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'West Music Escher'

ARTIST: Carolyn Krueger

SPONSOR: West Music, Moline

LOCATION: West Music, Moline

FROM THE ARTIST: "I worked very closely with West Music as my sponsor, and we decided upon an M.C. Escher-inspired piece. Our design portrays the unity between visual art and music. Musicians in the area have had the opportunity to play the cello and sign the back. The musicians’ signatures reflect the beauty of having a functional instrument as a piece of art for our community to share."

'Freedom of Joy'

ARTIST: The Rev. Steve Braudt, Davenport

SPONSOR: Asbury United Methodist Church, Bettendorf

LOCATION: Asbury United Methodist Church, Bettendorf

FROM THE ARTIST: “Freedom of Joy” is grounded in the Schiller poem “Ode to Joy,” which continues to stir the hearts and souls of humanity to resist tyranny and strive for justice, freedom and peace. The main images on the cello represent:

1. A peace dove released from the multicultural hands of the Divine into a land of peace and tranquility.

2. The Tree of Life, beside the River of Life a place of no fears, tears or pain.

3. “Freedom” and “Joy” in 11 different languages (English, German, French, Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, Bulgarian, Chinese, Welsh, Greek, and Swahili) those of the oppressor and the oppressed.

4. A children’s toy block (at the base of the neck) represents a pivotal moment when the artist found a similar children’s block at the base of the separation wall in Palestine so that we always remember that many of the children of the world do not know or experience joy or freedom.

5. The very base of the cello has the first two measures of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” from his 9th Symphony.

6. The two small blue swallows on the bridge of the cello are the symbols of “Hope” for the future.

'Rhythm in Music, Rhythm in Art'

ARTISTS: Rivermont Collegiate fifth- and seventh-grade and upper school students, Bettendorf; Colleen Tomlinson, instructor

LOCATION: River Music Experience, Davenport

FROM THE ART TEACHER: "We chose cellos as the subject to represent the Q-C Symphony’s theme. We wanted to give our cello a fun and playful mood. We combined warm and cool colors and alternated those colors to create contrast. We applied an even amount of each color because it gave balance to the cello. We looked at art inspired by music to get the idea for the subject. The collaged pieces are made from replications of Bach cello music to go with the cello theme."

"100 Years, 100 Cellos" is a project of Volunteers For Symphony. The Quad-City Times is featuring them in print and at until their auction May 29 at the Figge Art Museum in Davenport.