiches, wraps are an all-time favorite food.

Mediterranean and Middle Eastern pitas and wraps are often on the healthier side while offering a burst of flavor. To entice partygoers, follow the lead of Pita Jungle by constructing a Lavash Shawarma Wrap. Grilled marinated chicken breast, garlic sauce, roasted tomatoes and onions are all placed inside a lavash wrap. Serve the wraps with a side of baba ghanoush, hummus and pitas.


Hit the road with hoagies and grinders. Pack a minivan, party bus or the family sedan with amply filled hoagies. Think about putting together a hearty option like Tempe Ariz.’s Original Hoagie Shop’s Champ Hoagie filled with pepperoni, capicola, hard salami, ham, turkey, provolone cheese, lettuce and tomato. Head to your nearest beach, park, forest or campground and hunker down with your hoagies and homies.

Don’t forget to supply a stack of napkins, sweet tea and plenty of chips!